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Do I Need a Lawyer for Pretrial Diversion in Clermont, FL?
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Pretrial diversion programs (PTD) are an alternative way to resolve criminal cases in non-violent crimes. They aim to help first-time offenders or people with little or no record to move on from a mistake in judgment by participating in rehabilitation programs involving counseling, community service, and educational classes. Upon completion of PTD, charges are dropped, which means the potentially devastating effect of a criminal conviction is avoided. 

Gaining access to PTD programs can be tricky, and the acceptance criteria vary for each county. Not every offense qualifies, nor is every person eligible. Candidates are considered on a case-by-case basis with programs tailored to specific circumstances. Our pretrial diversion lawyers in Clermont, FL, understand what needs to be done to qualify for a PTD program, so if you are facing criminal charges for the first time in Clermont, stay calm. Our criminal defense attorneys can help.

What Criminal Offenses Are Eligible For PTD Programs?

Typically, PTD programs are used to resolve most non-violent misdemeanors committed by first-time offenders or people with a relatively clean criminal record. For example, someone with charges of first-time possession of a controlled substance may be able to enroll in this program. Other crimes, like grand theft or petit theft, are also eligible for pretrial diversion programs. 

A few second-degree felonies qualify under Florida Statutes § 948.08; however, cases involving extreme violence, sexual allegations, or use of weapons are usually exempt from the PTD process. 

You are likely in shock and worried about what may happen after being arrested for the first time, but we all make mistakes, and we are here to help you get your life back on track. Let’s begin by shedding some light on the questions you may have right now.

How Do I Know If I Qualify For Pretrial Diversion Programs in Clermont, FL?

With more than 40 years of experience helping clients through difficult times, the pretrial intervention attorneys in our Clermont law office can help you determine the likelihood of you being accepted into a PTD program.

However, there are other things to consider first, and you may want a lawyer at your side to help you make the right choice. Here are a few examples to highlight what we mean:

  • Does your PTD program require you to sign an admission of guilt to be accepted? There could be implications to an admission of guilt, especially if you do not complete the program. We are on hand to help you make informed decisions and answer your questions.
  • Were there any issues with the evidence or how your case was managed? Accepting a PTD program is not the best option if your case should be dismissed anyway. Again, we can review the facts of your case and ensure your rights are protected, and we will fight your corner if we believe your case should be dismissed. 
  • Do you have a prior misdemeanor conviction? While you may think this excludes you from being accepted into a PTD program, it may not be the case. With plenty of previous experience to draw from in this field, we know how to navigate the local and federal laws in the best interest of our clients. 

How Will I Benefit From A Pretrial Diversion Program?

Overall, PTD programs are a positive option for first-time offenders. A criminal record can harm your home and work life in many ways. Being arrested and facing the potential of expensive fines or a prison sentence is highly stressful. Then there are the longer-term implications which could result in further limitations related to:

  • Access to higher education and acceptance into colleges
  • Applications for loans, mortgages, or rentals 
  • Job Opportunities and career progression
  • Obtaining professional licenses and security clearance for work
  • Owning a weapon and your right to bear arms
  • The loss of driving privileges
  • Voting
  • Your Legal Rights in family court proceedings

Our pretrial diversion lawyers in Clermont care about your future, and we work hard to protect you from the fallout of a criminal conviction. Getting accepted onto a PTD program is a way for you to avoid the damaging effects of a criminal record. With so much at stake, ensuring you have experienced representation fighting your corner if you are arrested is important. Don’t leave your future hanging in the balance. After all, we all deserve a second chance.

What Will I Be Expected To Do In A Pretrial Diversion Program?

To complete the program successfully, you must comply with the sanctions ordered by the court. You will be required to follow specific actions, which could include:

  • Paying the fees and costs associated with the program
  • Continuing to live a crime-free lifestyle
  • Reporting to your supervising officer regularly
  • Complying with random drug or alcohol tests
  • Participating in community service projects
  • Attending substance misuse rehabilitation sessions or anger management classes
  • Keeping regular employment
  • Making amends with anyone affected by your actions
  • Fulfilling any other court-ordered sanctions 

How Much Do PTD Programs Cost?

The costs and fees associated with PTD programs vary on a case-by-case basis. However, there are typical costs related to administration, supervision, drug or alcohol tests, vehicle impoundment, class enrollment, and monetary contributions to Florida Safety Council. 

Other expenses, such as court fees and the cost of hiring legal representation, will also apply if you work with a lawyer. However, these costs are often much less than potential fines and the longer-term financial impact of having a criminal record. 

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What Happens After Completing A PTD Program?

After successfully completing a PTD program, the charges against you will be dismissed, meaning there will be no criminal conviction on your record. We may also be able to help you get your arrest expunged (removed) from your public record, which shields you from the limiting effects of having an arrest record. 

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