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Orlando FL Expungement and Sealing Criminal Record Lawyer
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In certain situations where a person was charged with an offense, but there was no conviction, they may be eligible to have their criminal record sealed. Sealing the record restricts access to the information but does not make it “disappear.” Sealed and expunged records are still accessible by certain types of employers, including the judicial system and law enforcement agencies.

Our expungement and sealing criminal records attorney in Orlando could work to protect your job prospects, reputation, and more.

When Can Someone Try to Get Their Criminal Record Expunged?

In cases where records can be sealed, expungement becomes available after 10 years. Records must be sealed before they become eligible for expungement. Even if there is no conviction, charges of serious offenses such as homicide, kidnapping, arson, and terrorism (among others) can never be sealed or expunged.

Qualifying juveniles have their records automatically expunged at the age of either 24 or 26, depending on the details of the individual charge. If a juvenile completes a diversion program, or if charges were dismissed, they can petition to have their records sealed.

Sealing and expungement of records is not available for charges in which a person was convicted, and the state of Florida will not allow more than one record to be sealed.

A notable benefit of having a sealed criminal record is that in many situations, it is legal for an applicant with a sealed or expunged record to answer “No” when asked if they have ever been accused of an offense.

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Why You Might Get an Attorney to Help You Get Your Criminal Record Sealed

You can pursue the sealing and/or expungement of your criminal record by yourself by submitting a completed request packet to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE).

However, this is a serious matter and should not be taken lightly. Legal representatives with experience in this area of the law can complete the proper paperwork for you. Our criminal defense lawyers can assist you instead of you trying to handle this process on your own.

The Expungement Process Takes a Long Time to Work Through the System

In many cases, it can take 12 weeks (or longer) for law enforcement to complete a thorough background check on your application for sealing or expungement. 

The investigation has many moving parts and is designed to discover whether or not you truly qualify for record sealing or expungement. We cannot expedite this process. The FDLE analyzes requests as they receive them.

The last thing you want to do is wait 12 weeks, only to be told that you left out any information necessary to process your request. Your lawyer will ensure you secure all required details.

The Expungement Process is Complex and Difficult for Those Unfamiliar

Not only do you need to provide the correct information to the FDLE, but you also need to make sure you follow the rules. You stand to gain tremendous benefits by having your record sealed or expunged. Your attorneys can double-check your work.

The court could deny your attempt because you misunderstood the rules or submitted the packet to the wrong party.

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The Benefits of Expungement and Record Sealing that You May Not Know About

There are several benefits you can enjoy in having your criminal record sealed and expunged. In addition to being able to deny legally that the conviction ever occurred (for example, on a job application), the following is also true:

  • You may be able to purchase a firearm sooner.
  • Court records may be sealed and/ or destroyed.
  • The charge and conviction may be eliminated from future background checks.
  • Your arrest record may be made inaccessible to the public.

Expungement and Sealing Your Record Protects Your Reputation and Personal Life

The internet is a powerful tool that aids in communication across the globe, but it can also be a terrific bane to someone with a criminal record. Even after you’ve paid your fine and/or spent time in prison, theoretically erasing your debt to society, your record can still follow you online and affect your ability to live, work, and connect with people in the future.

It is possible to live your life free of the stigma again by getting your criminal record expunged or sealed from the public eye. Our Orlando attorneys at Bogin, Munns & Munns are dedicated to fighting for your right to start fresh. If you were never convicted, you could leave your past behind you by expunging and sealing your criminal record.

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