Daytona Beach Pre-Trial Diversion Lawyer

Daytona Beach Pre-Trial Diversion Lawyer
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A Daytona Beach pre-trial diversion lawyer with Bogin, Munns & Munns can help you petition the court for a second chance. Our criminal defense attorneys in Florida can seek to divert your charges or get you admitted to a rehabilitation program with the end goal of avoiding jail time, steep fines, and a criminal record. 

We’ll Put 40 Years of Legal Experience to Work for You

Dealing with the Florida criminal justice system can be complicated unless you are familiar with the law. You likely have a lot of questions surrounding your arrest, charges, potential penalties, and how best to defend yourself. Fortunately, the attorneys at Bogin, Munns & Munns have answers. 

We will take the time to explain your case, address your concerns, and help you understand your charges and your legal options. No matter what you face, we promise to treat you with dignity, respect, and professionalism. 

With more than 40 lawyers on staff and 40-plus years of experience, we have an attorney best suited for your case. Our Daytona Beach pre-trial diversion lawyers can assist with every aspect of your defense, including:

  • Helping to get you released on bail
  • Obtaining and reviewing evidence
  • Fighting to have your charges reduced or dismissed
  • Petitioning for pre-trial diversion/pre-trial intervention
  • Representing you during court appearances

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Our Attorneys Can Petition the Court on Your Behalf

Under Florida Statutes § 948.08, you can seek pre-trial diversion for most first offenses, nonviolent misdemeanor second offenses, and third-degree misdemeanor and felony charges. Crimes that may qualify include driving under the influence (DUI), first-time possession of controlled substances, petit theft, grand theft, and some juvenile offenses

You cannot seek diversion for felonies that involve the threat or use of violence or physical force, including aggravated assault, aggravated battery, burglary, or sexual battery. Furthermore, only Florida’s State Attorney’s Office can approve your case for pre-trial diversion. If you qualify, our lawyers can bring your charges to the attention of the prosecutors and petition them for a referral. If necessary, we can prepare a brief showing your eligibility. 

We Can Construct a Solid Defense

We may be able to plea bargain your charges down to an offense eligible for diversion if you do not currently qualify. However, if pre-trial diversion is not an option for your case, we will work on creating the strongest defense possible. 

Our attorneys can request records from the prosecution and review the evidence against you. We will look for any reason to get your charges reduced or dismissed, including issues with law enforcement protocol and the collection/handling of evidence. 

We can also locate and interview relevant witnesses and case experts, work with investigators, and apply state and federal laws to your defense. In addition, we will stand by your side during court appearances and protect your rights, as well as prepare you and your case for trial if necessary.  

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How Does Pre-Trial Diversion Help Offenders?

There are many ways offenders can benefit from pre-trial diversion, not least of which is avoiding fines and incarceration. For example, according to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV), convicted first-time DUI offenders will pay a minimum of $500 in fines (possibly up to $2,000) and serve no less than six months in jail. 

However, if approved for pre-trial diversion, you may be able to participate in an alcohol or drug treatment program instead of serving time. The court may also reduce or waive your fines. Additionally, once you complete the terms of your diversion agreement, our lawyers can seek to have your charges expunged from your record. 

Diversion also helps defendants by:

  • Offering a chance to receive help with alcohol or drug addiction
  • Providing tools to help prevent reoffending
  • Saving the time and cost involved with a trial
  • Avoiding a criminal conviction that could adversely affect your career and educational prospects, housing opportunities, and loan applications

Volusia County Reports Successful Diversion Numbers

According to Court Services, the Volusia County Pre-Trial Services Division reported an 82 percent program compliance rate in the fiscal year 2018 with 93 percent of program participants having no new arrests. 

A successful diversion program helps offenders and the court system by cutting down on repeat offenses. Diversion saves the court time, money, and effort, freeing the system to focus on more serious cases. 

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What Are Your Obligations as a Pre-Trial Diversion Participant?

According to the State Attorney’s Office, pre-trial diversion is similar to probation. Defendants agree to six months to a year of monitoring by the court. They must also fulfill any other terms set by the court, such as completing community service hours, paying fees, passing drug/alcohol screenings, and making all court appearances/supervisory appointments. 

Those accused of alcohol or drug-related crimes in Daytona Beach may have the option of participating in a pre-trial intervention (PTI) program. The Seventh Judicial Circuit of Florida oversees drug and DUI courts for offenders in Volusia County. These programs offer rehabilitative services, the chance to have charges dismissed, and other incentives. 

Our Daytona Beach pre-trial diversion lawyers want the most successful outcome possible for you. Therefore, we can help you understand the conditions of your pre-trial diversion and assist you with meeting your obligations, including representing you during appearances and filing paperwork and documents proving your compliance. 

What If You Do Not Comply?

If you violate the terms of your diversion agreement, the court may revoke your opportunity and proceed with pursuing a criminal conviction. We can try to prevent this, but, if necessary, we can shift our focus to seeking a plea bargain or building a defense. 

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