Orange City Premises Liability Lawyer

Orange City Premises Liability Lawyer
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When you visit a friend or neighbor’s home, you expect that you will be able to do so safely. You should be able to anticipate that the property will be free from broken stairs or other issues that could leave you with an injury.

The same rules apply when you visit a business. The property of the business needs to be free of boxes in the aisles or shelving that is not attached to the wall properly, possibly leading to an accident for you that leaves you needing emergency medical care.

Finding Help with Your Case

If you visited someone’s property, encountered an unsafe situation, and ended up with injuries that should not have occurred, you have the right to seek compensation for your suffering, pain, and medical bills.

An Orange City premises liability lawyer can help you with your case. We will study the facts of your accident, determining just how the property owner’s negligence led to your injuries. Call Bogin, Munns & Munns today at (386) 860-5200 today for a free consultation with a team member.

Types of Accidents That Could Involve Premises Liability

If you suffered an accident while spending time on the property of a homeowner or a business owner, you may be unsure whether you have the ability to file a personal injury claim or lawsuit.

It may help to understand the situations where these accidents most commonly occur, including:

  • Wet floors
  • Broken sidewalks
  • Dog bites
  • Steps or walkways left uncleared of debris
  • Broken railings on steps
  • Broken fences
  • Inadequate security for an event
  • Chemical spills that lead to burns or exposure
  • Items that are too hot to touch
  • Broken amusement park rides
  • Assault from an employee
  • Dangerous electrical wiring
  • Unsecured pool areas or slippery flooring near pools

Four Elements You Must Prove

If you suffered an injury that could fit under a premises liability claim, you need to prove that four aspects are present in your case, including:

  • The property owner owed you a level of safety and care while on the property.
  • The property owner did not maintain the property’s safety.
  • You suffered an injury because of the unsafe conditions.
  • You suffered financial losses because of your injuries.

You and your Orange City premises liability lawyer will need to use the facts in the case to show that you deserve to seek a settlement. We will work to counteract the techniques insurance companies use to try to reduce the settlement amount you could seek.

For help with your case, contact a team member from Bogin, Munns & Munns at (386) 860-5200 for a free consultation.

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How an Attorney Can Help with Your Case

After suffering an injury while visiting someone else’s property, you may be unsure whether you should file a personal injury claim. If you suffered an injury that led to costly medical bills, missed time at work, or ongoing health problems, you can consider filing a claim.

Should you choose to hire us to represent you in your case, there are a number of ways we can help you seek the settlement you deserve.

Proving That You Deserve an Award

If the insurance company representing the property owner is disputing the facts in the case as you see them, your lawyer can argue on your behalf.

In some cases, an insurance company may ask you to accept a smaller settlement than you believe you deserve. By hiring your own attorney, you will have an advocate on your side.

We will study what happened in the case, showing that the property owner did not repair or address the dangerous situation in a reasonable amount of time—and that this situation led directly to your injuries. We can interview witnesses, study photographs of the scene, and discuss the case with your doctor to prove what happened and how it affected you.

Representing You at Every Step

Your attorney will represent you throughout the progression of the case, working to help you pursue the fairest possible settlement amount.

We will take over negotiations with the insurance company, giving you more time to heal and focus on more important things after your accident.

Should the insurer refuse to come to a fair settlement during negotiations, we will stand by your side during a court case.

Determining a Fair Settlement Amount

If your injuries are serious enough to force you to miss work for a long time or to require you to have ongoing medical costs, you may have the ability to seek a larger compensation amount than for minor injuries.

We will help you determine just what kind of financial future you are facing because of your injuries, requesting a settlement that takes this into account.

We Work on a Contingency-Fee Basis

When you are unable to work after your accident, you may be nervous about trying to find the money to hire a lawyer to represent your interests.

That is one reason why we work on a contingency-fee basis, which means you do not pay any money upfront to hire us. Instead of charging our clients in personal injury cases by the hour, like some attorneys, our fees will come as a percentage of the final settlement.

If we cannot help you secure a financial settlement, we do not receive any payment.

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Premises Liability Cases Can Be Complex

In premises liability cases, there are several elements that must be demonstrated to prove that a property owner was liable for your injuries. You must show that the property owner knew about the dangerous situation that led to your injuries and that he or she had ample time to fix the situation, according to Florida Statutes § 768.0755. It can be tricky to show that you deserve to seek compensation.

That is where the team at Bogin, Munns & Munns can help. We will study the facts in the case to show that you suffered injuries on the other person’s property and that you deserve to pursue compensation.

In Florida, you have a limited amount of time to file a lawsuit in a personal injury case. According to Florida Statutes § 95.11, you have up to four years to begin the process. We recommend getting started with your case as soon as possible.

As an Orange City premises liability lawyer, we have seen how devastating cases like these can be for victims as they try to recover from their injuries. For a free review of your case, contact a team member from Bogin, Munns & Munns at (386) 860-5200 as soon as possible.

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