Orange City Probate Litigation Lawyer

Orange City Probate Litigation Lawyer
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Losing a family member is always difficult. Dealing with probate court only adds to the devastation. At Bogin, Munns & Munns, our Orange City probate litigation lawyer can help your family navigate this complex legal system. Whether you need help administrating a will or navigating probate court because a will was not properly in place, our law firm is on your side.

Understanding a loved one’s will and respecting their final wishes is critical. We can also help you create your own will or an entire estate plan. We can also help you draft your will, contest a will you have concerns about, or otherwise settle the types of end-of-life decisions that require probate litigation. 

The Benefits of Turning to a Probate Litigation Lawyer

Probate litigation is a complex and emotionally charged area of the law. In essence, a probate litigation lawyer is necessary when contesting a will or trust. For example, you may have concerns about a loved one’s state of mind at the time their will was drafted. You may also need litigation to ensure a loved one’s will is upheld. 

Litigation can throw a family into turmoil immediately after the loss of one of its members. You do not have to fight through these legal difficulties on your own. Our law firm can:

  • Help protect the executor of a will from personal liability 
  • Explain all required deadlines and ensure compliance
  • Ensure creditors are appropriately compensated
  • Explain available options depending on your specific concern
  • Clarify the state’s legal parameters for contesting a will

Our legal support can help clarify potentially contentious areas of the law. Our goal when representing you is to help your family honor the wishes of your loved one. 

Know When Probate Litigation Is Necessary

In Florida, the probate court can be avoided when assets are placed in trust. Unfortunately, this does not always happen. Our probate lawyer can help you create trust documents to protect your assets. In certain other situations, probate litigation cannot be avoided.

Our law firm can help you or your family navigate probate litigation in the following situations:

  • Contesting a will or fighting to uphold a will
  • Guardianship of minor or disabled adult children
  • Questioning the distribution of real property 

Some circumstances that might create a need for probate litigation include blended families, multiple marriages, and failing to plan ahead. If your loved one passed away without a will, we can also help with the distribution of their property and assets.

The Following Assets Can Be Contested in Florida Probate Court

In most cases, a will passes through probate simply to transfer the decedent’s property as prescribed. According to Florida Courts guidelines, probate assets are individually owned by the decedent when they left no clear rights of survivorship. These can include:

  • Individual bank accounts
  • Individual retirement benefits
  • Individually owned real estate
  • IRA and annuity accounts
  • Life insurance policies

Our probate litigation and estate planning lawyers can help you through the probate process after the loss of someone you love. We can explain the formula the probate system will use to distribute your loved one’s assets. We can also explain how you can create a plan that allows you to decide where your assets go after your demise.

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Our Law Firm Can Help Orange City Families Bypass Probate Court

Planning for the disposition of your own estate can be challenging regardless of its size. Doing so, though, can be beneficial. Our probate litigation lawyers at Bogin, Munns & Munns can help you spare your family the trauma and frustration of Florida’s probate court. 

We can help you designate an executor, power of attorney, durable power of attorney, and health care power of attorney. We can also help you avoid inflicting the limitations of intestacy on your surviving family members by preparing a comprehensive estate plan that:

  • Includes a valid and binding will
  • Names guardians for your child(ren)
  • Creates beneficial trust accounts
  • Modifies existing wills and trusts
  • Protects valuable family heirlooms

Without an estate plan in place, the probate court will decide who inherits your property and belongings. In addition to ensuring you make these important decisions for yourself, creating a will also ensure your family is aware of your choices and prepared to honor them.

Hear from Clients Who Recommend Our Law Firm

Probate law can be complicated and can arise at one of life’s most difficult moments. See what previous clients say about our compassionate, client-focused approach to legal care:

  • Lisa Panos: “I worked with Sandy Valbh (Wills, Trusts, Power of Atty)…He is efficient and very pleasant. I highly recommend Mr. Valbh as well as other attorneys at the firm whom I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. They are honest, ethical, and work for their clients.”
  • Justin Jenkins: “Reliable and professional. Highly recommend. Fast return calls and they know what they are doing. Truthfully, they are just a really good group of people.”

We never stop working for the clients and families we represent. Learn more about what it means to work with us by browsing our About Page.  

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