Daytona Beach Work Visa Lawyer

Daytona Beach Work Visa Lawyer
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If you want to work legally in the United States, you need a work visa. However, you might have trouble getting the right kind of visa for your circumstances or struggle to get it in a reasonable amount of time. You may be unable to get the visa at all if your application contains significant errors or lacks sufficient evidence.

Our firm can help. One of our immigration lawyers can determine which kind of work visa you need and can even appeal an application delay or denial. During your consultation, we can tell you more about what your Daytona Beach work visa lawyer will do for you.

What Are the Different Types of Work Visas?

There are many different types of work visas, but there are two main categories. One category is for temporary work visas reserved for short-term employment. The other category is for work visas reserved for long-term or permanent employment and residence in the U.S.

An immigration lawyer from our firm can determine which category and type of work visa you’ll need for your particular work.

Temporary Work Visas

If you’re a short-term worker, you’ll need a temporary visa. If any of the following conditions apply to you, you’ll likely need the corresponding visa type:

  • If you’re currently employed by a company from another country, such as Brazil, and you’re continuing this employment in the U.S., you’ll need an L-1A or L-1B temporary visa
  • If you’re a citizen of Mexico or Canada and you’ll be working in the U.S., you’ll need a TN visa
  • If you’re an exchange visitor to the U.S., you’ll need a J-1 visa
  • If you’re a business visitor, you’ll need a B-1 visa
  • If you’re a treaty trader, you’ll need an E1 visa
  • If you’re a treaty investor, you’ll need an E2 visa
  • If you’re a student, you’ll need an F-1 visa
  • If you’re a skilled worker, you’ll need an H-1B visa
  • If you’re a worker with extraordinary abilities, you’ll need an O-1 visa

Keep in mind that these criteria can be nuanced and difficult to interpret. We can help you decide which application and visa are right for you.

Permanent Work Visas

If you’re a long-term or indefinite worker, you’ll need a permanent visa (also known as an employment-based green card). If any of the following other conditions apply, you’ll likely need the corresponding type of visa:

  • If you’re a priority worker, you’ll likely need an EB-1 visa
  • If you’re an advanced degree professional, you’ll need an EB-2 visa
  • If you’re a skilled/unskilled/professional worker, you’ll need an EB-3 visa
  • If you’re a special immigrant, you’ll need an EB-4 visa
  • If you’re an investor, you’ll need an EB-5 visa

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Can a Lawyer Help Me Get My Work Visa Quickly?

It can take time to get approved for your work visa. Your application may not be approved anytime soon, especially if you initially apply for the wrong type of visa.

In addition to helping you apply for the right visa, your lawyer can help you avoid delays due to preventable errors. Our team can also:

  • Help you meet the requirements: Each type of visa has its own requirements, like a passport with a particular validity period. Your lawyer can help you meet the requirements for the visa you need so your application isn’t delayed.
  • Prepare the application for you: Your lawyer will assist you in completing your application accurately and thoroughly. This will at least ensure that USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services) has the opportunity to consider your application.
  • Show your eligibility: With your application, your lawyer will include important documentation (such as a copy of your passport) and other information showing your eligibility for the work visa.
  • File the application: Our attorney will submit your application and documentation to the right authorities and through the proper channels.
  • Appeal a delay or stall: Often, USCIS delays or stalls the application processing process. There can be any number of reasons for this. We can appeal delays or stalling tactics with the USCIS.

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Can My Daytona Beach Work Visa Lawyer Appeal a Work Visa Denial?

Your application may not be approved, depending on the circumstances. However, if your application is denied, your lawyer can:

  • Assess the reason for the denial: If your application was denied for a preventable reason, we can reissue your application or correct your files for reconsideration.
  • Corroborate your eligibility: Your lawyer can find additional supporting information showing your eligibility for the visa.
  • Refile the application: Your lawyer can also refile your application with greater detail. Some applications must be re-filed, not appealed.
  • Appeal the denial: Next, your lawyer can appeal the denial with the USCIS Administrative Appeals Office or even the U.S. Department of Justice’s Board of Immigration Appeals.

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How Else Can My Daytona Beach Work Visa Attorney Help?

Circumstances change quickly, especially after you’re approved to work in another country. For example, you may want to change your residence status in the U.S. and become a naturalized U.S. citizen. Depending on your initial type of work visa, this may not be a straightforward process.

Our firm can help you with that. We can even help your family change their residence statuses. In addition, if you are threatened with deportation due to an employment violation, we will fight to protect you.

As an immigration attorney, your lawyer will be able to help in many ways. We can tell you more during a consultation.

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If you want to be a migrant worker in the U.S., our firm can help you apply for a work visa. One of our immigration lawyers in Daytona Beach, FL will help you get the right kind of visa and even appeal an application denial.

During your consultation, we can tell you more about what your lawyer will do and answer your questions. We can even advise you about your family’s situation and assess your options for legal immigration to the United States. Contact Bogin, Munns & Munns today.

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