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Titusville Motorcycle Accident Lawyers
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If you were the victim of a Titusville, Florida, motorcycle accident and suffered injuries, you may be able to build a case to hold the driver who hit you responsible for your expenses and losses. A Titusville motorcycle accident lawyer may be able to help you at no out-of-pocket cost to you. We only get paid after we secure your settlement.

At Bogin, Munns & Munns, we offer free case reviews for Central Florida motorcycle accident victims. Call our office at (321) 567-5470 today to speak to a member of our legal team about your accident case during a complimentary consultation.

Motorcycle Accidents Lead to Serious Personal Injuries and Fatalities

Victims of motorcycle crashes in Brevard County, whether in Titusville or elsewhere along the Space Coast, are at risk of suffering devastating, catastrophic personal injuries. Because of the lack of structure for protection around a motorcyclist, they are at a much greater risk of serious injury or death in an accident than someone driving a car.

This is one reason why the complex car insurance and liability laws explained by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) do not apply to motorcyclists.

Under Florida Statute 324.021, motorcyclists do not have to purchase personal injury protection policies. Instead, they can pursue fault-based claims regardless of the nature and severity of their accident injuries, so long as they can prove the other driver’s negligence caused the accident.

If you were riding your motorcycle and another driver caused your accident and injuries, you can pursue a case against them if they caused your accident by:

  • Violating any traffic law
  • Failing to yield to you when required in an intersection
  • Changing lanes improperly
  • Following too closely
  • Failing to stop when necessary
  • Drunk or impaired driving
  • Drowsy or fatigued driving
  • Distracted driving
  • Other careless or reckless acts

Our full-service law firm has a motorcycle accident attorney who may be able to investigate your accident and represent you through the claims process. We can handle any type of personal injury case, including motorcycle accidents. We also pursue wrongful death damages for families as allowed under Florida Statutes 768.21.

Reach out to a Titusville motorcycle accident lawyer today. A member of our legal team can talk to you about your accident and personal injuries today. Call (321) 567-5470 to learn more about right to pursue compensation.

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Our Florida Attorneys will Protect Your Rights

Since 1979, we have protected the rights of accident victims throughout Central Florida. We have 13 offices, including our Titusville law office. We can assist motorcycle accident victims with their personal injury cases, taking steps that include:

  • Reviewing their case to determine if it has merit to proceed.
  • Determining the liable party or parties.
  • Identifying the insurance coverage that exists.
  • Learning what caused your accident and documenting it with help from accident reconstruction experts, if necessary.
  • Obtaining your relevant medical records and learning more about your injuries.
  • Working with experts to help prove your case.
  • Calculating a fair settlement value and documenting your losses.

You can count on our team to handle your entire investigation and insurance claims process, including determining a fair settlement range and negotiating an agreement within that range. This is how we recover compensation for most of our clients. However, sometimes we do have to file a personal injury lawsuit and possibly take the case to trial if the insurer refuses to cooperate.

We can explain more about our experience in handling these types of cases, the process, and our pricing structure during your case consultation. Contact us today to learn more.

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Pursuing Compensation for Injuries Suffered in a Motorcycle Accident

We do not consider a case successful until we have accomplished two things:

  • Holding the at-fault or liable party accountable for the damages you suffered.
  • Recovering compensation for you to cover those damages.

We will gather evidence to support your claim that the other driver caused your motorcycle crash, presenting that evidence to the liable party’s insurance carrier and demanding a fair payout. If this is ineffective, one of our trial lawyers will file the paperwork for a motorcycle accident lawsuit, and we will go to court and present the evidence to a judge and jury.

Recoverable damages in a motorcycle accident could include:

  • Medical treatment and any related expenses
  • Lost income and any related benefits
  • Reduced earning potential
  • Property damages, including your motorcycle, helmet, and other gear
  • Expenses paid out of pocket, with receipts
  • Pain and suffering and other non-economic
  • Wrongful death damages

Generally, traffic accident victims in Florida have two years to bring a personal injury lawsuit to court. If you try to file after the statute of limitations expires, you could lose the right to hold the driver accountable. We encourage you or a family member to contact Bogin, Munns & Munns as soon as possible to discuss how much time you have left to file.

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A Titusville motorcycle accident lawyer may be able to go to work on your investigation and gather evidence to prove your case today. You do not want to wait too long to call. Evidence could get lost or disappear, or you could lose the right to take legal action.

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