Orlando Child Support Enforcement Lawyer

Orlando Child Support Enforcement Lawyer
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Children deserve to have affection and financial support from both parents. If you are a single or divorced parent with a child support order, you should receive the payment on time. Unenforced child support can wreak havoc on your financial life and make meeting your child’s daily and ongoing needs difficult. You do not have to fight for child support enforcement on your own.

At Bogin, Munns & Munns, we fight hard for you and your child. Our Orlando child support enforcement lawyer will handle all the details of building your case. We take care of the paperwork and court proceedings and stand by your side when your case goes to court. Our family law team will explain your enforcement options when we review the details of your case.

How Child Support is Calculated Based on Your Child’s Needs in Orlando

Many people think of child support as the aftermath of divorce. In reality, child support options can be arranged between unmarried parents and those who do not wish to marry. In either case, your child has a right to the financial support of both parents to ensure their well-being.

In Orlando, FL, a court can calculate child support payments based on the child’s needs, which include:

  • Food
  • School
  • Housing
  • Clothing
  • Daycare
  • Healthcare

Our legal team will help you assess your child’s ongoing needs. Our goal is to ensure each parent actively provides the necessary support. We can also help custodial parents with child support orders from another state if you live in the Orlando, Florida, area.

How the Parents’ Financial Picture Factors Into Child Support Calculations

The amount of a child support order will vary on a case-by-case basis. Additional factors a court may consider when they determine how much child support you receive are:

  • Time your child is in each parent’s custody
  • Each parent’s income and financial position
  • The ongoing costs of raising your child
  • The number of children requiring financial support

You do not have to assess these costs on your own. Whatever amount of child support is ordered for you, you should be able to count on receiving it regularly and on time. When our law firm handles your case, our Orlando family law lawyer will help you recover fair and appropriate child support.

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Bogin, Munns & Munns Will Help You Pursue Fair and Appropriate Child Support

When you trust our law firm to handle your case, we fight hard to ensure you get an appropriate child support order — one that ensures your child’s needs can be met. In addition, we work hard to ensure you receive child support.

Penalties for Missing Child Support Payments in Florida

Your child’s non-custodial parent can face serious consequences for failure to make required child support. According to Florida Department of Revenue guidelines, they could face income withholding and the following penalties:

  • Suspension of a driver’s license
  • Suspension of a business license
  • Suspension of professional licensure
  • Suspension or refusal of recreational licenses
  • Incarceration until appropriate payments are made

The state will also help parents make periodic or lump-sum child payment agreements once all past-due support is made current. If a parent is non-compliant in a child support matter, Florida will take these measures to compel appropriate payment.

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Know When to Turn to Our Orlando Child Support Enforcement Attorney for Help

A single missed child support payment may not cause alarm at first. When child support continues to accrue without being sent to you, it can be challenging to know when to take action and what to do next. It can be even more difficult — not to mention stressful — to understand your legal options.

You can seek help from our family law team when your child’s other parent:

  • Has a history of missing payments
  • Does not pay the full court-ordered payment amount
  • Refuses to make any payments
  • Refutes financial responsibility for your child

No matter how or why child support is going unpaid, it can make life stressful and frustrating for you by making it hard to provide your child with everything they need. However, you do not have to accept non-compliance without a fight, and you do not have to fight without legal support. Our law firm will help you enforce a child support order and stand by your side until you receive the support your child needs and deserves.

How Our Child Support Enforcement Attorney Serving Orlando Can Help

Florida is serious about its youngest residents receiving the support they need to thrive. If your co-parent owes back child support, Bogin, Munns & Munns will do everything possible to ensure you receive it. Our Orlando child support enforcement lawyer will take all the actions below on your and your child’s behalf.

We Will Represent You in Orlando Family Court

Florida will take court action against a parent who does not make timely child support payments. Our law firm will help you prepare for a court hearing by:

  • Listening to your account of events
  • Documenting the last child support payment that you received
  • Documenting the non-custodial parent’s ability to comply with an existing order
  • Representing you at any required court hearings or other appearances

With our guidance and support, the non-custodial parent can be compelled to make full or partial payments of past-due support. The state may also charge them with contempt of court or demand they seek employment that will allow them to remedy past-due support.

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