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Ocala Immigration Lawyer
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If you need help with a visa, green card, naturalization, deportation, or other immigration matter, an Ocala immigration lawyer with Bogin, Munns & Munns could be the right person to assist you. Our Florida law firm has been helping immigration clients for more than 40 years.

Many people in Ocala, Florida, struggle with gaining the legal right to live in the United States. An experienced immigration attorney could work on your behalf to help make your American dream come true. Call us today for a free immigration consultation.

Who We Can Help

Our experienced immigration attorneys work directly with foreign nationals who need assistance navigating through the red tape of the many forms, hearings, and other types of bureaucracy involved in the immigration process.

Our immigration firm also provides legal strategies for Florida employers and employees.

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Removal Proceedings and Deportation

“Removal” is another term for deportation proceedings. If you or a loved one is placed in removal proceedings, please contact us immediately. Depending on your situation, you might need another person to contact us on your behalf.

We can help you through the court proceedings and contest the removal so you can try to stay in the United States. Time is critical in deportation matters, so please do not wait to contact us.

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Becoming a United States Citizen

People who do not obtain U.S. citizenship through birth can try to become American citizens through naturalization. According to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), there are 10 steps in the naturalization process.

Here is a brief overview of what it entails:

  1. The USCIS will first explore whether you might already be an American citizen. Some people don’t realize that they acquired citizenship by birth or automatically from their parents at some point after birth. You do not have to proceed to the next step in this fortunate situation.
  2. Next, the USCIS will determine whether you meet the eligibility requirements for U.S. citizenship. A few of the requirements include the following:
  • Being at least 18 years old
  • Being a permanent resident of the U.S. with a permanent resident card (green card)
  • Having lived in America for a long enough period 
  1. After that, you must prepare Form N-400, Application for Naturalization. Again, we can help you with this and other paperwork.
  2. You must submit Form N-400 to immigration officers and pay your fees. Some applicants also have to provide biometric information. You can check the status of your case online.
  3. Next, the USCIS will send you appointment information if they require this step for your case.
  4. If everything in the above five steps gets approved, the USCIS will schedule an interview for the naturalization process.
  5. The USCIS will send you its decision on your case. If the evidence in your record shows you are eligible, the USCIS will grant your Form N-400 application. If they need more information or documentation, or if you did not pass the English and civics tests, the USCIS will designate your application as “continued.” The third possible outcome is that the USCIS could deny your application.
  6. If the USCIS approves your application, you will get a notice to participate in a naturalization ceremony and take the Oath of Allegiance. Sometimes, this ceremony takes place on the same day as your interview.
  7. Citizenship does not happen until you participate in a naturalization ceremony and take the oath. In addition, you must complete Form N-445, turn in your green card, and receive your certificate of naturalization.
  8. The last step in the process is an explanation of the rights and responsibilities that all Americans should honor, exercise, and respect, whether they are citizens by birth or by choice.

Obtaining U.S. citizenship is an opportunity that involves many hurdles. However, we can advocate for you and assist you at every step.

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Getting Legal Resident Status in America

Before seeking American citizenship through naturalization, you must obtain a green card, also called a legal permanent residence card. Unfortunately, getting your green card can be tricky without experienced legal representation.

Our immigration law firm can facilitate the application process and help you understand what it takes to live legally in the United States. We can use several grounds to pursue your green card, including family petitions and specific employment categories. 

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Immigrant and Non-Immigrant Visas

A visa allows you to enter the United States as an immigrant or a non-immigrant. We can help facilitate the immigration process with either type of visa.

If you or your loved one plans to enter the United States to live here permanently, we might be able to seek one of the following immigration visas:

  • Individual visa
  • Fiancé visa
  • Family visa

You or your family member may want legal permission to come into the U.S. and stay for a visit, education, or certain work programs. In that case, we might be able to assist in applying for a non-immigrant visa.

Immigration Work Visas for Temporary and Permanent Workers

Some immigrants may qualify for work visas, depending on their employment, education, and skillset. The USCIS offers temporary and permanent work visas alike, including:

  • H-1B temporary work visas for specialty occupations, among other types of employment.
  • Employment-based immigration work visas for permanent workers. There are five preference tiers under this category, including EB-2 visas for applicants with an advanced degree and EB-4 visas for certain broadcasters and members of the U.S. armed forces, among others.

Every visa has different requirements, so let our lawyers help you through this complicated process.

How To Get a Telephone Consultation With Us

When you call our office, we’ll connect you with someone who can help with your immigration goals. 

Our website has a short questionnaire for prospective clients asking for your basic contact information and addressing other general topics. If you submit the online form, one of our experienced Ocala immigration lawyers will reach out within two business days to talk to you for a few minutes on the phone. 

Of course, we can also meet in our office if you prefer.

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The attorneys at Bogin, Munns & Munns are committed to helping immigration clients achieve success. One of our experienced immigration lawyers can meet with you at our Ocala office or any of our eight other offices, whichever is most convenient.

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