The Villages Golf Cart Accident Lawyer

The Villages Golf Cart Accident Lawyers
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If you were in an accident with someone driving a golf cart in The Villages, you may be able to bring a personal injury lawsuit against the other driver, seeking compensation for your injuries related to the accident. Should someone strike you while you are walking or driving your own golf cart, or should the other operator be violating any of the rules for the community, you may be able to pursue a claim.

If you are in this situation, contact The Villages golf cart accident lawyer to defend your rights to seek a fair settlement. The team at Bogin, Munns & Munns understands how serious a golf cart accident can be.

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Reckless Golf Cart Operation

Traveling around The Villages retirement community in a golf cart is a popular mode of transportation. According to The Villages Homeowners’ Association, the community lists multiple regulations regarding golf cart usage within the property. These regulations determine when, where, and how golf carts are expected to be used on The Villages grounds.

Although it is possible that two golf carts could crash into each other on the property in a situation where no one is at fault, it may be the case that the accident occurred due to negligent or reckless actions on the part of one golf cart operator.

Proving negligence is a key component in an attempt to win a fair settlement in a personal injury lawsuit. Negligence means that the offending person took an action that led to your injuries. In other words, negligence means that the other person acted carelessly.

Some of the ways a golf cart operator could behave in a negligent manner include:

  • Drinking alcohol: When a golf cart operator drinks alcohol before driving the cart, he or she could have a reduced ability to control movement, increasing the possibility of causing an accident.
  • Violating local rules: If the golf cart operator uses the cart outside of the designated times and locations allowed by The Villages Homeowners’ Association, this could be a form of negligent behavior.
  • Distracted driving: When the operator is looking at a smartphone and not looking at the road ahead, this behavior may lead to an accident.
  • Going too fast for road conditions: When the weather is poor or traffic is congested, a golf cart operator who is driving too fast could lose control, leading to a crash.
  • Turning too sharply: When a golf cart turns too sharply, the cart could tip over or the person riding in the passenger seat could be ejected from the cab.

Accidents involving golf carts can result in complicated personal injury lawsuits. Sometimes, there may not even be a police report in this type of accident.

That is why accident victims often choose to work with The Villages golf cart accident lawyer to help with their legal process. At Bogin, Munns & Munns, our team can investigate the facts in the case, interviewing witnesses and studying any evidence from the scene of the crash. We can seek to show that the negligent cart operator was responsible for your injuries.

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Dangers to Pedestrians or Bicyclists from Golf Carts

A golf cart may seem to travel at a slower speed than other vehicles. However, if you are struck by a golf cart as a pedestrian or bicyclist, you could suffer some significant injuries.

On the Golf Course

The majority of carts used on a golf course only travel around 10 mph. Even at this speed, however, someone who is struck by a golf cart could easily be stuck to the ground and injured. The pedestrian could hit his or her head on the ground, which may lead to a severe concussion or traumatic brain injury.

Other injuries could also result from such a crash, such as bracing yourself while falling. In doing so, you could pop a shoulder out of socket or break your wrist. Pain from injuries like these can linger a long time, causing weakness in the injured arm and shoulder.

On Local Roads

When driving a golf cart on local roads and streets, operators may use a faster cart than is commonly used on the golf course. According to the American Trauma Society, golf carts used on roadways could reach speeds of 25 mph.

If a cart going this speed strikes a pedestrian, the pedestrian could suffer even more significant injuries. When a pedestrian hits the ground after being struck at this speed, any resulting head, back, neck, or other injury could be even more severe. A bicycle rider who is struck at this speed may easily lose control of the bike and crash to the pavement.

Any of the above injuries could require medical treatment or even cause life-altering health effects for the victim.

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Contact Bogin, Munns & Munns to Seek Compensation

At Bogin, Munns & Munns, we understand the challenges that victims of personal injury accidents may experience. You may have done nothing wrong, yet in a split second, you could be facing long-term pain, mounting medical bills, and the possibility of a reduced quality of life. You even may be unable to enjoy the same activities that you enjoyed before the accident.

As The Villages golf cart accident lawyer, we can work hard on your behalf to help recover compensation for your losses. We can negotiate with the insurance company of the person who hit you, advocating for a fair settlement in your case. Should the insurer refuse to come to a fair settlement offer, we can stand by your side during a court case.

However, it’s important to reach out to us as soon as possible. You only have two years to file a lawsuit against the other party, and this deadline starts the day of your accident. Don’t let the other party get away without giving you the compensation you need—call us today for a free consultation so we can get started on your golf cart accident case.

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