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Selling and purchasing residential real estate should be an exciting time in your life. However, there are many obligations you will have along the way. If disputes arise, it could have a devastating impact on you financially.

You do not need to go through these times of high stress alone. Let a Leesburg residential real estate lawyer at Bogin, Munns & Munns guide you through the process. Our attorneys can handle your case from start to finish while you tend to other important matters. 

We Protect Buyers and Sellers Alike

Residential real estate transactions often involve a considerable amount of money, whether you are buying or selling property. If you want to avoid being taken advantage of and protect your financial interests, having a residential real estate lawyer in Leesburg working for you makes all the difference. 

Your lawyer will be responsible for the following:

  • Handling the sale negotiations
  • Making sure you understand your rights
  • Preparing all necessary closing documents
  • Reviewing legal documents
  • Helping you deal with title issues

Our lawyers are prepared to work as both closing and title agents, ensure you meet any necessary insurance requirements, and explain complicated legal jargon so you can feel confident as you purchase or sell your residential real estate.

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Reviews and Success Stories For Our Residential Real Estate Lawyers

Here are some recent client reviews and success stories for your consideration as you choose the right Leesburg residential real estate attorney for you:

  • “Meeting John Watson and Xena was a great first impression of Bogin, Munns & Munns. John is very down to earth, and has a sharp mind for explaining laws so that anyone can follow along. Xena has been immaculate with answering all of my questions and never missed a beat with each step of my case. I would highly recommend them in a heartbeat!”-Tarsis Ruiz
  • “I was anxious about hiring an attorney as I have never needed one before but I am happy with the decision of hiring Bogin Munns and Munns for my family law case. Marquita Grant works hand in hand with my attorney and does an amazing job of keeping me in the loop. It puts my mind at ease knowing that I have such a good team helping me. I recommend them 110%.”-Danielle Nathan

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We Handle Many Types of Residential Real Estate Disputes

Unfortunately, real estate transactions do not stop with buying and selling agreements. Contractual disputes are one of the most significant issues both buyers and sellers experience at one point or another. If you want to protect your residential property and rights, having an attorney working for you is in your best interests. 

Some of the most common types of real estate disputes our team handles include the following:

  • Landlord and tenant issues
  • Foreclosure
  • Residential code violations
  • HOA and Condo Association issues

Whether you are having a dispute with your bank, neighbors, or homeowners association, resolving these disputes is in everyone’s best interests. No matter what type of real estate conflict you are dealing with, our team at Bogin, Munns & Munns is here to help ensure you are not taken advantage of during your closing ceremony.

We Represent Landlords and Tenants

Whether you are a property owner renting out your space or a tenant renting a property, you may find yourself dealing with housing disputes. Some of the different types of issues tenants and landlords have related to:

  • Premises liability issues
  • Failure to make necessary repairs
  • Failure to pay rent
  • Issues collecting rent
  • Damage to the property

Make sure your rights are protected. Our firm is here to help you resolve your landlord/tenant dispute to your satisfaction.

We Can Help You Avoid Foreclosure

Getting behind on your mortgage payments could result in foreclosure. However, the bank can only seize or sell your home by taking necessary legal action. 

Fortunately, this system is designed to allow you to make good on your payments and get your mortgage back on track so you can avoid foreclosure. Your residential real estate lawyer at our firm can help you determine how to approach your foreclosure best. Solutions could include:

  • Declaring bankruptcy
  • Obtaining a loan modification
  • Challenging the bank’s foreclosure

We Assist With Residential Code Violations

Residential property owners may find themselves dealing with code violations that must be addressed promptly. Failure to comply with code violations could result in significant daily fines that will continue to accrue until the matter has been resolved.

Florida Statute § 162.09 allows for a maximum of 30 days to appeal code violations. You may have the option to request a hearing, a reduction in your daily penalties, or request additional time to fix residential code violations.

We Deal With HOA and Condo Associations

When you purchase a home with a homeowners association or condo board, you need to follow specific rules and regulations. However, there are also state laws in place that dictate the extent to which HOA and condo associations can exercise these rules. 

Some common issues property owners face regarding condo boards and HOAs include:

  • Building an addition to your home
  • Adding fencing to your property
  • Putting up exterior decorations
  • Having pets
  • Declaration of covenants
  • Liens on your property
  • HOA or condo board fees

Your residential real estate lawyer in Leesburg at Bogin, Munns & Munns can help you understand your legal documents and rights when a dispute arises. We can also help if you are interested in purchasing a condo or home with specific stipulations.

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