Gainesville Civil Litigation Lawyer

Gainesville Civil Litigation Lawyer
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Civil disputes take many forms and may go to court. When a civil dispute ends up in a court setting, you need a civil litigation lawyer to represent you. 

Bogin, Munns & Munns can provide a Gainesville civil litigation lawyer for your case. Our team will fight hard for the resolution that you seek.

What Is Civil Litigation?

Civil litigation refers to a dispute that isn’t criminal in nature but falls within the legal arena. A civil dispute typically involves some form of damage, including but not limited to financial harm.

In civil litigation, two or more parties are seeking an outcome. For the plaintiff, that outcome is generally monetary awards. For the plaintiff, the best outcome may be the dismissal of the case. In some cases, like child custody cases, the outcome does not revolve around money.

Civil litigation is a broad term that encompasses many specific case types.

What Types of Cases Involve Civil Litigation?

Cases that may involve civil litigation include:

  • Disputes between business partners, or an individual and a business
  • Breaches of contract
  • Equitable claims
  • Personal injury cases, including car accident cases, premises liability cases, truck accident cases, and negligent security cases
  • Property disputes
  • Permitting, zoning, and licensing issues
  • Divorce and Family Law cases
  • Child custody cases
  • Civil appeals

Why Hire a Gainesville Civil Litigation Lawyer?

You may benefit from a civil litigation lawyer if you’re dealing with any civil issue. Florida courts can be complex, and your case may have its own complications. Having a lawyer oversee your case will provide several benefits.

By hiring a civil litigation lawyer from Bogin, Munns & Munns, you can:

  • Spare yourself from additional stress and worry: Our firm will lead your case. You don’t have to worry about filing deadlines or other concerns—we’ll handle it. We’ll provide you with regular updates.
  • The benefit of our firm’s resources: We offer experts, paralegal services, and financial resources, as well as other benefits to our clients. If we handle your civil litigation, you’ll get access to all of these resources.
  • Focus on your recovery: Our clients who are recovering from an injury value our attorneys’ training and experience. Even if you’re capable of completing litigation on your own, our legal team can handle the legal work while you rest and recover from your injuries. 
  • Protect your rights: A lawyer from our firm can protect you from anyone who might violate your rights.

If you’re facing any sort of civil dispute, we can help. A Gainesville civil litigation lawyer from Bogin, Munns & Munns will guide your case through court. 

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We Handle Every Stage of Civil Litigation

The term “litigation” generally means the process of taking legal action. Your case may be headed for, or has already arrived at, the court stage. You will need a lawyer who knows the litigation process, including:

Evaluation of Your Case

Before litigation unfolds, our team will conduct a full investigation of your case. We may gather relevant facts, obtain useful evidence, speak with witnesses, and establish liability. Once we identify liable parties, we will take formal action against those parties.

Filing of Your Complaint

We’ll take formal action against liable parties by filing a complaint. The complaint will explain how you’ve been wronged and who is responsible. 

Drafting of Pleadings and Motions

We will file any necessary motions before litigation begins. We may seek to amend documents, have evidence included (or excluded), and achieve other goals. Pleadings and motions allow us to do this. We may also file motions and pleadings throughout your court proceedings.

Completing Discovery

A crucial step in any civil case, discovery allows us to review certain evidence or information in the defense’s possession. If you are the defendant in a case, we may review information in the plaintiff’s possession.

During discovery, we may:

  • File written questions, known as interrogatories, that the other side must answer
  • Examine evidence 
  • Submit evidence
  • Submit written expert testimony
  • Request access to certain documents 
  • Contest any evidence or information that should not be included in your trial

Finalizing Your Case Pre-Trial

There may be a window between discovery and the start of your trial. We’ll take full advantage of this period. We will prepare you for a trial setting. We will go over important aspects of your case. Our team will ensure that we have all documents, evidence, and testimony in place. 

Completing Your Trial

By the time the trial comes, we’ll have already completed several preliminary steps. Still, the trial itself remains critical. During your trial, we may:

  • Present an opening argument to a judge, jury, or both
  • Present witnesses who support your account of events
  • Question any witnesses presented by your opponent
  • Present and critique evidence
  • Present a closing argument

Your trial may not necessarily run its full course. If we come to a suitable agreement with your opponent during your trial, then we settle. Still, we are wholly prepared for your trial to go to completion.

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Why Choose Bogin, Munns & Munns as Your Civil Litigation Lawyers?

Bogin, Munns & Munns have served the needs of Central Floridians for more than 40 years. Many of our cases have gone to trial. Civil litigation is, undoubtedly, an area that we focus intently on. We have the resources and wherewithal to litigate your case effectively.

With Bogin, Munns & Munns, you get:

  • The efforts of a dedicated legal and paralegal staff
  • Attorneys who understand the difficulties of civil litigation
  • Prompt responses to your phone calls and emails
  • Honesty and integrity at every turn of your case

We believe that each client deserves stellar representation—we aim to provide it.

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