Daytona Beach H1 Work Visa Lawyer

Daytona Beach H1 Work Visa Lawyer
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There is a constant need for highly skilled workers in the United States. When the domestic labor supply cannot meet this need, employers frequently look abroad for help. The H1 visa program allows a foreign worker the opportunity to work in the United States and even potentially become a lawful permanent resident. 

These work permits are known as “dual visas,” which can serve as either short-term work permits or a path toward permanent residency. If you are considering an H1 work visa, the team at Bogin, Munns & Munns is ready to help. Our Daytona Beach work visa lawyers could advise you on whether or not you qualify for an H1 visa. Let our Daytona Beach H1 work visa lawyer assist you with your application. 

Do I Qualify for an H1 Work Visa?

An H1 work permit is only available to people who work in specific fields. Known as specialty occupations, some examples include engineers and researchers. In addition to working in these specific fields, an applicant will also need some kind of advanced degree in most cases. 

It is not enough to work in one of these recognized fields and have all the necessary qualifications. In most situations, an applicant should also have a valid job offer from a company in the United States for a role that requires specialized knowledge. In other words, it is not enough to meet the requirements for this visa but also have a job offer for skilled labor. 

An employer will need to do more than just hire you for a position that requires specialized knowledge and experience. The prospective employer must also establish that a lack of qualified applicants in the U.S. labor market has pushed them to hire internationally. In general, immigration law favors hiring domestically when possible. 

There is also an educational requirement to be eligible. Most of the time, this requirement is strictly enforced. To qualify, you will need proof that you earned a bachelor’s degree in your field. You could also qualify with an equivalent degree from another country. 

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There Is a Cap on H1 Visas

Unfortunately, earning an H1 work visa can take some time. There is a limited number of H1 work visas accepted every year. This cap can result in a process that is as lengthy as it is frustrating. Demand for H1 work visas is high, which means it can often take time to go through the process. 

The number of visas available varies each year, but it is never enough for everyone who applies to be accepted right away. However, there are some additional visa slots available if you have an advanced degree. For example, 20,000 additional H1 visas were available for applicants who had a master’s degree or higher.

This cap also does not apply in other specific situations. For example, you could avoid the annual cap if you are being hired by a government research organization or institution of higher learning. 

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H1 Work Permits Are “Dual Intent” Visas

Most work permits are considered either “immigrant” or “non-immigrant” visas. That is not the case with an H1 work permit. This type of visa is a “dual intent’ visa, which means you could use an H1 work permit as either a temporary visa or a path toward lawful permanent residency. This decision should be made at the beginning of the process. 

When a person applies for an H1 work permit, they generally know whether or not they intend to immigrate to the U.S. or only work there temporarily. While an H1 work permit does not provide you with a green card, it could allow you to eventually qualify for one if you hope to immigrate to this country. Otherwise, you can work within the U.S. until your visa expires. 

Determining what to do with a dual intent visa is up to you. However, you have the chance to lean on our team of experienced attorneys in order to decide how to approach this process. 

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Can I Sponsor My Family With an H1 Visa?

If you qualify for an H1 work permit, you have the chance to live in the United States. What is important for many applicants is that this work visa also provides options for your loved ones. Certain immediate family members have the ability to apply for their own visa, with you as their sponsor. 

An H4 visa could be available to immediate family members once you hold an H1 visa. The H4 visa is available to the spouse of a visa holder, as well as some of their children. A visa holder can sponsor a child as long as they are unmarried and under the age of 21. Even if a child does not qualify for this type of visa, they could qualify for a lower priority family-based visa once you become a lawful permanent resident. 

This process can be stressful even when you are only thinking about your own visa. When your loved ones are also involved, the stress can increase dramatically. The team at Bogin, Munns & Muns understands how this process could wear on you. You could secure the peace of mind you deserve by discussing your options with a Daytona Beach immigration lawyer serving Daytona Beach. 

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Let a Daytona Attorney Assist You With Your H1 Work Visa Application

Obtaining an H-1 work visa can be a life-changing event for many people. It can also be a source of frustration for others. Getting the most out of your visa application is important, and the right attorney could help you do just that. 

Let the team at Bogin, Munns & Munns advocate on your behalf during the visa application process. Our team of Daytona Beach H1 work visa lawyers could provide an answer to your questions. Contact us for a free consultation as soon as possible. 

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