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If you seek a new opportunity abroad, your goal may be living in the United States while continuing your career. Depending on your educational background and experience, an H1 visa might provide you with that opportunity. The H-1B visa program even gives you a future opportunity to seek an immigrant visa.

If you are considering a visa application, now is the time to speak to a work visa lawyer from our firm. At Bogin, Munns & Munns, we understand what it takes to successfully secure a work permit visa. You can connect with us today to learn how our Leesburg H1 work visa lawyer could manage your case.

An H1 Visa Allows You to Work in the United States

Although there are several employment-based visa options, the H-1B program is among the most popular. This visa is for foreign workers with a specialized work background. Specifically, this means a bachelor’s degree in their relevant field. However, you could qualify for an H-1B without a bachelor’s degree if you have relevant work experience.

Having the right degree or work experience is only one part of the equation. You also must have an employment offer that relies on your experience to qualify. It is not an option to petition for an H-1B visa for work that does not use your specialized skills.

Countless people apply for an H1 visa each year, but not all will succeed. The American Immigration Council (AIC) reports that there is an annual cap for this visa. The cap—at 65,000—could keep you waiting for a visa even if you qualify.

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Can I Bring My Family to Leesburg, FL, on My H1 Visa?

One of the benefits of securing an H1 visa is that it not only allows you to live and work in the United States on your own, but you could also sponsor a visa for your family. Once awarded an H-1B visa, your loved ones could qualify as H4 dependents. 

An H4 visa applies to specific immediate family members of an H1 visa holder. First and foremost, your spouse can qualify as an H4 dependent and travel with you to the United States. Your children might also qualify. However, remember that your child is only eligible for an H4 visa if unmarried and under age 21. If they do not qualify, other visa options could be available to you.  

Ensuring that your loved ones have the opportunity to travel with you to the United States is important. At Bogin, Munns & Munns, we understand that obtaining H4 dependent visas is as important as your own application. Our team is ready to work tirelessly to help you meet that goal. 

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A Leesburg Lawyer Could Help You Secure an H1 Visa

The visa application process can be complicated, especially for employment-based visas.  It requires several steps, some of which must be handled by your prospective employer. With so much at stake, giving yourself the best chance for a favorable outcome is important. This starts with hiring the right attorney.

An attorney could assist with your case in a variety of ways. From the early stages of evaluating your options to the end of the process where you are dealing directly with USCIS, the guidance of an attorney could be the most important factor in your case. Some of the ways our Leesburg H1 work visa attorney could help include the following:

Selecting the Right Visa

Multiple employment-based visas are available under federal law, so it is important to ensure you choose the right one. For example, an EB-2 visa might be more appropriate if you have an advanced degree. Our firm could explain the requirements of an H1 work visa and determine if you meet them. 

Help With Your Immigration Paperwork

The application you file could make or break the entire process. The same applies to the support documentation you will file with your application. You must provide the necessary documentation to ensure your application is allowed. Our Leesburg immigration attorney will ensure everything is in order.

Address Delays

Some delays are to be expected during this process. However, there are also situations where a delay is unreasonable. If your attorney recognizes that you should have received an answer by now, they could petition USCIS for a final decision. 

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Is an H1 Visa an Immigrant Visa?

An H1 visa is not an immigrant visa. An immigrant visa is one that offers the holder lawful permanent resident status. A lawful permanent resident can remain in the country indefinitely while maintaining their employment. A non-immigrant visa requires you to return home after a set time has passed. 

The good news is that an H1 visa is a “dual intent” visa. Even though it is not an immigrant visa, it could provide you with a pathway toward lawful permanent residency in the future. At some point during your stay in the U.S., you could petition USCIS to adjust your status. This could allow you to switch from an H1 to a visa option that is considered a green card. 

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Obtaining an H-1B visa could be a life-altering event for you and those you love. However, you could use some help navigating the process. Dealing with USCIS on your own could be a mistake, as just one error could jeopardize your visa.

The Leesburg immigration attorneys of Bogin, Munns & Munns are ready to assist you with every aspect of your H-1B work permit application. We are up to date on current federal immigration law and advocated for years for those seeking a new law in the U.S. To learn more about how we could help, contact a Leesburg H1 work visa lawyer as soon as possible for a consultation.

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