Leesburg Civil Litigation Lawyer

Leesburg Civil Litigation Lawyer
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When two parties want to deal with an issue, they might need the court’s assistance to resolve it for them. It might not necessarily be crime-related, but it can be a dispute between individuals or one person against a business.

If there is an issue with another party you want to settle here in Leesburg, consider consulting with our Leesburg civil litigation lawyer first. We can guide you on the laws and processes involved in going to court.

Civil Litigation Covers Many Areas of Law

Civil litigation has a wide range of practice areas, which means the applicable laws can vary with each dispute. Part of our civil litigation lawyer’s work is to study your situation in Leesburg and determine what statutes are relevant to your case. Here are some of the practice areas they can assist you with:

  • HOA Law: A homeowner who cannot resolve a dispute with a homeowners association (HOA) outside of court may need to file a lawsuit against the association with the assistance of a lawyer. Typical HOA disagreements include, among other reasons, noise complaints, property maintenance, and house modifications that violate the contract between both parties.
  • Family Law: Disputes such as divorces are generally handled in court, as they are responsible for dividing property, awarding spousal and child support, and determining who gets custody of a child. They can also handle matters involving child adoption.
  • Education Law: An education law civil dispute can involve problems where a school or university treats a student unfairly. For example, the student may have been expelled for an offense that would have normally resulted in a suspension.
  • Intellectual Property Disputes: Intellectual property (IP) is an intangible asset that governs the ownership and sale of intellectual or creative works. Examples of IPs include domain names, inventions, patents, and trademarks. IP conflicts occur when a business infringes on your intellectual property or sues you for infringing on theirs.

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Processes in Leesburg Civil Litigation Matters

Civil cases do not automatically lead to a trial when you file them. Instead, they go through several stages before court proceedings can begin. Let us look at the main steps involved in civil litigation here in Leesburg:

  • Pleadings: This is the starting point of a lawsuit where one party submits a complaint to the court. The other side then has to bring a defense or file a counterclaim.
  • Discovery: During the discovery phase, both parties investigate each other’s information on the case. It involves procuring documents and other evidence of the opposing side’s statements and questioning witnesses while under oath.
  • Motions: After gathering all the available information, the case can move forward to the motions phase. This is when the parties must narrow down which issues they want to address in the trial. Afterward, they can request a ruling from the court based on the discovered facts of the case.
  • Trial: This is when the case goes to court. A judge or jury will review the presented evidence before reaching a verdict.
  • Appeals: However, one party may not be satisfied with the civil litigation’s outcome. They could request the district appeals court to review the circuit court’s decision if this happens and change the ruling.

Due to the legal processes involved, it can take considerable time before the court settles the dispute. In any case, our Leesburg civil litigation lawyer can represent you throughout the entire process until the court reaches a verdict. They can also counsel you on what to say or do during the proceedings.

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Parties May Settle at Any Time

Not all civil disputes go on trial in Leesburg. So, if you and the other party are open to the idea, you can choose to resolve the matter any time before it reaches the trial stage.

One alternative for settling the dispute before proceeding to a trial is to go through arbitration first. In arbitration, the two sides can reach a binding agreement with an arbitrator’s help.

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Where to File Your Leesburg Civil Dispute

In Florida, the county circuit court typically handles civil litigation matters for disputes in the county under its jurisdiction. Since your problem occurred here in Leesburg, you can file the case with the Lake County Clerk of Courts.

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Statute of Limitations May Vary by the Case

Since civil litigation covers various practice areas, your Leesburg dispute may also have filing deadlines. For example, Florida Statute 1 § 95.11(1) states that an action on a judgment or decree of a court of record in this state must take place within 20 years. Waiting longer to take action could prevent a party from getting court-ordered relief. Meanwhile, The statute of limitations in Florida is five years for breach of contract (such as breaking your HOA covenants).

However, your Leesburg civil litigation dispute may also have tolling exceptions. These can suspend the statute clock for a certain amount of time. For example, if the party they want to sue is currently away from Florida, the timer will not start until they return to the state. The same applies if the other party is hiding or using a false name—the clock will resume once the authorities know their whereabouts and identity.

If your civil dispute has a statute of limitations, it would be best to start sooner than later. Missing your deadline could automatically get the case dismissed. Our Leesburg civil litigation attorney can check for these exceptions to determine how much time you have.

Our Civil Litigation Lawyers Are Here for You

If you have a dispute requiring civil litigation, you could talk first with our Leesburg civil litigation lawyer. We can guide you on what to do next and help you comply with filing requirements. The lawyer can also negotiate on your behalf in private settlements and be your court representative if it reaches that point.

The full-service law office of Bogin, Munns & Munns has worked with clients throughout Florida for over 40 years. From civil litigation to bankruptcy and criminal defense, we are ready to use our decades of legal experience and knowledge to help your case.

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