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Title insurance protects property buyers for as long as they own a specific property. This insurance can also protect you after you sell or transfer your property. Whereas different forms of insurance such as home or car insurance protect you from accidents in the future, title insurance ensures that your property is clear from issues such as agent errors, escrow claims, liens, and various forms of fraud.

An attorney with our firm can help you understand the title claims laws that apply to your property. If you have property-related issues or conflicts, our title claims attorney can help you gather evidence and secure the integrity of your property to protect you from different forms of liability, fees, and penalties.

How Our Team Can Help You

When you buy real estate, you must ensure that the person or entity you are buying it from actually owns it. The same applies to making other types of deals related to real estate, such as using a mortgage as collateral.

Title insurance (provided by title companies) safeguards the interests of buyers and lenders in these scenarios. For example, to reduce their risks when transacting with property, lenders always require a title insurance policy. The issue then becomes whether the lender’s policy covers the property owner. Other issues can also arise when real estate is bought or sold, such as:

  • Boundary disputes
  • Access conflicts
  • Erroneous mortgage cancellations
  • Wrongful foreclosures
  • Code-enforcement disputes

This is where one of our real estate attorneys can help. A title claims attorney with our team can help you inspect the title of the property in question using public deeds such as records that are maintained by the county recorder of deeds. One of our Orlando commercial attorneys can also help you when using the services of a title company to make sure you are aware of any encumbrances or claims related to the property.

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The Importance of Title Insurance

There are many steps involved with purchasing property, and there are many ways a buyer or seller can face losses, fines, or legal action when it comes to buying or selling disputed property. In some cases, you can even lose your property.

For example, consider adverse possession. This is a legal principle that states that a person or entity that does not have legal title to a piece of property can acquire legal ownership of that property as long as they maintain possession or occupation of the property for a certain period of time. You can lose ownership of your property because of these laws unless you understand what must be done to protect yourself against adverse possession.

Similarly, consider a situation in which you own a piece of property – whether a home, a building, or a parcel of land – and someone comes along and says that they are the real owner of some part or all of the property. Such occurrences are not uncommon. Title insurance can protect you from such unforeseen claims to your property.

Title Insurance Protects You from Multiple Issues that Can Arise

These claims are sometimes called encumbrances. They include access disputes or easements (rules that can prevent you from using specific parts of your property for specific uses) as well as unreleased mortgages or liens that can lead to a foreclosure on your property if you fail to make payments. Title insurance can protect you from such issues.

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Legal Assistance with Title Claims Disputes

Without title insurance, you can face many of the issues outlined above. However, even with insurance, disputes, conflicts, and issues can still arise.

Since the rules that apply to titles are based on contracts between buyers, sellers, and title companies, you must thoroughly review and understand your title insurance policy and the property buy/sell contract.

This is important to do so you can know what is covered, what you are buying, what you can or cannot do with the property, and other rules or laws that can impact your ability to freely use, dispose of, transfer, or benefit from your property.

Know the Limitations and Exclusions of Your Policy

All title policies contain specific limitations and exclusions. There may also be additional forms of coverage that you need. Title insurance tends to be heavily regulated, so you need to know what these limitations, exclusions, and coverage rules and limits are. This is what our title claims attorney does. We can advise you on the specifics of your title insurance policy and title contract so that you know exactly where things stand with your property.

Our team has experience handling title insurance claims, resolving disputes, prosecuting and defending claims for our clients, and representing individuals and businesses with title claims issues. With our deep understanding of title claims and title insurance, we can help you understand the law and everything you need to do to protect your rights and best interests.

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Areas of Focus

Whatever the specifics of your case, we can help you handle title claims-related disputes, and we will fight for a fair settlement on your behalf. In case litigation is required, we can prosecute and defend title claims as applicable on your behalf.

We can help with:

  • Contractual errors
  • Breaches of agreement
  • Litigation
  • Investigating titles
  • Escrow claims
  • Mortgage fraud
  • Title forgeries
  • Litigation against flipping
  • Claims involving a right to first refusal
  • Disputes involving surveys
  • Disputes involving title irregularities
  • Title insurance claims
  • Underwriting

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