Orlando Prenuptial Agreement Lawyer

Orlando Prenuptial Agreement Lawyer
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Couples in Orlando, Florida, have many decisions to make in the days leading up to their wedding. For example, you may have to consider who to invite to your nuptials, where you want the wedding to take place, and what you want to say during your vows.

You also have legal issues to consider, including what to include in a prenuptial agreement. An Orlando prenuptial agreement lawyer from Bogin, Munns & Munns can step in to help you, taking all the stress out of this process.

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Benefits of Setting Up Prenuptial Agreements

Many couples in Orlando wonder if a prenuptial agreement represents the right choice for them. However, these agreements provide numerous benefits. According to Forbes, they can also improve the strength of your marriage.

Disagreements about money and issues with communication represent two of the primary reasons marriages end in divorce around the country. Setting up a prenup allows you to discuss your financial plans with your partner and requires clear communication.

Additionally, a prenup helps you:

Ensure Your Goals Align with Your Partner

People have different goals and strategies for handling money. For example, maybe you are a saver, and your partner prefers to spend money. Discussing a prenup helps get these concerns out in the open while providing full information about the other’s debts and assets.

You can also protect your property from a partner’s debtors or creditors by setting up a prenup.

Make Plans for the Future Without Emotion

The truth is any marriage could result in a divorce. Setting up a prenup allows you and your partner to make reasonable and logical decisions about splitting your finances before a split. In addition, this step reduces stress during divorce proceedings and ensures both partners receive fair treatment.

Protect Children from a Prior Relationship

You may come into a relationship with children. In this situation, your children’s lives can be impacted by the decisions of your current partner. When you set up a prenup, you can make provisions for your children and even make decisions about setting up life insurance policies to care for the children in the event of a death.

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What Types of Prenups Can You Set Up in Orlando?

Florida allows a prenuptial agreement attorney in Orlando to set up several different kinds of agreements for your marriage. These include:

Sunset Clauses

You can include a sunset clause in your prenup if you want to set up a date in the future to terminate the agreement. However, you only use sunset clauses for temporary prenups. For example, you may decide to cancel the prenup after five years or a decade.

Escalator Clauses

Escalator clauses allow you to increase support to one spouse should the other partner’s assets or income increase drastically. These clauses account for changing income levels, providing economic protection for individuals in Orlando.

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How Common are Prenuptial Agreements?

According to Harvard, around 5-10% of Americans decide to sign a prenup before their wedding. However, many married couples realize down the road that this kind of agreement offers numerous benefits and want a chance to take advantage of them.

Individuals in this situation sometimes worry that they missed their chance to secure this legal protection. However, you have the option to set up a postnuptial agreement. A postnup allows you to make the same decisions about dividing your assets and debts.

You can discuss the benefits of a prenup or a postnup in greater detail by speaking to our prenup agreement lawyer.

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How Much Does it Cost to Get a Prenup in Florida?

The cost for a prenup can vary based on the firm you work with and the intricacy of the agreement. For example, it may cost more if you want an agreement that includes information about your children and other considerations.

Our team can discuss the cost of drafting a prenup for you when you reach out to us. Then, we work with you to determine exactly what you want to be included in the agreement, maintaining open communication throughout the entirety of the process.

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Do Prenup Agreements Hold Up in Court in Florida?

Generally, the court upholds drawn-up correctly and executed prenups in Orlando. This is because the court considers these prenups legally binding and treats the agreement as a legal contract. However, there have been instances where one partner challenged a prenup, leading to the court voiding the document.

You can decrease the odds of the court voiding your prenup by working with an experienced Orlando prenuptial agreement attorney. Your attorney can discuss what information and legal considerations you need to consider to create a valid document.

Lawyers also take steps to file all paperwork and documents associated with the prenup on time, often preventing issues down the road.

Can I and Share a Prenup Lawyer with My Partner?

Florida requires both parties involved in a prenup to have their attorney handle the process. Unfortunately, this means you and your partner cannot work with the same lawyer, as it could result in a conflict of interest and the revocation of your prenup agreement. Your lawyer can draft and send the agreement to your partner’s attorney, who can then legally agree on behalf of your partner.

Can Prenuptial Agreements Be Voided?

Taking certain actions can void a prenuptial agreement. For example, if one partner hid assets during the drafting of the prenuptial, it could invalidate the agreement. In addition, including falsified financial information could also invalidate a prenup.

Ensure you work with a lawyer to make certain your prenup document only contains accurate financial information. In addition, your lawyer can provide more information about family law in Orlando.

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