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An Ocala intellectual property lawyer will tell you that intellectual property law protects your ideas, creations, and inventions, whether they are actualized or conceptual. Such property includes things like:

  • Advertising slogans
  • Innovations
  • Songs
  • Literature
  • Branding

From the Legal Information Institute, since such efforts come from your intellectual activity, the law terms them as intellectual property. The property contains distinctive features that only the inventor knows. As a result of your invention, you get financial recompenses and maintain your relevance in the marketplace. An attorney may be able to assist you in protecting your brands and inventions by enforcing your legal rights. An intellectual property system ensures that your organization’s creative works and inventions remain safe. As an inventor, you get to profit from your intellectual property even when the public has access to it.

Legal protection keeps your inventions safe from all infringements. Where your inventions have legal backing, you can take action against an outside entity that attempts to misuse your patented invention. If your company or organization needs an intellectual property lawyer, contact Bogin, Munns & Munns. Our Ocala intellectual property lawyers have the resources and the knowledge to help you protect your inventions. Give us a call today at (352) 690-7400.

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Overview of Intellectual Property Laws

There are a variety of legal rules that permit individuals and organizations to exercise the right to control, use, or distribute their designs, inventions, or information. There exist bodies of federal and state laws that protect intellectual property rights. An Ocala intellectual property lawyer will tell that variations emerge in the details from country to country or state to state cases.

The blanket body known as intellectual property law includes a variety of factions such as:

  • Copyright
  • Patent laws
  • Trademarks
  • Trade secrets

Each of the mentioned factions applies in unique situations and contains distinctive sets of technical rules. For example, under the U.S. Code Title 17, including the Copyright Act of 1976, federal copyright guarantees the protection of creative works such as music, dance, software, and so on. There is a minimum requirement that your work has to meet for it to qualify for intellectual protection. Protection only lasts for a specified period. U.S. Code Title 35-Patents laws prevent other entities from manufacturing your product and selling it without your permission. And under the U.S Trademark Act of 1946, trademarks usually apply to brand names, slogans, and even logos. There exist both federal and state trademark laws that ensure the protection of your company’s brand name, logo, or slogan.

There are different degrees of protection when it comes to trademarks, for instance:

  • Consumer cognizance of the trademark
  • The nature of service and product it pinpoints
  • Geographic location in which you use the trademark

The Consequences of Intellectual Property Rights Violations

The infringement of intellectual property refers to a violation of protected property. Most infringers violate intellectual property by duplicating another company’s software or by using another entity’s brand name for profit without permission. Software piracy is a crime that attracts a criminal charge and/or a huge sum of money in damages.

Courts of various jurisdictions opt to provide an injunction against the infringer, pending the determination of the case. Where there is an establishment of guilt on the infringing party, you get restitution and monetary damages. There are serious consequences to infringing on another entity’s intellectual property rights. Some jurisdictions can revoke the defendant’s own intellectual property rights.

The following includes some of the consequences of intellectual property infringement:

  • Civil damages and lost profits
  • An injunction to halt the infringement
  • Payment of the attorneys’ fees by the infringing party
  • Felony charges
  • Prison time

Both willful and accidental violations cost the infringing party. Aside from the imprisonment of violators, lawsuits damage the reputation of your company. Accidental violations happen when the company fails to conduct due diligence on the content they use. An Ocala intellectual property lawyer can help you verify your business’s branding and intellectual properties to ensure you are not using protected content. Companies with technical designs should take necessary precautions to ensure complete brand protection. When a person uses such designs without permission, they violate the strict intellectual property laws that provide for stringent sanctions.

To avoid intellectual property violations, get an attorney that can help you get the appropriate licenses from copyright holders. Call Bogin, Munns & Munns today at (352) 690-7400 for an attorney to review your business at no charge.

How Intellectual Property Lawyers Can Help You

An intellectual property lawyer handles all the legal issues surrounding your business. They focus especially on areas of intellectual property law. Depending on the type of business you have, you need an intellectual property lawyer for various reasons.

For instance, where you have industrial property, an intellectual property lawyer helps you in the following ways:

  • Applying for a trademark or patent
  • Defending your trademark or patent
  • Providing legal representation where you need to appear before a patent examiner
  • Drafting licensing agreements

An Ocala intellectual property lawyer takes you through the litigation process. The main aim of hiring an intellectual property lawyer is to safeguard your intellectual property from infringement. You can also have an attorney to help you conduct due diligence, which goes a long way in preventing your organization from using protected content.

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