Leesburg Power of Attorney Lawyer

Leesburg Power of Attorney Lawyer
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You can create a power of attorney that transfers your legal authority to a trusted family member or loved one. Doing so is an involved and personal legal process. When you are ready to create this important legal designation, a Leesburg power of attorney lawyer from our team can help you understand and manage its legalities.

At Bogin, Munns & Munns, our legal team is on your side. We will listen to your choices for the immediate and distant future and help you record them in the appropriate legal form. Our familiarity with Florida law means we can take on complex cases and ensure compliance with the state.

What You Need to Know About Powers of Attorney in Leesburg

Assigning power of attorney (POA) to someone means you give them the legal ability to act on your behalf. Depending on the specific language of your POA, your “agent” will be able to make monetary or medical decisions for you (the “principal”). Their decision-making ability can vary widely in scope.

A POA is a complex and personal legal document that deserves careful consideration and planning. Our estate planning lawyers serving Leesburg can help with planning, drafting, and filing of powers of attorney.

Establishing a Power of Attorney

Assigning power of attorney can give your agent the ability to make end-of-life decisions based on your stated preferences. It can also give them control over your finances, property, and certain medical decisions while you are still alive. In most cases, the POA becomes active when you are medically or mentally unable to make decisions on your own.

To establish a POA in Florida, you should understand the specifics of state law and ensure your final document is notarized and witnessed. When you trust our law firm with your case, we’ll ensure all legal parameters are met and your document is valid.

Modifying or Changing a Power of Attorney

You may have a power of attorney that requires changes or modifications. This can happen if you initially named your spouse as your agent, but you have since separated. It can also happen if the named individual passes away or you have simply identified a different personal preference.

Whatever the case, your Leesburg power of attorney lawyer can help you amend your POA. The changes we help you make can ensure your specific and ongoing needs are met. An amendment can also ensure your preferences are updated as your needs change.

How Your Power of Attorney Affects Your Estate Plan

In some cases, creating one or more powers of attorney is part of a larger estate plan. This comprehensive document has many benefits, including:

  • Making important provisions in the event you become incapacitated
  • Making crucial designations for minor or disabled children
  • Allowing you to transfer property and avoid tax liabilities for your family
  • Avoiding family squabbles and misunderstandings

You do not have to take on the challenge of estate planning or creating powers of attorney on your own. A Leesburg attorney from our firm can help you create a suite of documents that plan for your future and provide direction for your family upon your incapacitation or death.

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Choose the Appropriate Power of Attorney

You may know you need a power of attorney and still be uncertain about what it can do and what kind you need. When a power of attorney lawyer representing Leesburg handles your case, they will start by having a frank and open conversation with you.

We’ll aim to understand your personal and property needs and goals and work hard to ensure you understand powers of attorney and their legal requirements. At Bogin, Munns & Munns, we can explain each type of power of attorney and what it can help you accomplish.


According to Investopedia, a financial power of attorney could give your agent the ability to manage most, if not all, of your financial matters. They will be able to sign checks, manage income and bank accounts, and even change certain beneficiaries on your behalf. This document is powerful.

A financial power of attorney can be:

  • General, allowing the named agent to act on your behalf in most financial matters; a general POA automatically expires when the principal becomes incapacitated or dies
  • Limited, allowing the named agent to make financial decisions under specific circumstances, such as for a set time period or only regarding certain financial accounts
  • Durable, allowing the named agent to make decisions on your behalf; a durable POA remains in effect if the principal become incapacitated

Part of our legal service is listening to you. We’ll also explain how the powers of attorney you create will affect you now and in the future.


The individual you name as your healthcare agent will be able to make medical decisions on your behalf. Its powers typically become available to the named party when you can no longer make decisions about your medical care (e.g., if you are in a coma).

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Client Reviews and Recommendations for Our Leesburg Attorneys at Bogin, Munns & Munns

When we manage your case, we’ll help you draft a power of attorney that meets your specific needs. Of our client-focused law firm, previous clients say:

  • Cyndi English: “I would recommend this law firm to anyone. They are friendly, professional, and truly work for your best interest. I felt very comfortable with them right from the start and felt like I could trust them.”
  • Linda Guerrero: “I called Bogin, Munns & Munns and they were so sweet and very professional!! Definitely a 5-star law firm.”

Creating a power of attorney or estate plan requires focused, personalized legal guidance. Your Leesburg power of attorney lawyer will ensure your needs and preference are met.

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Get Help With Your Power of Attorney in Leesburg

A power of attorney can give someone else the right to make important decisions on your behalf. Its decision-making abilities mean you should consider your choices carefully and ensure your power of attorney complies with all legal parameters in Florida.

Start putting your affairs in order and assign power of attorney to individuals you trust to make decisions for you. Get a Leesburg power of attorney lawyer on your side by contacting our team at Bogin, Munns & Munns today.

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