Leesburg Insurance Litigation Lawyer

Leesburg Insurance Litigation Lawyer
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If you or a family member in Leesburg suffered injuries or sustained property damage, you could be entitled to financial compensation from the insurance company representing the at-fault party. In some cases, you might be entitled to compensation from your insurance provider. Unfortunately, getting the compensation you are due can be complex and might even require going to court. An insurance litigation lawyer can help.

Sometimes, insurance companies are reluctant to compensate injured clients or pay them fairly. In other cases, bad faith insurance practices thrust the insurer and claimant into difficult negotiations. At Bogin, Munns & Munns, our Leesburg litigation law lawyer will help you build a strong evidence file and negotiate on your behalf. Our goal is to obtain the financial recovery you deserve.

Our Insurance Litigation Firm Will Build Your Leesburg Case for Compensation

Few insurance claims need to go to court. If yours does, we will not hesitate to represent you throughout the court process. We will conduct a thorough and strategic investigation to prepare your case for litigation. Our investigative efforts will focus on the details of your specific case.

To bolster and support your insurance request, our legal team will:

  • Obtain and review relevant insurance policies
  • Document negligence and liability in your case
  • Review and submit (or resubmit) insurance claim forms
  • Handle case-related legal and insurance communications
  • Identify and protect you from bad-faith insurance practices 

No aspect of building your case will escape our attention. We will leave no stone unturned in pursuing the financial recovery you are entitled to receive. We will also treat you like a person entitled to compensation, not a case file, and answer any questions you may have

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Insurance Companies Our Leesburg Lawyers Litigate Against

You could find yourself in need of an insurance litigation attorney for several reasons. An accidental injury could entitle you to recover damages from the at-fault party or their insurance company. Similarly, a natural disaster or another event that damaged your Leesburg residential or commercial property could entitle you to recover losses from your insurance policy.

Depending on the nature of your case, we will litigate against:

  • Auto insurance agencies
  • Homeowners insurance agencies
  • Commercial insurance agencies
  • Corporate insurance agencies
  • Agencies offering various other types of insurance

Each insurance provider must honor the contracts they issue. Our insurance litigation team will work to ensure an insurance company obeys the law, honors its contract, and pays you fairly.

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Our Lawyers Assist Clients in All Stages of the Insurance Process

Some clients approach our firm because the insurance company has:

  • Denied their claim
  • Refused to recognize certain covered losses
  • Offered a lowball settlement offer and refused to negotiate in good faith
  • Engaged in other bad-faith tactics

These clients may be on the cusp of litigation or already at a point where litigation is necessary. Other clients come to us earlier in the process, seeking assistance to avoid litigation. Our legal team in Leesburg will seek your financial recovery, regardless of where in the claims process you stand.

Our Leesburg personal injury lawyers can take civil action on your behalf if necessary. With more than 40 attorneys on staff and over 40 years of legal experience, the Bogin, Munns & Munns team will form a strategy based on your unique circumstances.

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The Timing of Your Insurance Litigation Case Matters

In most cases, a claim someone files with an insurer settles without going to court. In some cases, though, the insurer does not offer a fair settlement. To protect your right to go to court if you cannot reach a financial settlement agreement, you must file your potential lawsuit by Florida’s statute of limitations.

You generally have: 

  • Up to five years to file a bad faith insurance claim, according to Florida Statutes § 95.11 (2)(b).
  • Up to two years to file a personal injury lawsuit, according to Florida Statutes § 95.11(4)(a).
  • Up to two years to file a wrongful death lawsuit, according to Florida Statutes § 95.11(4)(e).

Left to your own, it can be easy to misinterpret the relevant filing deadline. The length and difficulty of settlement negotiations might also cause you to lose track of the filing deadline. To ensure your case continues if negotiations break down, our legal team will ensure the statute of limitations and other notification deadlines are active.

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Bogin, Munns & Munns Will Protect You from Bad Faith Insurance Practices

Our insurance litigation lawyers understand Florida insurance law. We also understand how it applies to your rights, the insurance company’s responsibilities, and what constitutes bad faith.

We will respond appropriately to an insurer:

  • Delaying your claim
  • Failing to respond to communication
  • Denying your claim without valid cause
  • Misrepresenting policy limits
  • Failing to disclose the reason for denials

Florida Statutes § 624.155 protects you from bad faith insurance acts in third-party cases and cases involving your insurance company. Our law firm will gather evidence and build a case that proves your right to recovery and establishes your case’s value.

We will not stop fighting for you throughout the settlement negotiation process or court proceedings. Additionally, we will work to ensure you can recover damages from the appropriate insurance company. Our litigation-focused legal team in Leesburg will take the claims process off your hands, which may be a great relief.

Do Not Underestimate Insurance Companies

In an ideal world, insurance companies would use their resources to pay claims fairly, not fight claimants. However, insurance companies are too often concerned with paying as little as possible to improve their financial standing.

Insurance companies have experience, legal teams, and substantial resources to litigate your claim. Don’t underestimate the risk of handling your own claim. Have a Leesburg-based legal team of your own to fight for a fair settlement or verdict.

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If you or someone you love is struggling to recover damages from an insurance company, a Leesburg insurance litigation lawyer from Bogin, Munns & Munns can help. We will build your case and represent you in court to help you fight for financial compensation. If necessary, we will take legal action against an insurer who acts in bad faith.

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