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Buying or selling a home is a huge decision. You deserve to have all the information necessary to make confident choices. A residential real estate attorney from our Orlando office can provide useful context and advice on any issues relating to your home. 

We can even help settle disputes that arise during the course of homeownership. Your home should be a place of peace. If it’s anything but, consider legal aid. 

If You’re Buying or Selling a Home

Purchasing property involves hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars. You want it done right. As with any legal matter involving money, both sides want to get out of a deal paying as little as possible. Whether you’re buying or selling, we can protect you from being exploited or missing small details that could cost you later.

One of our team members can:

  • Explain your rights
  • Review legal paperwork
  • Negotiate sales
  • Handle title issues
  • Prepare closing documents

Real estate transactions can be complicated. While legal terminology is designed for clarity and protection, it can be frustrating for laymen to navigate complex legal jargon. An attorney from our firm in Orlando can translate terms for you, helping you understand exactly what you’re signing, what you are entitled to, and how you can protect yourself. 

We can also handle the nitty-gritty of the sale itself, working as a title and closing agent. We can examine your property’s title and talk about insurance and other issues related to ownership. We can even help you close the deal so that you finish strong.

Our History

Bogin, Munns & Munns has been serving Florida for 40 years. In that time, our firm has grown, opening more than a dozen offices across the state and employing over 30 attorneys. Our residential real estate attorneys can help Orlando homeowners like you navigate even the most complicated transactions. Contact us anytime 24/7 for free to learn more.


The Florida Association of Realtors (FAR) worked together with the Florida Bar (BAR) to create a standardized contract for residential real estate sales called FARBAR. While this can make real estate transactions more accessible, you may still benefit from the advice of one of our lawyers when you buy or sell property. 

In fact, the FARBAR contract might not apply to your case, or you may need to make changes to it to suit your situation. If you have any questions about this contract, our firm can help. 

If You Are in a Dispute

Residential real estate lawyers handle more than just sales. Real estate disputes are common, ranging from minor disagreements between neighbors to full-blown lawsuits. Calling in one of our attorneys can help prevent disputes from getting out of hand, as well as protect your property and rights in the process. 

Contact our team if you are struggling with issues relating to:

  • HOAs
  • Condo boards
  • Tenants/landlords
  • Code violations
  • Foreclosure

Property feuds have existed for ages, but don’t let the tension with the house next door, the HOA, or the bank in charge of your mortgage spiral. We are your representatives and mediators in any real estate conflict, ready to step in to protect you and your home.

HOAs and Condo Boards

Although some complaints about homeowners’ association or condo board rules can seem petty, Florida does have set laws about what HOAs and similar organizations are allowed and obligated to do (Florida Statutes § 720). We can help if you are dealing with issues related to:

  • Fencing
  • Exterior decorations 
  • Pets
  • Additions or buildings
  • Declaration of covenants
  • Fees or liens

Knowing your HOA contract stipulations can avoid conflicts like these later. If you need help understanding your rights and obligations, we can go over your declaration of covenants and other paperwork, either prior to purchasing a home or condo or when a dispute arises. 

Bogin, Munns & Munns also represents HOAs in disputes. If you are a part of a homeowners’ association and need help settling a problem, we can assist you. We can also help with the setup of a new HOA in a community. 

Tenant and Landlord Disputes

You don’t have to own a property to use a real estate lawyer. In fact, tenants can sometimes use backup in a dispute with landlords to avoid being treated unfairly. We can help with disputes related to:

  • Repairs
  • Rent collection
  • Liability issues
  • Eviction

Just like with HOAs and other associations, we also represent landlords who are dealing with tenants who fail to pay, damage property, or refuse to be evicted. 

Whatever your landlord/tenant situation, we can help de-escalate the dispute and find a solution to satisfy all parties. 

Code Violations

You may not realize you have options after being cited for a code violation. You can request:

  • More time to comply with the requested changes
  • A reduction of the penalty for the violation
  • A hearing or an appeal

You may be subject to fines if you don’t comply with the order, sometimes daily, with costs ranging from $250 per day for the first violation to $500 per day for repeat violations. However, Florida law may allow you up to 30 days to appeal a code violation ruling by the enforcement board (Florida Statutes § 162.09, 162.11). 

Clearly, code violations can get expensive fast. A real estate attorney from our firm can support you if you need help appealing a violation or finding ways to make penalties more manageable.


The prospect of losing your home is terrifying, but you don’t have to simply accept this as a foregone conclusion. Specific steps must be taken to start the foreclosure process, and you should be given opportunities to find a solution. 

If you are worried about the potential of foreclosure, we can advise you of your rights and guide you through the process of finding a solution, such as exploring loan modification, fighting back against the foreclosure, or discussing bankruptcy filings. 

Whatever the Problem, Call Bogin, Munns & Munns

Our residential real estate attorneys handle a variety of property issues for homeowners and renters. If you need help with an Orlando property, call our office 24/7 at (407) 578-9696. Whether buying, selling, or dealing with a dispute, we want to hear about your experience. 

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