Orlando Power of Attorney Lawyer

Orlando Power of Attorney Lawyer
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It can be difficult to relinquish authority and to give someone else the right to make decisions for you. A power of attorney does just this. Choosing who to trust with these rights and responsibilities is hard. Because a power of attorney carries such weight, it must comply with the laws of the state of Florida and meet specific legal parameters. Our Orlando power of attorney lawyer can help with all these factors.

At Bogin, Munns & Munns, we start by listening to you and getting a clear understanding of your goals and preferences. Then, our team will explain the different types of powers of attorney, and which will benefit you the most. You do not have to make these important designations on your own. With our legal guidance and support, you can draft a power of attorney that gives you and your family peace of mind.

What is a Power of Attorney?

A power of attorney is a critical legal document that gives another person the right and ability to make decisions on your behalf. There is more than one type of power of attorney (POA), and each can grant varying authority to the person you designate. Because it can transfer power and have so many variations, it can be hard to create on your own.

Our estate planning lawyer serving Orlando can help by ensuring yours meets all appropriate legal parameters. We also explain what each type of POA does and why you need one or more in place.

Why Do I Need to Establish a POA?

While a power of attorney gives authority to someone else, it also gives authority and power to you. Depending on the type of POA you choose, it enables you to make decisions now that will be honored later.

If you become physically or medically incapacitated, it can also ease potential family tension by making your preferences known. That means it can provide clarity and peace of mind when you can no longer do so.

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Is There More Than One Type of Power of Attorney?

You can draft multiple types of powers of attorney according to your specific goals. Our law firm will listen to your preferences and help you decide which ones you need. The Florida Bar guidelines designate the following types of powers of attorney:

  • A limited power of attorney gives the person you name authority to make specific actions on your behalf.
  • A general power of attorney gives the person you name the authority to make a wide variety of choices and decisions for you. Because its scope is broad and varied, it must be clearly defined in the resulting document.
  • A durable power of attorney is activated or remains in place even after you become incapacitated and unable to make decisions on your own. This type of POA must comply with specific state laws and contain specific legal language.

You might want to put one or more POAs in place. Our law firm will make sure you make the best choices for you and your current and future circumstances.

Who Can I Name as POA in Orlando?

A POA is all about you making decisions or assigning decision-making abilities. That starts with deciding to whom you will designate this power and control. You can name anyone you choose. This might be a trusted professional or colleague like a lawyer or accountant.

You might also consider naming someone you know, and trust who you are sure will respect your wishes. This could be a spouse, adult child, parent, or trusted friend.

What if I Change My Mind?

There are many reasons you might want to change or amend your POA. Some of these reasons include:

  • You named a parent, and they preceded you in death
  • You named a spouse and are divorcing or divorced
  • Your relationship with a previous designee changed
  • A designated individual asks you to relieve them of this duty

There are many other reasons you might change your power of attorney. Our law firm will help you make changes that bring your document up to date. We also ensure your new preferences are in the correct legal form.

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How Can an Attorney for Power of Attorney Help?

Our power of attorney lawyer helps clients in Orlando draft valid and binding POA agreements. We will:

  • Explain the various types of POA and what each one does
  • Ensure your POA is properly signed, witnessed, and notarized
  • Help you create a comprehensive estate plan if needed

A POA grants a great deal of power to the person you name. That means getting it right the first time is important. Then, when our law firm handles your case, we make sure yours meets all state laws and is stored safely and accessible when needed.

Five-Star Reviews for Our Client-Oriented Team

Ensuring you receive legal services designed to meet your specific goals is one of the hallmarks of our law firm. Our previous clients say:

  • Jilaine Shea: Such a caring firm that puts their client’s interest as a top priority. If you’re looking for an honest firm that operates with integrity and works hard for their clients, look no further!
  • P.J. Merced: There is truly no other Law Firm like this one! From the family values that are at their core to the care and commitment the attorneys have towards their clients, there truly is no comparison!

When we help you meet your legal needs, we work hard to give you a voice now and to provide you and your family with peace of mind later.

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Putting one or more powers of attorney in place can offer valuable protections and give you much-needed peace of mind. However, it can also be a daunting task. At Bogin, Munns & Munns, you can rely on our power of attorney lawyer serving Orlando. We will explain the complex legal process and ensure your legal and personal preferences are met.

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