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When you are grieving the loss of a loved one, it can be challenging to face the legal and financial concerns that may arise after their death. These concerns only become compounded when the loss is due to the wrongful death that someone else’s negligence caused.

As a surviving family member of someone who died due to wrongful death, you have the right to pursue justice against the negligent party. A personal injury lawyer in The Villages from Bogin, Munns & Munns will fight for the financial recovery that may help you through this difficult time.

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Cases Our Wrongful Death Attorneys Handle in The Villages, FL

Various acts of negligence or maliciousness can lead to wrongful death. Having handled wrongful death claims in The Villages and throughout Florida since 1979, we know wrongful deaths can result from:

Our personal injury law firm will review your circumstances and explain if you have reason to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit in The Villages. While financial compensation will not resolve the harm you’ve suffered from losing a loved one, it can be an essential step toward rebuilding your life and moving forward.

Auto Accidents Causing Wrongful Death in The Villages

Automobile accidents cause wrongful deaths across the country each year. Negligent drivers are responsible for many of these fatalities. Examples of negligent driving behaviors include: 

  • Driving after consuming drugs or alcohol, which can inhibit the driver’s ability to operate a motor vehicle safely
  • Drowsy driving, which can cause a driver to fall asleep at the wheel
  • Reckless driving, such as speeding, running lights or stop signs, and failure to yield
  • Distracted driving, which can refer to driving while texting, eating, talking on the phone, or any other activity that takes a driver’s focus off the road

Our personal injury attorneys know that negligent driving is one of the leading causes of wrongful deaths. Fatal auto accidents can also result from defective products (such as tires or brakes), dangerous road conditions, and other hazards.

Workplace Accidents Causing Wrongful Death in The Villages

Some jobs involve working in high-risk environments, using dangerous tools, or frequent driving with an elevated accident risk. These work conditions can increase one’s chances of experiencing a wrongful death, especially if the employer fails to provide the right safety equipment and procedures to keep employees safe. 

In this case, the employer or a negligent third party could be liable for the wrongful death and any associated damages.

Wrongful Death Caused by Elder Abuse or Neglect in The Villages

Nursing home residents have a right to quality care and a safe living environment, yet hundreds of elderly abuse cases come to light yearly.

Physical, sexual, and psychological abuse can lead to wrongful death. For example, a wrongful death may result from:

  • Neglect, such as failure to provide food and water or administer medicine and other necessities of life
  • Physical abuse, which can cause injury or worsen current health conditions and lead to death
  • Medical malpractice, such as providing the wrong medication or committing a surgical error

Nursing homes can be liable for facility shortcomings and employee failures that cause wrongful deaths. Meanwhile, some situations blame the employee or caregiver who causes a patient’s passing.

The wrongful death attorneys at Bogin, Munns & Munns have secured compensation for many clients who lost a loved one due to elder abuse or neglect. The injury lawyers at our firm will pursue justice for the tragic passing of your loved one, too.

Criminal Acts Causing Wrongful Death in The Villages

Not all incidents of wrongful death occur because of negligence. Some happen due to malicious activity, such as a robbery or assault. In such cases, the responsible party could face criminal charges and a civil lawsuit.

If you lost a loved one due to a neglectful or malicious act like those listed above, you may be able to recover compensation for your damages. A Villages wrongful death lawyer from Bogin, Munns & Munns will fight for justice on your behalf. If you choose us to represent your family, we will compile evidence to aid in building a case that supports your legal position.

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How a Wrongful Death Lawyer from Bogin, Munns & Munns Will Lead Your Case in The Villages

Our legal process will begin with investigating the details of the incident that caused your family member’s death. The investigative process involves gathering evidence that can prove your compensation case, which may include the following: 

  • Medical expenses
  • Eyewitness testimony
  • Phone records
  • Maintenance reports
  • Photo and video evidence
  • Expert testimony
  • Biological or environmental testing
  • Reconstructions of a fatal incident

The personal injury attorneys at our firm will oversee every aspect of your case. We will document the harm you’ve suffered because of the wrongful death, develop a clear settlement target, and represent you in settlement negotiations. If your case requires a trial, we’ll lead your court case from start to finish.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Hiring a Wrongful Death Lawyer in The Villages

During initial consultations and meetings with our clients, we hear several common questions, including:

What Are Recoverable Damages in a Wrongful Death Case?

Damages are unique to each case and client. Some common damages in wrongful death actions include:

  • Funeral expenses, burial expenses
  • Loss of the decedent’s future earnings
  • Loss of the deceased person’s household contributions
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of companionship
  • Loss of consortium
  • Loss of a parent’s guidance

The cost of a wrongful death is often steep and long-lasting. Our team will identify the economic and non-economic toll of losing your loved one.

Should I Hire a Wrongful Death Lawyer?

You will have to decide, but hiring a wrongful death lawyer has its benefits. An attorney’s services will allow you to focus on your mental well-being and recovery. You will also avoid the physical and psychological demands of completing a personal injury lawsuit, which can be substantial.

Our law office has dedicated legal personnel ready to fight for your financial recovery today. All you have to do is call. You can also check out other frequently asked questions we receive about wrongful death.

How Much does It Cost to Have a Wrongful Death Lawyer Lead My Case?

We handle wrongful death cases on a contingency fee basis. This means you pay no upfront or out-of-pocket fees or costs to hire our attorney. Our firm only receives a fee if we recover compensation for your and your family’s losses.

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If you and your family members have lost a loved one because of someone else’s negligence or misconduct, you can seek recoverable damages from the liable party. Leading a lawsuit on your own for a wrongful death accident can be challenging and stressful. Let our legal team lift the stress of pursuing justice off your shoulders and take legal action for you.

Our wrongful death lawyer from Bogin, Munns & Munns will lead your case in The Villages from start to finish. Florida Statutes § 95.11 generally allows us a limited time to file a wrongful death lawsuit, so we encourage you to speak with us as soon as possible. Call us to complete your free, no-obligation consultation.

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