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Fraud can cover a broad spectrum of offenses to which businesses and private individuals can become unwitting victims. As such, we represent clients who have been affected by:

  • Bad faith insurance tactics
  • Commercial fraud
  • Real estate fraud
  • Civil and consumer fraud cases

Our Orlando fraud lawyers will help you investigate any suspected offense involving fraud and recover the financial damages caused to you.

Cases Our Orlando Fraud Attorneys Can Help You Resolve

If you believe fraudulent activity has affected you or your business, be sure to report it to the appropriate authorities right away. It is essential to take steps to reduce the damage and prevent any further financial harm. The sooner you take action, the better you can protect yourself and your economic interests. In addition, we can help you avoid other losses and begin the process of recovery in cases involving the following:

Bad Faith Insurance Claims

Not all insurance companies honor their contracts when the worst happens. When an insurer acts in bad faith by unfairly denying, delaying, or underpaying a claim, we stand up for you. An insurance company may be acting in bad faith if they are:

  • Denying a claim without giving a reason
  • Offering less money than a claim is worth
  • Refusing to pay a valid claim
  • Refusing to negotiate
  • Failing to conduct an appropriate investigation
  • Harassment or making threatening statements
  • Refusing reasonable requests for documentation
  • Misusing medical records
  • Delaying payment of a valid claim
  • Misrepresenting law or policy language
  • Cancellation of a policy after a claim has been made

If you believe an insurance company has mistreated you by taking unreasonable measures to avoid paying a rightful claim, we can help to identify bad faith tactics.

Commercial Fraud

Commercial fraud litigation deals with any fraud related to transactions that occur between:

  • Business to business
  • A company and a government entity
  • Business to consumer
  • An employee and an employer

A commercial fraud claim is likely to arise if an individual or organization has gained at the expense of another following a negligent or dishonest act. Typically used to obtain or make money, a commercial fraud claim can stem from many situations. Case examples we can help you with could include:

  • Fraudulent misrepresentation or deceit
  • Breach of contract
  • Stolen identity
  • Consumer fraud and unfair trade practices
  • Intellectual property, copyright, and trademark infringement
  • Franchise fraud and franchise disputes
  • Breaches of fiduciary duties
  • Competition or business practices that are deceptive or dishonest

If you have experienced any commercial fraud as a consumer or business, we are ready to provide immediate assistance and support you through the legal process of financial recovery.

Protecting Your Real Estate Investments and Assets

From large development projects to buying a family home, our lawyers can help you resolve fraudulent activity associated with:

  • Title deception and other property-related issues or conflicts
  • Issues with contractors who fail to provide adequate or promised services affecting a property’s value or function
  • Fraud related to misinformation about the condition of a building or its utility services
  • Selling without authorization
  • Selling the same unit to multiple buyers
  • Identity theft and impersonation in a property transaction, including owners, buyers, borrowers, lenders, or conveyancers
  • Mortgage fraud due to loan modification, equity skimming, and foreclosure scams

Vulnerable Adult Financial Abuse

Vulnerable adult financial abuse is a complex area of the law that can be confusing and highly stressful to those unlucky enough to be affected. Adults with care and support needs can suffer from many forms of financial abuse, including:

  • Theft of money or possessions
  • Misappropriation or misuse of money or property
  • Exerting undue influence to give away assets or gifts
  • Putting excessive pressure on the vulnerable person to accept lower cost or quality services
  • Carrying out unnecessary work or overcharging for work
  • Misuse of a person’s assets by professionals with access to client’s funds
  • Misuse of the enduring power of attorney
  • Sales pressure to enter into contracts
  • Internet and postal scams
  • Identity fraud
  • Romance abuse and predatory marriages

If you suspect you or a loved one is being targeted by fraud, contact your local adult safeguarding association or the police authorities. Additionally, you may be able to pursue legal action against the perpetrator to recoup financial losses. Our fraud lawyers can help you hold those responsible for their actions and make things right.

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We want you to feel confident in our ability to manage the complexities of your Orlando fraud case. We provide legal representation to a wide variety of clients, from private individuals to Fortune 500 companies. Our peer endorsements and professional recognition reflect our commitment to doing our very best for our clients. Our honors include:

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  • Acceptance as part of the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum
  • Florida Bar Board Certification

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