St. Cloud Juvenile Crime Lawyer

St. Cloud Juvenile Crime Lawyer
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Is your child younger than 18 and facing misdemeanor or felony criminal charges? A St. Cloud juvenile crime lawyer from our team at Bogin, Munns & Munns can help you prepare a strong defense strategy, look for opportunities to make beneficial plea bargains, and take other measures to limit the damage that an arrest and conviction can have on your child’s psyche, education, and future career.

If your underage son or daughter maintains their innocence, our team at Bogin, Munns & Munns will fight hard to prove it. We will examine the evidence we collect alongside the state’s evidence, locate and interview witnesses, and consult experts when necessary. Your child’s case is a priority for our entire team, and we’ll fight hard to ensure they get a second chance and a fresh start. 

Juvenile Criminal Cases Our Team Handles

Because juveniles lack the judgment and maturity of adults, they may perceive an action or activity as a harmless prank when the state considers it a crime. Youthful offenders may also lack the ability to realize the gravity of the penalties they face after engaging in criminal activities.

Criminal activities reported among juveniles include:

  • Shoplifting and other forms of petty theft
  • Drug possession
  • Burglary, auto theft, and larceny 
  • Underage drinking and alcohol-related crimes
  • Trespassing, vandalism, and unlawfully occupancy

Your family is not alone in its fight for fairness and justice for your son or daughter. Your criminal defense lawyer will help you fight back with compassion and understanding and without judgment.

We’ll Make Sure Your Child’s Rights Were Not Violated

When we get involved in your child’s case, we’ll start our investigation from the point of arrest or detention and look both forward and backward to understand what happened, gather evidence, and locate witnesses. A youthful offense should not derail your child’s entire future. We’ll work hard to preserve your child’s hopes and dreams. 

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The Juvenile Court Process in Florida

According to the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ), the arrest of a minor in St. Cloud follows a specific process. 

After being taken into custody, they will be evaluated under DRAI (detention risk assessment instrument) guidelines. The outcome of the DRAI assessment is important because it will determine if they will be released to await their court date at home (potentially under house arrest) or if they must be transferred to a secure detention facility.

Within 24 hours, they will undergo a detention hearing, where a judge will review the case and determine if the child should remain detained (for a maximum of 21 days). The State Attorney will then file formal charges within a few days of the juvenile’s arrest. After charges are filed, the case will proceed to arraignment, pleas, trial (if necessary), and sentencing. 

Pre-Trial Intervention Program

After filing charges, the State Attorney may offer your child the chance to participate in a pre-trial intervention (PTI) program to have the charges dropped. This is a great option if offered, as it means no criminal record, no jail time, and expungement of the child’s arrest record. 

PTI programs are similar to probation and typically require performing community service, attending counseling, and meeting other rehabilitative requirements. At Bogin, Munns & Munns, our juvenile crime lawyer representing underage defendants in St. Cloud will handle all the details of your child’s case from start to finish. We can fight to persuade the prosecutor that they qualify for PTI. 

We will never leave you guessing or wondering what will happen. We’ll provide both you and your son or daughter with ongoing updates on new developments and progress in your case. 

What Happens When Juveniles Go to Adult Court?

Under certain circumstances, a juvenile case can be transferred to adult court. If this happens, your minor child could face far more severe consequences. These include lengthier sentences and higher fines. We will fight hard to ensure their case remains in the juvenile justice system. 

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Put Our Juvenile Defense Team to Work for Your Child

Building a juvenile criminal defense case is a delicate balance of fighting for current circumstances and preserving the defendant’s future. While we fight for reduced charges, we also fight to seal their juvenile records. 

To bolster and support your juvenile, our team may also:

  • Explain your child’s charges and possible penalties
  • Explain the St. Cloud juvenile court process
  • Compel, organize, and present evidence
  • Fight to keep their case in juvenile court
  • Negotiate beneficial plea agreements
  • Develop a solid defense strategy
  • Ensure your family gets support from start to finish
  • Handle all correspondence and communication
  • Handle all paperwork and court filings
  • Ensure your child’s case does not get stalled

At Bogin, Munns & Munns, we understand the importance of fighting for your family. Your priority is protecting your son or daughter — and this is our priority, too. We’ll work hard to ensure they get a fresh start to build a strong future for themselves. 

See Why Previous Clients Refer Us to Others

We know how hard it can be to know who to trust with your child’s criminal defense case. When clients we represented in the past talk about our legal service and support, they say things like the following:

  • Cyndi English: “I would recommend this law firm to anyone. They are friendly, professional, and truly work for your best interest. I felt very comfortable with them right from the start and felt like I could trust them.”
  • Justin Gaudi: “My daughter was wrongly arrested at school… I didn’t know what to do. I called Bogin, Munns, and Munns and was blessed to be put in contact with Matthew Boomershine… He got all charges dismissed and got my daughter’s good name and her future back… We will be forever grateful! Thanks, Matt!”

Read additional testimonials on our Google reviews page and see why you can trust our juvenile crime lawyers with your child’s case. 

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When your underage son or daughter is arrested in St. Cloud, their immediate and distant future is at risk. A juvenile crime lawyer at Bogin, Munns & Munns can help you navigate the juvenile court system and fight to minimize the possible harm of arrest and conviction.

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