The Villages Social Security Disability Lawyer

The Villages Social Security Disability Lawyer
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The process of filing for disability benefits through the Social Security Administration (SSA) can be stressful. Most people seeking these benefits for the first time have little experience with these programs. This can lead to mistakes in an application that result in significant setbacks. The good news is you never have to apply for disability on your own. 

You have the right to hire an attorney when seeking benefits through SSA. This attorney could handle every aspect of your case, from application to appeal. Instead of acting as your own legal counsel, consider reaching out to a Social Security disability lawyer serving The Villages today. 

Different Types of Disability Benefits

SSA operates two distinct disability programs. Each of these programs offers benefits for the disabled, but qualifications for each program differ substantially. 

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI)

SSDI benefits are paid through payroll tax receipts. It should come as no surprise that these benefits are limited to those individuals who have paid substantially into those payroll taxes over the years. 

SSA calculates your work history using something known as work credits. If you collected 40 work credits over the previous 10 years, you are entitled to full SSDI benefits. You could receive less than the full amount of benefits if you have fewer credits during that period. In general, you can earn up to four credits per year working full time. 

Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

SSI benefits are intended for disabled individuals who have limited financial resources. In addition to those who are disabled, this program is also available to the blind as well as those age 65 or older. This program is different from standard Social Security benefits, in that benefits are available regardless of your prior work history. 

The financial limitations on these benefits are strictly enforced. In order to qualify, you must have limited financial resources. That goes beyond paychecks, including other assets and forms of income. If you make more than the limit, you are not entitled to SSI benefits. 

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How Can I Prove I Am Disabled?

In addition to meeting the requirements specific to each Social Security disability program, you must also show that you are disabled. The definition of disability for SSA is not the same as many other government entities. For starters, there are no benefits available for temporary or partial disability. To qualify, you must have a total, permanent disability due to an injury or illness. 

It is not enough to claim you are living with one of these conditions. You must also provide proof that you meet SSA’s definition of disabled. This can be achieved in some cases by providing evidence of certain diagnoses. SSA compiles a list of these conditions in a document known as the Blue Book. If you have been diagnosed with a condition listed in the Blue Book, you are automatically treated as disabled for the purposes of Social Security benefits. 

If you have not been diagnosed with a recognized disability, you are not out of luck. There are ways to establish your disability outside of having a condition that is recognized. You could provide SSA with test results or medical records that make it clear you are unable to perform substantial gainful employment due to your disability. 

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How Our Law Firm Could Help

Receiving disability benefits could be the positive development you need to secure a return to normalcy in your life. Unfortunately, many of these claims are frequently denied by SSA. The qualifications for benefits are strict, making it crucial that you comply with every rule and regulation during the application process. A Social Security disability lawyer serving The Villages could ensure that you not only meet the qualifications but avoid any pitfalls along the way. Some of the ways our firm could help with your case include: 

Answering Your Questions

If you are dealing with SSA for the first time, it is understandable for you to have many questions about how this process works. These answers can be hard to find on your own, but our firm could assist you with any questions you have. This could include answering questions on the claims process, what happens when claims are denied, and any potential issues regarding the facts of your case. 

Legal Counsel on a Contingency Basis

Our firm does not charge upfront legal fees in Social Security disability cases. Instead, we accept these cases on contingency. That means we only get paid if you get the benefits you need. If we are unsuccessful, our firm accepts the risks of performing legal work on your case without recovering a fee. 

Guidance Through Every Stage

There are different steps you will need to take throughout the course of this process. The good news is that your attorney can guide you through each of these steps. This starts with the application and any supporting document you file to make your case. It also includes the appeals process, should your claim initially be denied. You can count on our firm to provide you with support through every stage of the disability claims process. 

Advocacy at Any Hearings

There are times when your case might require a hearing. This is most common during the appeals process. Any time a hearing is scheduled or requested in your disability case, you have the right to representation by a lawyer. Our firm could serve as your advocate during a hearing with an Administrative Law Judge, or even in federal court if necessary. 

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Let Our Team Assist with Your Social Security Disability Claim

For many people, receiving disability benefits through SSA can be a life-changing experience. This financial support could replace the wages you lost after becoming disabled. In order to move forward with your claim, it could be in your best interest to speak with a Social Security disability lawyer serving The Villages. 

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