Gainesville Tire Failure Lawyer

Gainesville Tire Failure Lawyer
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We trust tire manufacturers to produce safe products. When they don’t, they put people’s lives at risk. If you or a loved one suffered harm because of tire failure, you could have financial recovery options.

A Gainesville tire failure lawyer from Bogin, Munns & Munns can seek compensation for your injury-related losses, including pain and suffering, medical bills, and other related expenses.

What Constitutes Tire Failure?

The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA) recalls countless vehicular components each year – including tires. The organization notes that tire failure accounts for more than 600 accident-related fatalities each year.

Tire failure primarily refers to blowouts. This is when the tire rapidly loses air, causing the driver to lose control of their vehicle. Tire failure can also result from uneven tread or loose bolts.

You Can Hold the Tire Manufacturer Accountable for Your Losses

If you suffered harm because of a defective tire, you can file a claim or lawsuit to recover compensation. To secure damages in a product liability case, you must prove:

  • You used the tire as instructed. This means you didn’t put unnecessary strain on the vehicle or make any modifications.
  • The damaged tire caused your accident. We will use the accident report, witness testimony, and traffic camera footage to assert your case’s validity.

You don’t have to worry about managing a product liability case on your own. Bogin, Munns & Munns has decades of experience advocating for injured people. We will handle everything your case requires from beginning to end.

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Compensation Can Account for these Injury-Related Expenses

Your settlement or court award should account for the full scope of your losses, including your anticipated healthcare expenses. Recoverable damages may comprise:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages, tips, bonuses, and benefits
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of future earning capacity
  • Disability
  • Scarring and disfigurement
  • Funeral and burial expenses
  • Property damage expenses

Your Case’s Value Depends on Your Situation

Right now, you may be wondering: “How much can I recover for my injury-related losses?” Your settlement’s value depends on:

  • Your injuries’ severity
  • Your missed time from work
  • Your estimated recovery period
  • Whether you can continue working in your current field
  • Your mental health
  • Whether you lost a loved one

We’ve recovered million-dollar settlements for our previous clients. We’re ready to pursue the full cost of what you’re owed.

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Why Partner with a Tire Failure Lawyer in Gainesville?

Reasons to consider partnering with our firm include:

Our Clients have Shared Positive Feedback with Us

Out of 591 Google Reviews, we have a five-star rating. You don’t have to take our word for it, though. Here is what our clients have shared with us:

  • “I hired this firm to help with an auto accident and I was assigned Travis as my lead attorney and Jennifer as my case manager. Jennifer and Travis were awesome and did a great job with getting a settlement for my claim!!!” – Ryan T.
  • “Reliable and professional. Highly recommend. Fast return calls and they know what they are doing. Truthfully they are just a really good group of people.” – Justin J.

We pride ourselves on our professionalism and attention to detail.

Our Lawyers have Decades of Experience

When Bogin, Munns & Munns opened in 1979, our team had one goal: to recover compensation for injured people in Central Florida. Nearly 50 years later, we’re proud of our results.

Our experience gives us insight into the most challenging car accident cases. We also provide injured claimants with various legal resources, including our video library.

We Offer Help on a Contingency-Fee Basis

A car accident can strain your financial resources. Hiring a lawyer from our team doesn’t. That’s because we don’t charge anything up front or out of pocket to start working on your case. A percentage of your settlement or court award pays for our help.

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We Will Handle Everything Your Tire Failure Case Requires

To reach a fair outcome, you can trust our Gainesville attorneys to:

  • Investigate your case
  • Prove the other party’s liability
  • Calculate and pursue your losses
  • Answer your questions and address your concerns
  • Contest any challenges to your claim
  • Negotiate a settlement
  • File your claim or lawsuit

We will tailor our services to meet your case’s unique needs.

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We Urge You to Take Action Within Florida’s Civil Statute of Limitations

Florida imposes a statutory deadline on all civil lawsuits, including product liability cases. This means we must file your case no later than two years from the date of your accident. Any delays in contacting us can result in missing the deadline, and you can miss out on compensation for your injuries and losses.

Here are some things to know about the statute of limitations:

  • Filing your case on time preserves your right to litigation.
  • Some factors can extend your filing deadline, per Florida Statutes § 95.051.
  • Failing to file your case could leave you without legal options.

When you partner with a car accident lawyer serving Gainesville, they can manage your case’s filing deadlines. This way, you don’t lose your chance to hold the tire manufacturer accountable.

We Offer Free Case Reviews to Car Accident Claimants in Alachua County

If you’re interested in exploring your legal options, we offer free case reviews. During this no-obligation conversation, you can learn about your case’s potential and how our tire failure lawyers can serve you.

You can get the answers to these questions about your Gainesville case:

  • How long will it take to recover compensation?
  • What evidence could support my case?
  • What should I do after being in a collision?
  • What deadlines apply to my case?

You can ask us anything about your situation. We’re here to listen.

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