Kissimmee Work Visa Lawyer

Kissimmee Work Visa Lawyer
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If you’re a citizen of a foreign country and you want to permanently or temporarily work in the U.S., you may need to get a work visa. It can be difficult to get one, but an immigration lawyer from our firm can determine if you qualify, and then guide you through the process of obtaining your visa.

In your initial consultation, we’ll go over your situation and tell you what we can do for you. Once we take you on as a client, your Kissimmee work visa lawyer will walk with you on the path to temporary or permanent residency via a US work visa.

Do I Need a Work Visa to Work in the U.S.?

As a citizen of a foreign country who wants to permanently or temporarily work in the United States, you will likely need a work visa. Our immigration lawyer can help you determine which kind of work visa you need.

Temporary Work Visas

If you want to work in the U.S. for a little while before returning to your home country, the type of visa you’ll need could be a NAFTA temporary work permit (if you’re a citizen of Mexico or Canada), a student/exchange visitor visa (if you’re pursuing higher education or training in the U.S.), a business visitor visa (if you have temporary work-related business in the U.S.), or another type of temporary visa.

Per the Department of State, some specific examples of these temporary visas are the:

  • TN visa (for citizens of Mexico or Canada)
  • H-1B visa (for skilled workers)
  • O-1 visa (for workers with extraordinary abilities)
  • F-1 visa (for academic students)
  • J-1 visa (for exchange visitors)
  • B-1 visa (for business visitors)
  • E1 visa (for treaty traders)
  • E2 visa (for treaty investors)
  • L1 visa (for transfers within your current company), including the L-1A visa and the L-1B visa

Permanent Work Visas

If you want to work in the U.S. permanently (for a long or indefinite term), the type of visa you’ll need would be an employment-based green card for permanent resident status and longer-term employment in the U.S.

Some examples of these permanent visas are the:

  • EB-1 visa (for priority workers)
  • EB-2 visa (for advanced degree professionals)
  • EB-3 visa (for skilled, unskilled, and professional workers)
  • EB-4 visa (for special immigrants)
  • EB-5 visa (for investors)

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Do Lawyers Help With Work Visas?

It can be difficult to get a work visa. An applicant has to determine which type of visa they need, what the requirements are, and whether they’re eligible. Then, the applicant has to find proof of their eligibility, apply for the visa, and wait for a response. The applicant might also have to appeal an application delay or denial.

A Kissimmee employment visa lawyer from our firm can help with all of that. Specifically, your lawyer will:

  • Determine which work visa applies to you: Your lawyer will determine what kind of work you’ll be doing and which visa applies. You won’t have to worry about applying for the wrong visa.
  • Establish your eligibility: Your lawyer will also help to establish that you’re actually eligible for the visa and why. This will help to convince the USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services) that you deserve the visa. If you don’t meet certain requirements, your lawyer can advise you on how to meet them.
  • Collect proof of your eligibility: This will help to ensure your application is considered. If your application is dismissed or delayed for any reason, your lawyer will collect additional proof for you. Proof of your eligibility could include your employment contract, for example.
  • Apply for your visa: Your lawyer will ensure your application is clear, precise, and thorough. There shouldn’t be any unclear, incorrect, or missing details. We will also ensure your application is filed quickly and through the correct channel.
  • Appeal a processing delay: If the processing of your application is delayed, your lawyer can appeal the delay and push for quicker processing.
  • Appeal a denial: If your application is denied for some reason, your lawyer will help to identify that reason and can appeal the denial or file a new application. Your lawyer may be able to appeal through the USCIS Administrative Appeals Office or even through the Board of Immigration Appeals within the U.S. Department of Justice.
  • Help your family qualify and apply: If you have any family members who need to travel with you to the US, your lawyer can help them qualify and apply for the appropriate visa, too.

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Can A Florida Immigration Lawyer Speed Up the Visa Process?

By ensuring your application is correct, accurate, thorough, supported with sufficient evidence, and filed properly, your lawyer may be able to speed up the visa application process for you. Ensuring those things could help to prevent a delay or a denial.

Also, by appealing any delay, your lawyer will fight to speed up the processing time, and by appealing any denial or filing a new application, your lawyer may be able to speed up the approval process.

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How Else Can a Kissimmee Work Visa Lawyer Help?

One of the Kissimmee work visa attorneys from our firm may be able to help you in other ways, depending on your situation. For example, if you want full U.S. citizenship, your attorney can guide you through the naturalization process. Your attorney may also be able to protect you from removal proceedings and deportation due to an employment violation.

As immigration attorneys, we understand how important it is for you and your family to be able to work and thrive in the United States, so you can expect your attorney to do everything in their power to help you. We’ll start by consulting with you about your work situation.

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