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Orlando Tax Lawyer

The goal of tax planning is to arrange your financial affairs so as to minimize your tax burden. There are three basic ways to reduce your taxes, and each basic method might have several variations –

  • You can reduce your income
  • Increase your deductions
  • Take advantage of tax credits

Our Central Florida Tax Attorneys can explain in detail the complex state and federal tax laws that affect you and your case.

Bogin, Munns & Munns provides dedicated and comprehensive legal representation. We provide a wide spectrum of Orlando tax services and are committed to serving our clients and providing them with the assistance that they need and deserve.

Our Tax Law attorneys work aggressively to ensure your tax matter is handled with the care you should expect from a firm that has been around for over 40 years.  With locations throughout Central Florida, our attorneys are happy to meet you in the location that is most convenient to you. With our Main office in Orlando, we have 12 other offices including Clermont, Cocoa,  Daytona,  Kissimmee, Leesburg, Melbourne, Ocala, Orange City, St. Cloud, Titusville, and The Villages.

IRS & Florida Department of Revenue Tax

Tax law is divided into both federal tax and state tax. Federal Income tax became law in 1913 when the Sixteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was ratified. While some states do not have an income tax, all residents and citizens of the United States are subject to federal income tax. The more assets that an individual owns, unfortunately, the more complicated the tax law becomes. Our Florida Taxation Attorneys can explain in detail the complex state and federal tax laws that affect you and your case.

The experienced tax attorneys at Bogin, Munns & Munns provide taxation help and representation for:

  • IRS / Federal Income Tax Cases
  • Estate & Gift Tax Cases
  • State Statutes Dealing with Taxation
  • Corporate Taxation
  • International Taxation
  • Florida Department of Revenue Cases


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