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In the world of business, there is a constant whirlwind of mitigating factors that can have negative—or positive—effects on the commercial side of a company. Between partnership disagreements, contract disputes, negotiations, federal trade laws, and more, there are many different factors that can get in the way of a business operation. When businesses find themselves in need of legal guidance, many companies around the world turn to commercial law lawyers to help them better understand the laws and standards that govern their various business dealings.

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What a Commercial Law Lawyer Does

The legal field of commercial law is an overarching practice that deals with many different areas of law, some of which bleed into one another. For example, when a company is drafting up documents for a major property sale to an international party, they may be operating within real estate law and contract law in addition to being relevant to the field of commercial law. Further, the deal could run into trouble with international laws as well, at which point they may benefit from the legal understanding of a commercial law firm that can advise them before they make any costly violations.

A commercial law lawyer serves many purposes, which may vary between businesses. As one company may retain the services of a commercial law lawyer to research, review, and draft their commercial reports, another may use their services to help reach an amicable settlement with a former business partner. The services of a commercial law lawyer can generally be broken down into a few main categories, which largely deal with documents, research, and negotiation.

These commercial law services may include:

  • Negotiation
  • Research
  • Advising
  • Editing
  • Drafting

Here at Bogin, Munns & Munns, our attorneys wear many hats in the legal field. In addition to offering services specific to the field of commercial law, we also offer guidance in the related fields of real estate law, corporate law, and contract law. Whatever your business needs, we will be happy to meet with you and figure out where our legal guidance may be of help.

While we cannot guarantee that your business will grow as a result of our services, many businesses experience a great sense of relief knowing that a Kissimmee commercial law lawyer will be there to check their most important documents against any ongoing legal precedents. Further, we know how quickly business partnerships can turn sour or run their course. As a result, we will be glad to help you reach a settlement with your partners.

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What a Commercial Law Lawyer May Mean for Your Business

As most business owners have come to realize, the commercial side of the business is perhaps the most important, at least in terms of profit. As commercial dealings do not strictly deal with sales, there is a lot that goes into allowing a business to function on a daily basis. For many businesses, they are constantly working alongside contributing partners, financers, clients, and more to help them attain their ultimate goals. Along the way, there are countless laws that a business may run afoul of if it is not being proactive in its research.

A commercial law lawyer can be there to help research your assignments and initiatives before they go live so the business can have confidence knowing that it is not committing any unsightly violations without its knowledge. Further, after the research is done, a commercial law lawyer may be able to offer solutions to the company and draft their new paperwork within the bounds of the law. If the company needs to restructure its business along the way, or even dissolve itself, a commercial law lawyer may be useful in the ensuing negotiations between all the contributing partners.

The general breakdown of the relationship between a Kissimmee commercial law lawyer and their client may look something like this:

  • The client will contact the lawyer and let them know any important details about the assignment at hand. During this process, they will provide any important documents or filings that should be noted for the assignment. Then, the commercial law lawyer will begin the research process.
  • The attorney will investigate any related laws that may have to deal with the documents. These can include state, federal, and international laws that deal with what a business can and cannot do under the current circumstances. Further, they will look into legal dealings that have happened in similar circumstances in the past for other companies, as to not make the same mistakes.
  • The lawyer will bring the information to their client, and they can be free to make any changes accordingly. The lawyer will also be able to draft new language in the document that aligns with the applicable laws.
  • Finally, the documents will be ready to be distributed to the appropriate sources or otherwise published, and any negotiations can begin on whether a settlement can be reached—if other parties are involved.

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