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Wrongful Death
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Wrongful death is something that no one wants to experience. The grief that comes from losing a loved one due to a negligent act can make it hard to pursue a wrongful death case on your own. If you lost a family member or loved one due to an act of negligence by another party, the legal team at Bogin, Munns & Munns is here to help you.

A Daytona Beach wrongful death lawyer from our team can work to determine who was at fault in causing the wrongful death and communicate with any involved parties on your behalf so you can focus on dealing with the passing of your loved one. Call our office today at (386) 763-2092 to let us review your case and determine if we can help.

Wrongful Death in Boating Accidents

Daytona Beach and other tourist destinations in Florida often attract boating enthusiasts from all over the world. While boating is a popular recreational activity in Florida, it is also known to produce some unique dangers and risk factors for participants.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security reports that in 2015, more than 4,000 recreational boating accidents occurred, causing 626 deaths and 2,613 injuries. This results in a fatality rate of 5.3 deaths for every 100,000 registered vessels.

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Auto Accidents that Can Lead to Wrongful Death

Automobile accidents continue to take lives every year in the United States. These collisions may happen for a variety of reasons, though they often have the same end result.

Drunk Driving Fatalities

For example, drivers who consume alcohol or other controlled substances are more likely to perform dangerous and negligent driving behaviors. A decreased sense of awareness, depth perception, and critical judgment skills impair a driver’s ability to maintain safe control of their vehicle on the roads.

Drunk driving accidents often take place at high speeds as well, which serves as yet another factor that increases the odds of wrongful death. A lawyer will examine these details and others when working to determine who should be held liable for the wrongful death of a family member.

Wrongful Death Hit-and-Runs

Hit-and-run accidents are another common source of wrongful death. For most drivers, the thought of leaving the scene of an automobile accident is unfathomable. However, there are many reasons why a person might leave the scene of an accident that they caused. Lack of insurance is a common reason that drivers will flee the scene of a collision, along with fear of traffic tickets and possible criminal charges.

If one of your loved ones lost their life due to negligent driving or boating activities, you may be entitled to receive compensation. A lawyer who takes on wrongful death cases can examine the details of the incident and work to determine who to hold responsible for damages.

At Bogin, Munns & Munns, our legal team may be able to build a case and help you recover compensation for your financial losses, pain, and suffering after wrongful death. Call us today at (386) 763-2092 to speak with a representative of our office about your situation.

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How a Daytona Beach Wrongful Death Lawyer Can Help

Lawyers who handle wrongful death cases will put their experience to work for you in the following ways:

Investigating the Incident and Establishing Liability

Many different variables can factor into even a single incident that leads to a wrongful death. Even when the accident may seem clear-cut, there is often a wealth of complex legal considerations that affect the outcome of a case.

In wrongful death cases, lawyers will perform a thorough investigation to determine who was liable for an accident. Forms of evidence that may play a role in your case include:

  • Phone records.
  • Eyewitness reports.
  • Police reports.
  • Video footage and photographs.

In addition to analyzing these forms of evidence, a legal team will also determine which laws apply to your case. This process can take some time, depending on the complexity of the accident. Acting quickly to contact a lawyer after the wrongful death of a loved one, tough as it may be, can provide enough time to build a case that represents your legal position.

Communicating with Other Parties for You

Lawyers will also handle the task of communicating with the other parties who played a role in the wrongful death. In some cases, this may mean that a legal team can save you from having to confront another party that was responsible for the death. This may also include communicating with law enforcement and witnesses who were present at the scene of the incident.

Pursuing Financial Compensation

Financial compensation for wrongful death can take on many forms. The losses in a wrongful death case are usually significant for surviving family members. Some forms of compensation include lost financial support, medical costs, and funeral expenses. A lawyer will fight to collect any damages that the party responsible owes you for this loss.

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After a wrongful death, it may be hard to think about taking legal action against the responsible party. A lawyer who takes on wrongful death cases can do this for you, giving you the time and space you need to process your loss.

A Daytona Beach wrongful death lawyer from Bogin, Munns & Munns can work to pursue justice for you and your family. If you hire us, we will fight to determine who should be held liable for the wrongful death of your loved one. Our team will then pursue any recoverable damages for which you may qualify. Contact a member of the team at our office today by calling (386) 763-2092.

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