Orlando Pre-Trial Diversion Lawyer

Orlando Pre-Trial Diversion Lawyer
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Pretrial diversion programs offer Florida offenders the opportunity to avoid prosecution, certain penalties, and a conviction on their record. Bogin, Munns & Munns’ Orlando pretrial diversion lawyers can help you seek admission to a diversion program or assist with mounting a criminal defense.

How Can Bogin, Munns & Munns Help With Your Criminal Charges?

You probably have many questions regarding your arrest, including how your charges may affect your future. Bogin, Munns & Munns has more than 40 years of legal experience defending clients accused of felony and misdemeanor crimes. We can help you understand the charges you face and work to resolve your issues with as little disruption to your life as possible.

Our team will:

  • Work to get you released on bail or have your bail reduced
  • Examine your charges and determine if you qualify for pretrial diversion
  • Get your charges dismissed or reduced to a qualifying offense
  • Petition the State Attorney’s Office for admission to a diversion program
  • Represent you during court appearances

Even a misdemeanor criminal conviction can cause problems down the line when applying for jobs, housing, loans, or student aid. Do not leave the outcome of your case up to chance. Let our Orlando pretrial diversion lawyers protect your rights and fight for the best possible resolution for your charges.

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What Are the Benefits of Pretrial Diversion?

Pretrial diversion gives those accused of a crime a chance to have their case dismissed without serving jail time, paying certain fines, or having a conviction go on their record. Programs also offer early intervention services and treatment to help prevent individuals from reoffending. Additionally, diversion helps the courts by freeing up some of their caseloads for more serious cases.

According to the Orange County Government, your record shows you have criminal charges and that your case is unresolved before completing your diversion program. After you meet your program’s requirements, your record will reflect that you were charged with a crime and participated in a deferred prosecution program.

Expungement of your records is not part of a pretrial diversion program. However, our attorneys can petition the court to have your records sealed or expunged after you complete the program.

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Our Orlando Defense Attorneys Can Help You Seek Admission to a Diversion Program

Not all criminal offenses qualify for diversion. According to Florida Statutes § 948.08,

you can seek admittance to a diversion program for first offenses, nonviolent misdemeanor crimes, and third-degree felonies. Crimes eligible for diversion programs in Orange County include but are not limited to:

You cannot divert crimes considered “forcible felonies,” as outlined by Florida Statutes § 776.08. Non-eligible felonies include:

  • Home invasion
  • Burglary
  • Arson
  • Aggravated assault
  • Sexual battery
  • Carjacking
  • Kidnapping
  • Manslaughter
  • Murder

Prosecuting attorneys often have many cases, and they may not have time to review each one for diversion. Do not let your opportunity for a second chance become lost in the shuffle. Our lawyers can petition the court on your behalf. We will bring your case to the prosecutor’s attention, request a diversion referral, and submit evidence proving your eligibility. However, only the State Attorney’s Office can grant the request.

We Also Assist With Ineligible Offenses

If you have criminal charges that do not qualify for diversion, we can attempt to plea bargain your charges down to an eligible offense. If diversion is not an option, or the State Attorney’s Office denies your request, we can build a criminal defense case and represent you throughout all legal proceedings.

Our Orlando defense attorneys can review case evidence, including evidence held by the prosecutors. We can:

  • Determine whether law enforcement followed protocols (had probable cause, handled evidence correctly, etc.)
  • Examine witnesses
  • Work with investigators to collect evidence to refute your charges
  • Establish reasonable doubt and formulate a defense
  • Seek to have your charges dismissed or reduced

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Diversion Programs Offered in Orange County

The Office of the State Attorney, Ninth Judicial Circuit, oversees pretrial diversion in Orange and Osceola counties. Each program has its specific eligibility and completion requirements in addition to those the state established.

For example, the drug diversion program has multiple tiers based on the offense. Participants may have to complete a drug education course or submit to six to 12 months of court supervision. Meanwhile, those seeking diversion for a DUI may not have previous DUI charges or a pattern of dangerous driving.

While every program has different conditions, in general, terms you may have to fulfill include:

  • Appearing for all court dates/supervisory appointments
  • Paying all fines and program fees
  • Submitting to and passing drug and alcohol screenings when required
  • Completing assigned community service hours
  • Attending all mandated classes or rehabilitation programs
  • Refraining from committing further offenses

Failure to meet your pretrial diversion requirements will likely result in the court expelling you from the program. You will then have to appear in court to face prosecution for your initial charges.

Our lawyers want you to be successful. We will help you understand the terms of your pretrial diversion and what the court expects from you. We will track and manage your court appearances and represent your best interests until we resolve your case.

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Bogin, Munns & Munns’ Orlando Pretrial Diversion Lawyer Is Here for You

Bogin, Munns & Munns has built its practice on fighting for Floridians. Our staff includes more than 40 licensed attorneys with experience in all areas of the law. We will match you with the proper representation for your charges and use our knowledge of state and federal law to defend your rights and construct a robust case.

Our Orlando pretrial diversion lawyers will work to get you into a program that can help you avoid jail time, significant fines, and a conviction on your record. Along the way, we will ensure you receive fair treatment at the hands of law enforcement and the courts, and we will not back down until we see your case through to the end. Contact us to learn more and connect with a criminal defense attorney today.

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