Orange City Juvenile Crime Lawyer

Orange City Juvenile Crime Lawyer
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For many juveniles and their parents, the short-term and long-term consequences of being arrested and charged with a crime may be devastating. The legal system is often more challenging to navigate than most people realize. The rules, procedures, and requirements are different from those in adult court.

Given the complex court process and potential consequences, it is important to have an Orange City juvenile crime attorney to navigate the legal system and aggressively fight for your rights.

What Does a Criminal Defense Lawyer Do?

A juvenile crime lawyer is responsible for representing minors who have been accused of a crime. It is important to understand your defenses—this could mean the difference between conviction and acquittal. The defense not only focuses on your child’s guilt or innocence, but they will also focus on their legal status as a minor.

Our lawyers in Orange City will support your child through their case by taking the following steps:

Attempt to Have Your Child’s Charges Dismissed or Reduced

If you think the charges are incorrect, your attorney will file motions to get those charges dropped. When the case is over, all charges against your child will be erased from their record.

A juvenile lawyer will also fight for the charges to be reduced. This means that after the court case, your child will have less severe consequences. Also, if you cannot afford bail or it is too high, your juvenile attorney will negotiate with prosecutors to lower it. As an alternative, your attorney can try to get a bail bond set up for you.

Examine Witnesses

The juvenile defense attorney needs to dig deep into the facts of the case. They will get into all details and investigate every aspect of the crime. They usually interview witnesses, gather evidence, and analyze everything that occurred in the case. This may include police reports, surveillance footage, medical records, or other documents that will be used in court. In doing so, they will figure out how to successfully defend the client.

Create a Defense Against Your Child’s Charges

An Orange city juvenile crime lawyer will create a defense for your child based on the facts of the case and any evidence gathered. This defense depends on the facts and circumstances of each case. In some cases, your lawyer will negotiate with prosecutors for reduced charges or other benefits in exchange for a guilty plea.

Negotiate With Prosecutors for a Plea Bargain

A juvenile criminal defense lawyer may negotiate with prosecutors to reach a plea bargain. A plea bargain is an agreement between the prosecutor and the defense attorney where the defendant pleads guilty to a lesser charge. Plea bargaining can save both time and money.

If your child goes to trial, it could take weeks to several months to be resolved. However, with a plea deal, the case could take only several days. Plea deals also help keep costs down for everyone involved.

Determine What Laws Might Apply

Juvenile law is different from adult criminal law. What your child is accused of doing might not even be against the law given the child’s age. A juvenile defense lawyer will look at the facts of your case and determine what laws might apply to those facts. They will also look at other key factors, such as whether the police acted properly when making the arrest and whether they had enough evidence to justify the arrest.

For instance, Florida Juvenile Laws dictate that youth should appear before the court within 24 hours of being taken into custody. Currently, the juvenile judge determines whether to continue with the detention. There is a 21-day limit to secure detention in Florida, except for serious crimes whose detention can take up to 30 days. All these aspects will be considered in your child’s case.

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Available Defenses for Juvenile Criminal Charges

If your child was arrested for a crime in Orange City, you need to know the available defenses that could support their case. Keep in mind that the legal process involves everything from before the arrest to through the sentencing. With the help of an attorney experienced with juvenile cases, one of several defenses may be helpful in successfully defending your child. These defenses may include any of the following:

Lack of Probable Cause

This defense asserts that the police did not have sufficient evidence for an arrest or search. For example, if the police found drugs in your child’s bedroom but did not physically see the child put them there, the state would have a tough time proving that they were the child’s drugs.

Lack of Reasonable Suspicion

An officer needs reasonable suspicion that a crime has been committed or is being committed before they can stop someone. If the officer cannot point to something specific that made them suspicious, you may be able to have the charges dropped.

Unlawful Search and Seizure

A law enforcement officer cannot search property or an individual without probable cause or reasonable suspicion. If a search is conducted without obtaining a warrant, that search may be illegal unless it falls under one of several narrow exceptions, such as when an officer searches for officer safety reasons.


An alibi means that the defendant was not in the vicinity at the time of the offense. An alibi can be established through witnesses or video surveillance, but it needs to have been in place before the crime.

Mistaken Identity

Sometimes eyewitness accounts and surveillance footage are not completely accurate, and they can lead to mistaken identity. An attorney can help find ways to prove your child’s innocence by discrediting the evidence based on mistaken identity.

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Sealing Your Child’s Criminal Record

One of the best things to do for your child is to ensure a positive future going through the juvenile justice system. Your child’s lawyer can help you achieve this.

In the Florida juvenile justice system, juvenile crime can adversely affect your teenager’s entire future. This can affect their ability to acquire a job or even travel outside of the country. Therefore, if your child was found guilty, the record needs to be sealed. This means that all records of court hearings and findings will be removed from the public record. It will only be accessible through a special request to the court.

Therefore, sealing a child’s criminal records means they will not be discriminated against based on what happened when they were a minor. Normal background checks will not reveal the minor’s crimes, which provides some protection for your child as they age.

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