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The EB-4 visa is an employment-based visa program that provides certain foreign workers with a pathway to citizenship. However, only select individuals qualify. Instead of applying to a wide spectrum of people, the EB-4 visa is available only to those working in specific fields, such as broadcasters or employees of the Panama Canal Company or Canal Zone government.

If you believe you qualify for an EB-4 visa in the Gainesville area, Bogin, Munns & Munns is here to help. Our Gainesville work visa lawyers’ guidance could provide you with the resources that can help secure your visa. Instead of navigating the immigration system on your own, our Gainesville EB-4 work visa lawyer can help you secure your work permit. You can call us today to explore our legal immigration services.

Our Immigration Attorneys Can Determine If You Qualify for an EB-4 Work Visa in Gainesville, FL

Some types of worker visas allow for a wide range of people to qualify. That is not the case with an EB-4 visa. This work permit applies in very specific situations. In general, you will apply for an EB-4 only if you work in certain fields or even for certain employers. The federal government strictly enforces these requirements. Some of the special immigrant workers who qualify for an EB-4 visa include the following:

  • Religious workers
  • Broadcasters
  • Iraqi translators
  • Panama Canal Zone employees
  • Retired NATO-6 employees or their surviving relatives
  • Armed forces members
  • Physicians who have worked for the U.S. government

Our Gainesville EB-4 work visa attorney can review your employment history to help you determine if you qualify for an EB-4 visa. We can also advise you on your possible immigration options. 

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Will an EB-4 Visa Allow Me to Immigrate to the U.S.?

An EB-4 is an immigrant visa in most cases. This means you have the chance not only to live and work in the United States, but you can also obtain a Green Card and become a lawful permanent resident. This status allows you to stay in the country indefinitely. What’s more, a Green Card puts you on the path to citizenship.

Earning citizenship takes time. You must remain in the U.S. on your EB-4 visa for years while you comply with all immigration laws. Eventually, you will have the chance to become a U.S. citizen through the adjustment of status process. 

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What Is the Process for Applying for an EB-4 Visa in Gainesville, FL?

In many cases, the visa application process begins with a prospective immigrant. That is not the case most of the time with an EB-4 visa. Usually, a U.S.-based employer must first petition for a foreign worker to be up for EB-4 visa consideration. 

This process begins with Form I-360. This document, also referred to as the Petition for Amerasian, Widow, or Special Immigrant, must be signed and submitted by an applicant’s U.S.-based employer. In addition to the form, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) might require additional documentation, including government ID cards or proof of employment. 

There are some limited situations where an applicant can “self-petition” for an EB-4 visa. In these situations, having an American employer begin the process on your behalf is unnecessary. This is only an option under rare circumstances. The immigration lawyers at our Gainesville law firm can advise you if self-petitioning is an option. 

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How Our Immigration Lawyer Can Help Your Gainesville EB-4 Application

It can be challenging to navigate the immigration system—especially without help. The good news is that our work visa lawyers in Gainesville can assist you throughout this complex process. 

Each year, numerous non-residents from around the globe apply to immigrate to the U.S. through an EB-4 visa. An immigration attorney can help you avoid delays or an application denial. An attorney could assist with the EB-4 visa application process by:

Explaining the EB-4 Application Process

For most people, applying for a work permit is a complex, confusing process. The value of hiring our firm starts with having a legal professional answer your questions before you file your application. We will explain the entire process from start to finish, including how U.S. immigration law applies to your case. You also may find we answered your question on our frequently asked immigration questions (FAQs) page.

Confirming If You Qualify for an EB-4 Visa

EB-4 visa qualifications are specific. They apply to a narrow list of specific professions and backgrounds, meaning not everyone will qualify. In some cases, it is possible that a different work permit might be appropriate. Our attorneys could review your application to make certain you qualify for an EB-4 visa or present your other options to you. 

Gathering Essential EB-4 Visa Documentation

Applying for an EB-4 visa requires more than just an application. It is also necessary to provide supporting documentation along the way. These documents could include your employment records, letters from prospective employers, and academic transcripts. Our team can compile this documentation to ensure you have everything you need. 

Preparing You for an Immigration Interview

One of the final steps in the visa process is the interview. This interview could occur at the U.S. consulate in your home country if you are not in the United States. These interviews are not a formality, and your answers could impact your immigration prospects. Our immigration attorneys serving Gainesville can ensure you are fully prepared for anything they might ask.

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If you believe you qualify for an EB-4 visa, now is the time to act. This process can take months, and delays are always possible. Bogin, Munns & Munns could assist you while helping you avoid any needless delays. 

Do not put your immigration status at risk by applying for an employment-based visa on your own. You can help yourself when you work with and get legal advice from a Gainesville EB-4 work visa lawyer from our firm. Call for a free consultation today.


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