Gainesville Juvenile Crime Lawyer

Gainesville Juvenile Crime Lawyer
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When a child under 18 commits a crime, they become part of the juvenile justice system. In Florida, this can mean penalties and fines that affect the minor in question and their entire immediate and extended family. If your child has been arrested or detained for a youthful offense, a Gainesville juvenile crime lawyer from our team can help you fight for justice.

At Bogin, Munns & Munns, our juvenile defense team will examine the details of your child’s arrest or detention. We’ll look for any violations of their rights and ensure there was probable cause to detain them in the first place. We will examine the state’s evidence and look for opportunities to make plea bargains in your child’s favor.

We Can Help if Your Juvenile Is Charged With One of These Crimes

Youthful offenses can include a wide range of activities. When we represent your child, we’ll start by understanding the charges they face and ensuring you and your child understand them. We can also explain possible penalties and our defense strategy. 

Common juvenile crimes include:

  • Burglary
  • Auto theft
  • Petty theft
  • Trespassing
  • DUI
  • Underage drinking
  • Drug possession

The first step in building a credible defense for your son or daughter is understanding the circumstances that led to their arrest or detention in the first place. We’ll listen to the details of their case with compassion and empathy — and without judgment. 

Your Son or Daughter Can Have a Bright Future

An arrest or conviction as a juvenile can wreak havoc on your child’s future. We’ll fight hard to make sure this does not happen. Through the Youth and Community Services Bureau in Gainesville, the city tries hard to engage its young people in meaningful activities. Their programming includes:

  • School Resource Officers
  • Police / Youth Dialogue
  • Reichert House
  • B.O.L.D. Re-entry Program
  • Cadets and Explorers
  • Crime Prevention Unit
  • The Rebuilding Program

When our juvenile criminal defense team handles your case, we want you to feel supported now and in the future. We will ensure you receive information about any programs and activities that may benefit your son or daughter and help safeguard their future.

Juvenile Defendants Have Rights in Gainesville

According to Florida Statutes § 985, your child is entitled to certain rights, and we will ensure those rights are upheld.

We’ll conduct a thorough investigation into your child’s case and look for any rights violations that may have occurred pre-or post-arrest. If our investigation uncovers any violations of their rights, we may use this information to their benefit. 

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Let Us Guide Your Family Through the Gainesville Juvenile Court System

Our juvenile crime lawyers are familiar with the laws that govern your child’s case. The sooner you get our team on your side, the better because we have more time to ensure your son or daughter is treated fairly, not subjected to questioning without an attorney, and not treated in the same manner as an adult offender.

Your son or daughter has the right to a fresh start and a promising future. Our goal is to ensure they get it. At Bogin, Munns & Munns, we can also step in if your child’s case is moved to adult court. We’ll work hard to ensure this is not the case and that your child’s case is kept in the juvenile system, where their records might be eligible for sealing to protect their future.

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Put a Juvenile Crimes Lawyer to Work for Your Family

No two juvenile crime cases are alike, so we treat every juvenile client we represent like a young person, not a case file. At Bogin, Munns & Munns, we’ll work hard to meet your case-specific needs. 

Your juvenile crimes lawyer from our team can:

  • Explain state and local laws and their impact on your child’s case
  • Gather supportive evidence, including beneficial witness statements
  • Consult and contract with beneficial expert witnesses
  • Fight to reduce fines, penalties, fees, and court costs when possible
  • Work hard to limit any incarceration in the juvenile system
  • Provide ongoing legal support throughout the defense process
  • Ensure your child’s juvenile records are sealed, whenever possible

We will also examine the state’s evidence against your child and negotiate a plea bargain, if possible. If we cannot resolve your child’s case with a plea bargain, we will represent them in court. This includes preparing evidence and exhibits for court, as well as helping witnesses understand the process and importance of testifying.

Read What Others Say About Out Criminal Defense Team

The law firm you choose to defend your son or daughter can make a big difference in the outcome of their case. Clients our team has defended in the past say things like the following about our legal service and support:

  • Justin Gaudi: “My daughter was wrongly arrested at school, and I was in a panic… I called Bogin, Munns, and Munns and was… in contact with Matthew Boomershine. He was on the case immediately and got her out that night. He fought for us all the way to make sure justice was served.” 
  • Frank Germonto: “Attorney Andrea B. Anderson provided me [with] expertise, professionalism, and responsiveness during my recent legal transaction. I chose Bogin, Munns & Munns based upon their reputation. They are an excellent firm and Ms. Anderson provided exemplary support.”

Our criminal defense lawyers never stop fighting for justice and a fresh start for the juvenile defendants we represent. We will bring the same level of commitment to your family’s fight for fairness. 

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