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Protecting your copyrightable material is imperative in today’s digital age. Competitors can easily steal the content you’ve created and pass it off as their own and/or profit from it. The U.S. Copyright Act protects writings, motion pictures and other dramatic, musical and choreographic works, as well as graphic arts, architectural design, software, and other forms of creative expression. However, in order to protect your content through litigation, you need to have it registered with the US Copyright Office.

Copyright law is complicated and the protection that it provides applies uniquely to each specific case. If someone is copying your work and it is hindering your ability to earn wealth, seek the legal representation of a copyright attorney at Bogin, Munns & Munns. Our copyright attorneys are specialized in intellectual property law to serve the interests of the author.

In addition, our copyright lawyers can help you if you have been accused of copyright infringement. There are many viable defenses against copyright infringement and a copyright lawyer can prove extremely helpful in defending such allegations. While the legal standards which govern copyright infringement are well-established, the application of those standards to the facts of a particular dispute often requires as much creativity as the underlying works themselves.


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