Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Golf Cart Accidents?

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Golf Cart Accidents
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Homeowners insurance covers golf cart accidents in certain cases. Standard homeowners policies may not include coverage for golf cart accidents. Property owners may add golf cart insurance coverage to their homeowners policy. They may instead purchase a policy specifically for a golf cart.

Ownership of the Golf Cart Could Determine Insurance Coverage

Insurance coverage may depend on the owner of the golf cart. If the golf cart owner did not purchase golf cart-specific coverage, their homeowners insurance may not apply. 

Homeowners insurance may cover damages when:

  • Another party rides their golf cart on the homeowner’s property and causes an accident without the homeowner’s knowledge
  • A third party, such as a lawn care service, suffers a golf cart accident on the homeowner’s property
  • Someone who has rented a golf cart (such as a golfer) causes an accident on the homeowner’s property

Rules about homeowners insurance are not always clear. Your lawyer can review relevant policies to identify insurance coverage for your accident.

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What Other Type of Insurance May Cover a Golf Cart Accident?

Homeowners insurance may not be your only hope for financial coverage. Insurance types that may cover your golf cart accident include:

  • Golf cart insurance
  • Auto insurance (if your golf cart accident involved a motor vehicle)
  • Motorcycle insurance (if your accident involved a motorcycle rider)
  • Renters insurance (if your golf cart accident happened on a rental property)

Homeowners insurance covers certain golf cart accidents. If it does not in your case, then one of these other insurance types may.

When insurance does not adequately cover your losses, then you may file a lawsuit. 

Who Can File a Lawsuit for a Golf Cart Accident?

You may file a lawsuit for a golf cart accident if:

  • You suffered injuries in your golf cart accident
  • Your loved one suffered injuries in a golf cart accident but cannot act on their own behalf
  • Your loved one passed away because of a golf cart accident

You may sue multiple defendants. Your specific circumstances will determine whether to file a lawsuit or insurance claim. They will also dictate who we seek compensation from.

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Who Is Liable for a Golf Cart Accident?

Liability for golf cart accidents varies from case to case. Florida Supreme Court’s ruling in Meister v. Fisher designates golf carts as dangerous instruments. Because they are dangerous, golf cart owners have the responsibility to act with caution.

A golf cart owner may be liable for:

  • Allowing an inexperienced or intoxicated driver to operate their golf cart
  • Allowing someone to drive their golf cart in dangerous weather conditions or at night
  • Allowing someone who they do not know to drive their golf cart
  • Failing to maintain a safe golf cart
  • Any accident that is the fault of the golf cart operator

Golf cart manufacturers and sellers may be liable for defects. Pedestrians, motorists, and government bodies may have liability under certain conditions. Our team will identify the at-fault party. 

Can a Lawyer Obtain Compensation for Your Golf Cart Accident?

Our team may secure compensation for your accident. Your recoverable damages may include:

  • Golf cart repairs
  • Pain and suffering
  • Treatment for pain and suffering
  • Lost income
  • Lost earning power
  • Lost productivity
  • Damage to personal property
  • Medical expenses
  • Rehabilitation costs

Your lawyer will document your losses. They may work with your doctors, employer, and others to create your case for awards. Our firm hires experts when they can help a client’s case. Experts may reconstruct your golf cart accident, provide critical testimony, and assist us in other ways.

Hiring a lawyer costs you nothing out of pocket. You will only pay an attorney’s fee when we win your case. 

What Are the Possible Benefits of Hiring a Golf Cart Accident Lawyer?

Preserving your health is a primary benefit of hiring a lawyer. You may need ample rest and recovery after your golf cart accident. Dealing with an insurance claim or lawsuit may interfere with that rest and recovery. 

Our law firm also offers legal experience and knowledge that you may not have. Preexisting relationships with experts and investigators may benefit your case. 

You may choose to hire a lawyer for your health, your financial standing, or for other reasons. You could hire our firm for cases where  you aren’t comfortable or confident leading a legal case or claim alone.

What Criteria Should Your Golf Cart Accident Lawyer Meet?

A golf cart accident lawyer should:

  • Name golf cart accidents as one of their practice areas
  • Have experience completing golf cart accident cases
  • Have a strong reputation among past clients
  • Have proven case results
  • Impress you during your consultation

You should be comfortable with the law firm you hire. 

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