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When an insurance company you pay to protect you acts in bad faith, meaning it doesn’t follow the policy’s rules or deliberately mishandles your claim, you have the right to pursue legal help to resolve the dispute and hold the insurance company accountable.

A Daytona Beach insurance litigation lawyer at Bogin, Munns & Munns can evaluate your case to determine if an honest mistake or a deliberate or negligent action your insurance company made is preventing your property damage claim from progressing. Our litigation and trial lawyers in Daytona Beach will work on your behalf to cover your damages.

Our  Insurance Litigation Lawyers Can Review Your Daytona Beach Claim and Lead Your Case

Insurance provides peace of mind in your personal and professional lives. Or it’s supposed to. We know it is nearly unbearable when you find yourself scrambling for money to cover the unexpected expenses of an accident after paying thousands of dollars to an insurance company just for this purpose.

Our law firm has served Daytona Beach and the communities in Central Florida since 1979 with respect, dignity, and fairness. We practice in all areas of law, allowing our clients to find their legal home in one place—Bogin, Munns & Munns—where they find comprehensive and professional legal representation.

With over 40 attorneys and a dedicated team with years of legal experience, you can reach out to us to find an insurance litigation lawyer in our Daytona Beach office who can talk with you and review your legal options. Hiring legal representation could help you avoid an unpaid or underpaid insurance claim.

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We Can Help With Any Legal Issues That Arise With Insurance Claims in Daytona Beach, FL

The idea of insurance seems simple enough. You make a claim because of damage sustained in a car accident or home repair gone bad, and the insurance company gives you the money to repair or replace property or mend a broken bone. 

As a business, your insurance company protects you against liability in a natural disaster, such as a hurricane in Florida, or other claim types, paying the policy’s cap when circumstances indicate such a payout is appropriate.

Honest mistakes can gum up the process. It takes time to find the error and fix it. Convincing individuals that they are responsible for the error and fixing it may also cause delays. Mistakes can happen for any reason, such as:

  • The policyholder fails to keep premium payments current or lets the policy lapse.
  • The adjuster bases payout on insufficient data.
  • The claim was filed past the deadline.
  • The claim is based on improper coding.

A Daytona Beach insurance company may act in bad faith because that is the company’s culture, or it could be a case of one or more employees or contractors choosing to behave dishonestly. A conversation or correspondence typically fixes a bad faith action but usually requires a strong legal response. The following are examples of bad faith actions by insurance companies and their employees:

  • Knowingly offering less for your Daytona Beach insurance claim than it is worth.
  • Denying your claim without explanation.
  • Slowing response times or delaying actions to get you to settle for less. 
  • Performing a sloppy investigation of the incident or accident.
  • Misinforming you about your insurance policy’s coverage.
  • Ignoring the insurance company’s responsibilities as the policy outlines.

In the spring of 2023, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed the Insurer Accountability Act into law, which took effect on July 1, 2023. After years of Florida legislators passing laws to protect insurers, Senate Bill 7052 offers more protections for Florida’s insured and some oversight of insurance companies.

Key points of the new law include:

  • Insurance companies should not change adjusters’ estimates without identifying who made the changes and why.
  • Insurance companies should keep and show every step of their process, including changes they make for review by regulators.
  • Insurance companies that are financially weak or unable to pay their debts should not sign up new policyholders.
  • The Office of Insurance Regulation and the Department of Financial Services should be able to prove throughout the year that they are implementing the regulations and laws.

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How Our Firm’s Daytona Beach Insurance Litigation Attorneys Can Help You Seek Justice

Disputes between policyholders and insurance companies can crop up in any type of claim. Insurance litigation may be required when insurers offering the following coverage employ dishonest means to enrich their business:

  • Health
  • Auto
  • Business liability
  • Commercial
  • Real estate
  • Life
  • Residential
  • Hurricane
  • Flooding

This short, incomplete list reflects the types of coverage where bad faith actions can prevent you as the policyholder from recovering full and fair compensation for your losses or can fail to protect you from liability claims.

Our insurance law attorneys serving residents in Daytona Beach will take legal action on your behalf to find a resolution for your case. Each case is different, but we can do the following during the legal process:

  • Examine your insurance policy’s language for specific restrictions and coverage, highlighting vague sections that are open to interpretation.
  • Compare the policy’s underwriting process with others for exaggerated risks or costs.
  • Investigate the insurance provider’s handling of your claim.
  • Gather evidence supporting the actions of a bad faith claim.
  • Exchange information with the insurance company through discovery.
  • Negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf. 
  • Prepare for trial and represent you in court if negotiations fail.

These cases are almost always settled before trial as it benefits all parties to avoid the cost and length of a court case. However, our Daytona Beach insurance law attorneys always construct a case to go to trial while doing everything possible for a favorable outcome in your coverage dispute, whether it involves residential or commercial property.

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We have spent decades in Florida’s courts fighting to right the wrongs bad faith actors commit and will fiercely advocate for the compensation judgment you deserve.

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