Orlando Mediation Lawyer

Orlando Mediation Lawyer
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Ending a marriage can be an emotionally charged, sensitive legal issue. When both parties struggle to agree on the issues surrounding the divorce, it can be even more stressful. You do not have to navigate your divorce on your own. We can help you understand each step of the process. Our Orlando mediation lawyer can also help you iron out many potentially combative issues before going to court.

At Bogin, Munns & Munns, we can walk you through mediation — a form of dispute resolution — that can favorably resolve many of the potentially caustic issues between spouses. We do everything we can to help you reach an amicable and harmonious resolution.  

What Mediation Means in Family Law Cases

The state of Florida provides mediation as an option in divorce cases. Each spouse will potentially have a legal representative by their side throughout the proceedings. When you trust our law firm with your case, our family law attorney serving Orlando never leaves your side. 

The mediation process can be an important part of finalizing a divorce with a fair resolution for both parties. The mediator in your case will be an objective, neutral party who will make decisions based on facts and figures rather than emotion. Their goal is to aim for an agreement that is voluntary and consensual for both spouses. 

This is also our goal. We work hard to obtain it while ensuring your needs and preferences are known. We also fight to obtain as many of them as possible in a calm, peaceful process.

Who Qualifies to Serve as a Mediator in Orlando

The role of the mediator is crucial in your case, so Florida Courts put specific guidelines in place to govern who can serve in this capacity. Accordingly, your divorce mediator should:

  • Be neutral and impartial
  • Be certified by the state
  • Meet specific education objectives
  • Meet specific experience objectives
  • Have specific mentoring experience

The courts rely on a points system to determine mediator eligibility. Our law firm will ensure the mediator in your case meets the state’s guidelines and does not overstep the limitations of their role.

Understanding the Mediator’s Responsibilities

In divorce cases, the mediator serves as a guide rather than as an advocate for either side. This primary role is to foster good communication that can lead to fair resolution of the issues. 

They may ask each spouse to share their thoughts and suggest possible resolutions. If relevant, the mediator may facilitate dispute resolution and offer supportive statistics. They will attempt to steer your divorce action toward a resolution that each spouse is satisfied with and can accept. 

How Mediation Can Benefit Divorce Cases

Divorcing couples might opt for mediation versus court battles for a variety of reasons. One of the primary reasons couples choose mediation is to dissolve their marriage without harshness and ongoing arguments. 

Mediation might be a good approach to resolving the following types of conflicts:

  • Child custody
  • Child visitation
  • Child support
  • Spousal supports
  • Property division

Like every divorce action, yours is unique and will have its own unique issues. You may have reasons for choosing mediation that are not on this list. Our client support team will listen to the details of your case and help you choose the best option for you. If your best option includes mediation, we stay by your side through the entire process.

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Our Law Firm Will Clarify the Potential Benefits of Mediation

Mediation can provide a fair and equitable resolution to your marriage. At Bogin, Munns & Munns, our Orlando mediation lawyer will explain its benefits. They can include the following:

  • Mediation can take the angst out of a trying divorce.
  • Mediation can be more streamlined and efficient than divorce.
  • Mediation can allow cooler heads to prevail.
  • Mediation can allow each spouse to maintain privacy.

When possible, you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse should consider mediation. It can help you bring a less contentious end to your marriage and allow each of you to get on with your individual lives.

How Bogin, Munns & Munns Can Help with Mediation

The goal of mediation is to obtain an equitable resolution of many of the challenging issues that can be part of a contested divorce. Our law firm understands the unique needs of divorcing clients and works hard to ensure they are met. 

We start by listening to the details of your case. Our goal is to understand your preferences and to help you start putting your life back together. On your behalf, our mediation team will:

  • Review and analyze your marital property and assets
  • Review your child custody, visitation, and support options
  • Explain the mediation process and what it entails
  • Represent you at all mediation sessions and hearings
  • Explain your settlement options and their feasibility

We will also accompany you through the entire legal landscape of your divorce, which can include serving as your champion and advocate.

Reviews and Recommendations from Previous Clients

Our law firm is committed to providing compassionate legal service to divorce clients. When they share their experience with our client-focused team, previous clients say the following:

  • “There is truly no other law firm like this one! From the family values that are at their core to the care and commitment the attorneys have towards their clients, there truly is no comparison!” – P.J. Merced
  • “Such a caring firm that puts their client’s interest as a top priority. If you’re looking for an honest firm that operates with integrity and works hard for their clients, look no further!” – Jilaine Shea

Every client is a priority for our team. We work hard to understand and achieve the outcome you need and deserve. 

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