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The Legal Information Institute defines intellectual property law as an area of law that focuses on regulations that govern a person’s right to control, use, or distribute their ideas and created material. In simple terms, intellectual property law is a set of procedures that safeguards creative works, designs, inventions, and more.

A Kissimmee intellectual property lawyer will tell you that the legal protection of your intellectual property is very important. In case of any infringement, you can seek remedies in court. Without legal protection, any person can have access to your intellectual property. Fighting the misuse of your intellectual property without providing prior protections can prove difficult.

Intellectual property law safeguards an inventor’s intangible property. Your intellectual property carries financial significance, and it gives you recognition in the free market. You want to ensure that you have something that sets you apart from your competitors. Intellectual property law prevents your competitors from using your intellectual property for profit.

However, it may not be enough to have safeguards on your intellectual property without legal representation. You may want an attorney to help you with all matters to do with your intellectual property, whether you are a patent holder or not. A Kissimmee intellectual property lawyer at Bogin, Munns & Munns provides clients with a full variety of intellectual property law services. Our legal team can handle various areas of business, such as registration of all forms of intellectual property ownership, brand enforcement, trademark, and copyright litigation. Give us a call today at (407) 870-1919.

Types of Intellectual Property Law

In 2004, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) published an intellectual property handbook. The handbook contains all aspects of intellectual property law inclusive of international treaties and covenants. The intellectual property laws of different countries may vary. However, there exist federal laws that govern intellectual property in all states in the United States.

The various types of intellectual property include:

  • Patents
  • Copyrights
  • Trademarks
  • Trade secrets

Copyrights give you the right to your creative inventions. For your work to receive copyright protection, it must be distinct and unique. Some examples of copyright material include music, choreography, performances, and movies. The US Code Title 17-Copyright provides a wide range of protection for copyrightable material. Where a person copies your work, they derail your ability to earn. You can get a Kissimmee intellectual property lawyer to help you through the process of recovering damages from the infringing party.

Conversely, patents give you legal rights and benefits to your original creative works. Thus, without your permission, another entity cannot make, sell, or resell your intellectual property. Patents only last for a specified period. Per the United States Patent and Trademark Office, a patent bears a 20-year term only. Your intellectual property can only get patent protection where you can prove the novelty of your creation.

Industrial designs refer to designs used to make products. An inventor does not have to come up with a new product. The industrial design rights, though, allows the inventor to profit from their designs. If you need to protect your intellectual property from potential infringement, contact our legal team at Bogin, Munns & Munns. For a consultation, call us today at (407) 870-1919.

Some Examples of Violations of Intellectual Property

The human mind flourishes on creativity. Creativity falls under intellectual property, and therefore, your creative work requires legal protection. You earn recognition, financial rewards, and more from your intellectual property. Intellectual property law protects your copyrights, trade secrets, patents, and trademarks. However, infringements of your intellectual property rights can still happen.

The following are examples of how your protected creative work can suffer violations:

  • Misappropriating trade secrets
  • Infringement of patent, trademark, or copyright rights
  • Counterfeiting of copyrights or trademarks

Regarding the misappropriation of trade secrets, a fired employee can reveal your trade secrets to your competitor. In another situation, your competitor can commit corporate espionage in an attempt to discover your trade secrets. The infringement of intellectual property rights can be both a civil and a criminal case, depending on the facts surrounding the case.

With a Kissimmee intellectual property lawyer, you can get assistance reaching an amicable resolution from an intellectual property dispute.

Some of the resolutions you can get include:

  • Monetary damages to compensate for losses
  • Seizure of property used to create infringing products
  • Stop and discontinue orders in cases of unsanctioned use of trademarks

Intellectual property disputes cost a lot of money. Whether you are the victim or the infringing party, you may lose a lot of money in the course of litigation.

The Need for a Kissimmee Intellectual Property Lawyer

You stand to benefit when you hire an intellectual property attorney. Your attorney can help you in the following ways:

  • Making technology transfers
  • Drafting licensing agreements
  • Negotiating intellectual property settlements
  • Defending your trademark or patent
  • Registering your patents and trademarks
  • Performing trademark due diligence

With trademark due diligence, your attorney inquiries about all your protected content before you can use it. They help you through the process of asking for permission before using the protected property.

Additionally, when defending your patent or your trademark, you may want legal representation. A Kissimmee intellectual property lawyer can assist you through the process.

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Some complexities come with securing intangible assets such as intellectual property. You may need to understand how the laws of your state work to prepare for an intellectual case. Where there is an infringement of your intellectual property rights, you lose your relevance in the marketplace. A Kissimmee intellectual property lawyer at Bogin, Munns & Munns will provide the legal advice you need for an intellectual property case. Our legal team has knowledge in many aspects of intellectual property law. For a case assessment, call at (407) 870-1919.



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