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Real Estate Litigation
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Commercial real estate refers to the purchase and sale of warehouses, office buildings, retail and shopping centers, industrial buildings, medical centers, apartment complexes, and multi-family units, mobile home parks, or raw land. Real estate matters often come with issues that are far more complicated than those present in residential real estate transactions. There are often many more people involved in the real estate process. There are also more regulations as well as a higher risk for all players.

A Leesburg real estate litigation lawyer is well-positioned to identify potential issues ahead of time, helping clients to avoid costly errors. Call the office of our Leesburg real estate litigation lawyers at Bogin, Munns & Munns to protect yourself when entering a real estate agreement at (352) 728-3773. We can assist clients with the following real estate services.

Buying and Selling Real Estate

We represent buyers and sellers in real estate purchase agreements by reviewing, negotiating, and drafting real estate contracts. We will help ensure that provisions and contingencies protect your best interests. Our firm stays on top of due diligence matters regarding the transaction. We are accustomed to managing delicate negotiations, performing due diligence, examining both title and survey, handling escrow matters, and conducting environmental reviews of your property.

It might be tempting to rely on a generic contract because it is more convenient, but not having an attorney involved in this phase of the real estate process may put your deal at risk. You may want someone on your side during the real estate process, from initial contract to negotiation. Having an ally to draft or review contracts can help provide you with peace of mind knowing that your best interests are being represented.

The closing process involves research and preparation that can be difficult without the help of an attorney. In addition, your attorney can help negotiate a fair purchase price, set up policies and penalties should the other party try to walk away from the deal, and deal with problems with the property that may occur in the future, such as structural issues. Having a set of experienced eyes to catch potential problems with contracts can be invaluable.

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Representation in Landlord and Tenant Disputes

Dealing with issues such as the collection of unpaid rent, evicting tenants, and handling security deposit matters can be stressful. With an attorney on your side, you do not have to deal with these adversarial situations yourself. In addition, because there are very specific laws and legal requirements surrounding these issues, having an attorney can help ensure they are handled properly. Speak to a member of our team at Bogin, Munns & Munns to see how a Leesburg real estate litigation lawyer can help you. Call (352) 728-3773 to discuss your real estate litigation issues today.

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Lease Review and Negotiation

Signing a long-term contract of any kind is not something to be taken lightly. Whether you are a property owner who is leasing a location or if you are the person who will be signing the lease, there are many contingencies to consider. An attorney can review a contract before you sign it to help protect your interests. We can help take worry out of the equation when it comes to negotiating your lease.

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Real Estate Litigation

When it comes to issues between property investors and property developers, a real estate litigation lawyer can help with litigation between the different parties. Plenty of transactions go smoothly, but the fact is that problems can arise for countless reasons because of the complexities involved. Issues that our Leesburg real estate litigation lawyers can help you with include:

  • Enforcement of purchase and sale agreements
  • Real estate agent and broker disputes
  • Commercial lease disagreements
  • Adverse possession issues
  • Title matters
  • Easement rights
  • Survey disputes
  • Covenant issues
  • Zoning and variance problems
  • Matters of eminent domain
  • Foreclosure issues

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Other Real Estate Matters

Leesburg real estate litigation lawyers can also handle the following property matters:

Acquisition Financing

This refers to the capital that is obtained for the purpose of buying a business. It provides business owners with the immediate resources they need for the transaction.

1031 Exchanges for the Purchase of Real Estate

This is also called a tax-deferred exchange and refers to a transaction in which one property is sold and the money from that sale is immediately applied to the purchase of another property. The transaction is treated more like an exchange rather than a separate sale and purchase. There are considerable tax advantages with a 1031 exchange, but there are specific criteria that must be met if the transaction is to qualify as such.

Title Insurance Review

Title insurance is used in both residential and real estate transactions. It protects the buyers and lenders against loss or damage that might occur from liens, encumbrances, or defects in the title or actual ownership of a property.

Survey Review

Even if good title insurance is being purchased as part of a property transaction, a survey will reveal matters that are not covered by title insurance. A survey will cover the location of utilities, improvements, the relationship between adjoining landowners, and other non-recorded matters that are not disclosed in a title search. A survey will reveal discrepancies between the actual use of the land and the recorded legal description. It is a crucial part of any property purchase.

Do you have a real estate matter concerning residential or commercial leases, purchases, and sales, financing, land use, evictions, or lawsuits? Our Leesburg office may be able to help. We look forward to serving your real estate litigation needs. Get in touch with our Bogin, Munns & Munns office today at (352) 728-3773.

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