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With Florida’s ample sunshine and the growing number of cars on the road, it is easy to see why being a pedestrian or bicyclist can be hazardous.

Pedestrian accidents can be extraordinarily dangerous, even leading to death, as automobiles of any kind can cause serious damage to the human body. For this reason, the law seeks to protect pedestrians in most cases. If you were injured in a pedestrian accident, you may be eligible to sue for significant compensation.

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  • Collecting evidence to build the strength of your case
  • Contacting expert witnesses to discuss the details of your injury and accident
  • Arguing your claim in court if negotiations otherwise fail

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Types of Compensation You Can Receive

You can sue for damages relating to the impact the accident has had on you. Typically, all damages are categorized into two classes: economic or financial harm, and non-economic harm, which covers things like pain and suffering and emotional distress.

Economic Harm

The easier of these damages to understand is economic harm because it is typically accompanied by receipts or bills. Any monetary costs you’ve had to pay because of the injury you sustained in your Orlando pedestrian accident should be reimbursed by the at-fault party. Examples include:

  • Medical bills
  • The costs involved with repairing or replacing damaged property
  • The price of medical equipment you may need to install in your home for improved accessibility
  • Wages lost due to missed work hours

Non-Economic Harm

More difficult to valuate but just as important are non-economic damages. These damages include the emotional toll your injury has taken on your quality of life. Since these do not come with a proverbial paper trail, it’s best to have a skilled Orlando pedestrian accident lawyer work with you to compile the evidence necessary to come to an amount you can claim. Examples of non-economic damages include:

  • The emotional toll of becoming disfigured
  • The physical pain you’ve experienced due to your injury
  • The loss of enjoyment from no longer being able to do certain activities due to your injury
  • Loss of consortium with your spouse

In setting appropriate values for these damages, your attorney will look to jury awards in similar cases, testimony from loved ones and friends about how your injuries have affected you, and even testimony from experts like surgeons or accident reconstructionists.

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Florida and Comparative Fault

An important issue in your case is the legal term known as “fault.” Fault denotes both the responsibility for the accident and any subsequent injury. Florida uses a legal theory known as pure comparative fault, which means that anyone injured in an accident can sue the other party for damages even if they are mostly at fault. However, the amount they ultimately receive will depend on their own portion of the fault.

For example, let’s say you were walking across a street outside of a crosswalk, and a car hit you while the driver was speeding. In this case, you may both have a portion of the blame for the accident. You take the case to court, and the jury decides that you are 90% responsible for your injuries, while the car is only 10% responsible. In this case, you would still be able to recover up to 10% of your total damages.

Of course, the best-case scenario is that the driver of the vehicle is found 100% responsible. Then, you would need to be compensated for the full value of your damages. However, it doesn’t always work out that way. By working with a knowledgeable Orlando pedestrian accident attorney, like the ones at Bogin, Munns & Munns, you can work to ensure that appropriate blame is placed on the at-fault party so that you don’t miss out on valuable compensation.

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You should be compensated for the pain and misfortune you’ve suffered. You and your family should not have to bear the burden of this tragedy, since you did not ask for or cause it.

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If you have been injured resulting from an accident, be sure to take these precautions.

  • Take pictures & photographs of the damage to the vehicles
  • Do not sign any documents without having an attorney review the documents first
  • Do not discuss any matters concerning your injuries with the at-fault insurance company

If you are involved in an accident as a pedestrian or bicyclist, you have specific legal rights. Serious injury or even wrongful death can result from pedestrian or bicyclist accidents. If you have been injured, you are not alone. If a loved one has been seriously injured or killed in a pedestrian or bicyclist accident, you need a competent lawyer to assist you.

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