Orange City Insurance Litigation Lawyer

Orange City Insurance Litigation Lawyer
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It’s frustrating to pay insurance premiums for years only for an insurer to deny you a payout or propose a low settlement when you finally make a claim. This is a familiar tale and why too many policyholders turn to insurance laws to recover their due.

The Orange City insurance litigation lawyers at Bogin, Munns & Munns can dissect your insurance policy to confirm where responsibility and fault lie in an insurance dispute. We can lead your compensation case against an insurer. You can review your legal options and learn more about how our Orange City litigation and trial lawyer can guide you through the insurance legal process.

When Insurance Disputes Arise in Orange City, FL, Our Attorneys Can Help

Misunderstandings or an information request from the part of an insurance adjuster or policyholder can put a hiccup in the road to resolving an insurance claim. But sometimes, it’s the actions of bad faith actors, those who are intentionally dishonest in their dealings with policyholders, that prevent many from receiving the help they paid for through their premiums for property damages and other losses. 

If you are in this situation, you can talk to a legal professional at our firm’s Orange City office. It is important to understand your insurance coverage and that you provided accurate information to the company when you applied. We can review your policy and explain any unclear terms or language.

The following are common reasons for disputes over insurance claims:

  • The insurance company needs more information before deciding whether to approve a claim. 
  • The policyholder doesn’t have the information the insurance company needs or doesn’t have the correct submission forms. 
  • The insurance company interprets the policy to mean your loss is not covered.
  • Your policy lapsed, or the insurer says it lapsed.
  • The policyholder did not submit the claim on time.
  • The insurer disagrees with your healthcare provider’s treatment recommendation and will not cover it.
  • The insurance company denies your claim with no explanation.
  • The insurance company refuses to negotiate a compensation settlement. 
  • The insurance company delays the policyholder’s payment.

Insurance companies aim to make a profit. Delaying payouts or denying claims by hiding behind a policy’s small print or loosely interpreting the policy language helps them meet their goals.

While waiting for the insurer to accept and pay your claim, expenses, suffering, and stress can build up. But there’s no need to wait until an insurance provider falls short of paying your claim or denying it outright. Working with our insurance coverage attorneys in Orange City can make this period more manageable and help you determine the next steps.  

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Our Orange City Insurance Litigation Lawyers Will Work to Resolve Your Insurance Dispute

Our insurance litigation attorneys will not tolerate unlawful actions by insurance companies in Orange City. If we can prove bad faith practices led to the delay or denial of your claim, moving forward with a lawsuit against the insurance company could be the next step.

Before filing a lawsuit, it is worth reviewing an insurance company’s and yourself’s actions in case a simple, fixable error occurs. Our attorneys will work to resolve your case quickly if all parties agree to a resolution that fixes the mistake. It is important to note that Florida insurance law requires you to give insurers at least 60 days to resolve the matter before pursuing a civil lawsuit.

Our insurance litigation attorneys will work with you in each phase of the following:

Status of Your Orange City, FL, Insurance Claim

We ask the insurance company to explain in writing why it decided to deny your claim. This includes addressing why it undervalued your settlement offer or delayed its decision or payout. Our next steps could depend on their response.

Collect Evidence and Move Toward Insurance Litigation

If your claim has been denied, we will collect evidence for an appeal, such as original receipts, video and still pictures of damages, police and medical reports, and other appropriate documentation about your loss. 

If your appeal is denied after following the appeal procedures as outlined by your insurance company and our evidence indicates your insurance company has acted in bad faith per Florida Statutes § 624.155, we may recommend pursuing a civil action against the insurance company. 

The same holds if the evidence and documentation we present fail to change the insurance provider’s valuation of your settlement offer or prompt them to move faster on their decision-making or promised payout.

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Bogin, Munns & Munns Handles Insurance Litigation in Orange City, Florida

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