Titusville Insurance Litigation Lawyer

Titusville Insurance Litigation Lawyer
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When insurance companies in Central Florida do not handle claims as they should, policyholders in Titusville can turn to a lawyer to fight for their financial recovery. If you’ve received an unjust claim denial, experienced delays, or have other challenges obtaining a fair insurance settlement, a litigation and trial attorney from Bogin, Munns & Munns can work on your behalf to resolve the claims process.

We have taken on many challenging claims and always strive to obtain the compensation our client deserves. A Titusville insurance litigation lawyer from our team can represent you, taking your case against insurers to trial if necessary.

How It Could Help You to Hire a Titusville Insurance Litigation Lawyer From Our Team

You can turn to an insurance litigation attorney to handle your dispute if:

  1. You intend to collect fair compensation from an insurance claim.
  2. You are having difficulty obtaining your deserved compensation.

Sometimes, our clients need clarification on how much compensation they can recover. Others do not have the time, energy, or knowledge base to lead a claim. Our insurance law team serving Titusville helps any client seeking compensation from an insurer. 

Some of the specific issues that lead clients to hire Bogin, Munns & Munns include:

  • Claim denials: If you believe you have a valid claim, but an insurer denies your claim, our firm will take over the claims process. We will determine why the insurer denied your claim, take steps to address that reason (or reasons), and submit an amended claim on your behalf.
  • Claim delays: If an insurer has not processed your claim promptly or offered a settlement in a reasonable timeframe, we can press the insurer to act. The insurer should know that Bogin, Munns & Munns will take legal action if necessary, which may motivate them to resolve your claim urgently.
  • Lowball settlement offers: Insurance companies sometimes offer policyholders lowball settlements. The hope is that they will accept the offer (perhaps because they are in challenging financial circumstances), freeing the insurer from further financial liability. If an insurer refuses to negotiate in good faith once it has offered a settlement that falls short of the claim’s worth, you can call in our team to lead negotiations.
  • Other bad faith practices by insurers: If you face any other difficulties as you pursue an insurance-related payment, our insurance law attorneys in Titusville will relieve you of your challenging claim. Let us take the lead while you focus on other responsibilities. 

Florida Statutes § 624.155 requires insurers to handle claims in good faith. If an insurance provider hasn’t handled your claim ethically, it may be liable for the insurance compensation you deserve and the additional harm its bad faith tactics have caused.

A consultation with us allows you to receive a claim assessment, and you have no obligation to hire our firm once you complete your consultation.

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What Qualifies Bogin, Munns & Munns to Handle My Insurance Litigation?

Our firm provides many reasons to hire our team in Titusville, including:

  • Our physical presence in Titusville: Bogin, Munns & Munns has opened offices throughout Florida, which ensures we can provide in-person representation to our clients. Our Titusville, FL, office will be the headquarters for your insurance litigation.
  • Our 40-plus years of insurance litigation experience: Our Central Florida law firm opened in 1979, and insurance litigation has been an important practice area from day one. Four-plus decades of insurance litigation experience is priceless and will allow us to lead your claim with confidence. 
  • Our commitment to client service: Our team works together to provide clients with a memorable experience. We offer our clients frequent communication, respect and compassion, and general commitment to your satisfaction.
  • Our financial support: Our contingency fee structure aims to make legal representation available to all who want it. You won’t pay us any upfront or out-of-pocket compensation. If we are to receive a fee, we must secure compensation for you.

Service is in our firm’s DNA. We deal fearlessly with insurance companies that give their policyholders the runaround, and we always want to win for the clients we represent. 

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What Is the Goal of Insurance Litigation in Titusville?

We will assess your insurance coverage and your case’s unique details as we determine:

  • How much compensation you deserve for your initial claim for property damage and other losses
  • Whether the insurance company’s bad faith tactics have caused you additional monetary damages
  • How much total compensation you can recover

If the insurance company has made you suffer additional financial losses, mental health problems, court fees, or other harm, we can include these compensatory damages in your case for compensation. 

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How Our Titusville Insurance Litigation Attorney Can Seek Financial Recovery for You

We create tailor-made strategies for each of our clients, and your case will be no different. Our insurance litigation team in Titusville will:

  • Obtain all existing evidence related to your insurance claim
  • Secure any new evidence that could benefit your compensation case
  • Document the losses you’re seeking compensation for
  • Calculate the cost of your covered losses (and any damages the insurer’s bad-faith tactics have caused)
  • Respond to any reasons an insurer has given for denying your claim
  • Provide any documentation the insurer requests from you
  • Engage in litigation with the insurer, which may be necessary if it refuses to offer a fair settlement

You could have several paths to obtaining compensation. We will first pursue a fair insurance settlement but can prepare your case for trial if appropriate.

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You can call us as soon as you have an issue with your insurance claim in Titusville. Do not wait to speak with our team, as your insurance lawyer may have a limited time to litigate your claim. 

If we must file your lawsuit, we could face a strict deadline for doing so. The sooner you retain our Titusville insurance litigation lawyer, the sooner we can begin fighting for your financial recovery. Call Bogin, Munns & Munns today to complete your free consultation.

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