Orlando Paternity Case Lawyer

Orlando Paternity Case Lawyer
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Do you need to establish your parental rights in Florida? An Orlando paternity case lawyer can step in to help you in this situation. Our team at Bogin, Munns & Munns can provide you with professional assistance with all aspects of a paternity suit. 

We understand the situations in which you need to take a DNA test and other methods that can help you establish paternity for your child. Find out more by calling us or completing our online contact form. We are ready to assist you today. 

The Importance of Establishing Paternity

Generally, the court steps in to help determine paternity in situations establishing child support or custody. However, many people also want to establish paternity to receive legal rights to parental responsibility and the authority to make decisions for a child. 

Note that you do not always need to file a paternity claim after the birth of a child. For example, if you are married to the mother of the child when she gives birth in Orlando, the state of Florida automatically considers you the child’s father. 

In this situation, you list your name on the birth certificate, and legally you are the child’s father. 

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How a Lawyer Can Help with a Paternity Claim

Both mothers and fathers can work with a paternity case attorney. In addition, mothers sometimes work with a lawyer if the father of their child tries to avoid paying appropriate child support by refusing to claim the child. 

Men may also work with a paternity lawyer if they believe a woman has made false claims regarding the paternity of a child. In this case, a man could take a DNA test to establish that they are not the father of the child. 

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Are There Time Limits to File a Paternity Case in Florida?

Florida allows you to file a request to determine a child’s paternity for up to four years after the child turns 18. Therefore, you have until the child turns 22 to file this request. However, most lawyers recommend handling this kind of claim as quickly as possible. 

You can begin working with an Orlando paternity case attorney immediately after the birth of your child. Some DNA tests even work while a woman is pregnant with a child, which may establish paternity before labor and delivery. 

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How Much does it Cost to Establish Paternity?

To establish paternity in Orlando, you may need to complete a Petition to Determine Paternity and for Related Relief. You will have to pay a fee when submitting the petition, though the costs can vary based on your situation. 

You could also decide to work with a lawyer to help with your paternity claim. Lawyers generally charge flat-rate fees to handle filling out legal forms. However, they could charge different rates if your claim requires additional legal action. 

You can contact us to discuss the specific costs to address your needs. 

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How do I Contest Paternity in Florida?

You have the option to contest the paternity of a child in Orlando if you believe you are not the father. A paternity case lawyer can step in to assist you in this situation. Your lawyer can help you:

  • File a petition to disestablish paternity and stop child support 
  • Serve the petition to the Florida Department of Revenue and the mother of the child
  • File the petition with the court that handles the father’s child support payments 

It is important to include supplemental documents with a petition to disestablish paternity. Generally, the court expects the father to include an affidavit or sworn statement to state that they are not the child’s biological father.

In addition to the statement or affidavit, you must include either:

  • Results from a paternity test completed within 90 days of filing the petition, OR 
  • An affidavit stating you were denied the chance to complete a paternity test.

Paternity tests look at your DNA and the child’s DNA to determine whether you have a genetic relationship. 

After filing the petition and providing supplemental evidence, the court looks at your claim. Based on the test results and other testimony, the court either upholds or disestablishes your paternity. 

Do I Need a Lawyer for My Paternity Case?

A paternity case attorney can step in to address all your concerns regarding a paternity case, such as:

  • Answer your questions about a paternity case
  • Help you file the appropriate forms with the court
  • Provide information about taking a DNA test 
  • Represent your best interests in court 

We believe in helping our clients establish paternity if that is their goal or taking steps to disestablish paternity in necessary cases. Find out more by reaching out to us for assistance. 

Do I Have to Take a DNA Test to Establish Paternity in Orlando?

As we mentioned, if you are married to the child’s mother at the time of the birth, you can add yourself to the birth certificate to receive legal confirmation as the father. But what if you were not married when your partner gave birth to your child? 

In this situation, you can still establish paternity without a DNA test. This requires completion of a Voluntary Acknowledgement of Paternity form. This form must be signed by both of the child’s parents in front of a notary public or two witnesses.

Once you complete this form, your attorney can file it with the court system. After 60 days, the order becomes permanent, establishing you as the child’s father. Once the 60 days pass, if you choose to have the paternity order revoked, you must convince the court you signed under duress. 

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