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The attorneys and staff at Bogin, Munns & Munns are committed to the communities of Central Florida thrive through the practice of law. We serve the communities through and strive to improve in any way we can, Central Florida, the place we call home.

It’s easy to see why we call Orlando and Central Florida home and care so much about our community. Orlando is home to many world-renowned theme parks, museums, and universities. Orlando is the cultural, educational, and commercial center of Central Florida. It’s no wonder over 10,000 new residents move to central Florida each month.  We are conveniently located at the north end of downtown Orlando, on the 10th floor of the Gateway Center. We are close to exits for I-4 and the 408 Expressway.

Any Legal Matter

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No matter what the legal need may be, we are committed to providing expert representation with a close attention to detail and outstanding responsiveness. Our goal is to provide efficient, competent legal services to our local clients using our resources and expertise to reach statewide as needed.. Over the past 40 years, our firm has been uniquely positioned to assist the businesses and individuals of the greater Orlando area in all areas of law.

Litigation / Trial

Despite the best of intentions, sometimes it is necessary to take a dispute to the courts for a resolution. If that is your situation, we have a team of experienced litigation and trial attorneys to vigorously advocate your position.

Personal Injury Attorneys

We have a team of litigation and trial attorneys specifically for our Personal Injury Team.  The Personal Injury Team has the experience and resources needed to recover damages you have incurred.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Visit the ER, Urgent Care or your doctor as soon as possible.  Quite often injuries suffered in motor vehicle accidents do not become apparent until the day after or even several days later.  Sometimes adrenaline and shock covers the pain until some time has passed.  Even if you got checked immediately after the accident, you should see a doctor for these new pains.  They might give the doctor reason to examine you more extensively than previously expected.  Just because it may have taken a couple days to feel any pain, that does not mean you are any less entitled to compensation for your injuries.  If you have yet to do so, contact a personal injury attorney and they can help you review your case.

Chapter 7: This is known as “liquidation” or a “straight” bankruptcy.  It is used to eliminate debts such as medical bills and credit card debt (which are unsecured), and certain taxes.  Some personal property may be protected from creditors by filing Chapter 7, and can be filed by either individuals or businesses. Chapter 11: This type of bankruptcy is known as “reorganization.”  All debts (including loans, taxes, rent, and equipment payments) are discharged by Chapter 11.  It can be filed by individuals or businesses, with the benefit of the business being able to remain operational while the reorganization is in progress. Chapter 12: Specially tailored for family farmers and fishermen, this type of bankruptcy is a personal or corporate repayment plan.  Chapter 12 allows the business to remain operational while the debt is paid off over time, and attempts to keep the operation from having to liquidate assets. Chapter 13: Also known as “debt adjustment,” Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a repayment plan for individuals and sole proprietorships with regular income.  It allows for debts to be paid off over time while helping avoid foreclosure or repossession of vehicles or property.  Even debts such as child support, mortgages, and money owed to the IRS are included in this method of repayment.

Despite common belief, there are certain instances when student loans are dischargeable in bankruptcy.  For more information, contact a bankruptcy attorney today.

Probate is the administration process performed by the court when handling an estate on behalf of a deceased party. The state looks at the assets left by the deceased and creates an inventory which will be used for tax purposes and distribution to any beneficiaries. The state of Florida has two types of probate administration: Formal and Summary.


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