Leesburg Bikefest Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Leesburg Bikefest Motorcycle Accident Lawyer
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Tens of thousands of motorcycle riders flock to Florida every year for its warm weather, scenic views, and motorcycle festivals. One such event, the Leesburg Bikefest, offers motorcycle enthusiasts three days of live music, food, vendors, and activities in April.

Bogin, Munns & Munns hopes everyone attending Bikefest has a fun and safe time. But if the unexpected happens and you are in a crash, our Leesburg motorcycle accident lawyers are here for you. With over 40 years of experience serving accident victims, we know what it takes to get economic justice. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation.

Our Leesburg Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Offer a Local Advantage

Hiring a local attorney can give you a local advantage if you suffer injuries in an accident while attending Bikefest. Our law firm has offices in Leesburg, so we can provide prompt and in-person legal services after a crash. It also means we are familiar with the community and have established relationships with area resources and entities that could aid your case.

We can assist you whether you live in Leesburg or hail from another part of Florida or out of state. In fact, a lawyer in Leesburg may be especially beneficial if you live elsewhere because our team can perform tasks and attend meetings and appearances in your place when possible, saving you from having to travel.

While you focus on recovering from your motorcycle accident, our Leesburg personal injury lawyers can do the following:

  • Investigate your collision, collect evidence, and prove liability for your injury and damages
  • Identify and calculate your current and future losses
  • Draft and file your insurance claim or lawsuit
  • Communicate with involved parties, negotiate on your behalf, and protect you from bad-faith tactics
  • Frequently update you on the status of your case
  • Take your case to civil court and represent you at trial if necessary

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Trust Our Leesburg-Based Law Firm to Seek Motorcycle Accident Compensation

You and your family should not have to pay for a motorcycle crash caused by someone else’s negligent actions. However, getting the money you deserve can often be challenging, even if you think your case seems straightforward.

Our Leesburg Bikefest motorcycle accident lawyers can help you understand your rights and explore every option available to you for seeking compensation under Florida’s laws. We can also answer any questions you may have about recovering your damages, which may include:

“How Will Insurance Laws Affect My Claim?”

Four-wheeled vehicle drivers must adhere to Florida’s no-fault insurance laws, but motorcyclists are exempt from this system. Motorcycle operators do not have to have personal injury protection (PIP) insurance, meaning they do not have to exhaust this coverage before seeking compensation from a liable party.

“What Damages Can I Recover?”

Injured parties can recover economic and non-economic damages. Economic compensation includes your actual, out-of-pocket expenses (both current and expected), and non-economic damages are for intangible losses related to your physical and mental health. In general, we can help you pursue financial awards for the following:

  • Ambulance transportation and emergency medical treatment
  • Surgeries
  • Hospital and doctor fees
  • Physical therapy
  • Mobility aids and medical equipment
  • Nursing services
  • Lost wages, earnings, and employment benefits
  • Loss of future earning capacity
  • Motorcycle repairs or vehicle replacement
  • Household services
  • Medical travel expenses

If your loved one suffered a fatal motorcycle accident injury, our Leesburg wrongful death lawyers can seek financial recovery. Compensation may include medical bills, loss of the decedent’s support, income, and services, and survivors’ mental pain and suffering.

“How Long Do I Have to Act?”

Florida’s statute of limitations for filing a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit governs how long you have to sue.  According to Florida Statutes § 95.11, you have two years to pursue your case in civil court.

The deadline is important even if you plan to seek damages through an insurance claim. If this deadline expires and you have not filed a lawsuit, it will significantly decrease your bargaining power.

Contact Bogin, Munns & Munns to get started today. Our team is available 24/7 to answer your questions and explain the benefits of working with our Leesburg Bikefest motorcycle accident attorneys.

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Our Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Will Establish Crash Liability

According to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV), 140 motorcycle crash injuries and 13 fatalities occurred in Lake County in 2023. Common causes of motorcycle accidents include the following:

  • Drinking and driving. Bikefest is a party, but that doesn’t mean it’s all right to drink and drive. Drunk driving can lead to impaired vision, loss of motor control, and reduced judgment, resulting in severe and deadly collisions. 
  • Negligent driving. Drivers and motorcyclists must obey traffic laws and avoid negligent or illegal behaviors like speeding, running red lights, distracted driving, or aggressive driving. 
  • Failing to watch for motorcycles. Because of their smaller size, motorcycles can be hard to see. Drivers must watch for bikers, particularly at night, at intersections, or when making left turns. 
  • Driving too close to a motorcycle. Florida Statutes § 316.209 entitles motorcycles to an entire lane. Car and truck drivers must give motorcyclists room, and motorcycle riders cannot ride two abreast (lane share).

Our motorcycle accident lawyers in Leesburg will investigate your crash and prove it resulted from another party’s negligence. We will visit the accident scene, take photographs, interview eyewitnesses, and collect physical evidence. We will also obtain police reports, medical records, and other case-related documents. If necessary, we can hire and consult with crash reconstructionists and other case experts.

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Connect With Our Personal Injury Firm About Your Leesburg Bikefest Accident

If you want legal assistance in Leesburg, contact Bogin, Munns & Munns today for a free consultation. We hope your time here is accident-free, but our Leesburg Bikefest motorcycle accident lawyers are here if you need them.

We take cases on contingency, so working with us costs nothing upfront or out of pocket. Let us put our skills and experience behind getting financial justice for you and your family.

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