Gainesville Defective Drug Lawyer

Gainesville Defective Drug Lawyer
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Every day, millions of Americans take different prescriptions and over-the-counter drugs. Unfortunately, even though medications available to the public should be safe for consumer use, some result in dangerous side effects that cause injuries, illness, and even death.

If you or your loved one has suffered harm due to a defective drug, you can contact a Gainesville defective drug lawyer to represent you. Florida law allows you to seek compensation for injuries and untimely death related to defective products, including medications.

Damages You Could Recover As a Defective Drug Victim

After taking a defective drug in Gainesville, you may qualify for compensation for any side effects that caused injuries, financial struggles, or other harm. This can be true for both prescription drugs as well as over-the-counter drugs.

For many people, it can be difficult to know what damages are recoverable and how much they are worth in a personal injury or wrongful death case. However, a defective drug lawyer can go over the details of your situation to identify all of your damages. Then, your attorney will determine how much compensation to fight for based on the harm you experienced.

Economic Damages

Economic damages are financial expenses and losses you’ve incurred from taking the defective drug. These damages are tangible, meaning there is likely physical evidence to help prove your right to recover them. For example, your attorney may collect any medical bills you received and wage records to prove lost income.

Taking a defective drug can have life-threatening consequences. For example, it may cause blood clots, heart attacks, abnormal organ functioning, or strokes. As a result, examples of economic damages you may have suffered include:

  • Medical expenses for assistive devices, hospitalization, additional medication, and corrective treatment
  • Costs for transportation to and from medical appointments
  • In-home care
  • Current lost wages
  • Future loss of wages or earning capacity

Understanding all the economic damages you may qualify for can be challenging, especially while focusing on your physical recovery. A defective drug lawyer can help you fight to get compensation for these damages. Note that it’s important to save all receipts, documents, and invoices related to these damages to show their monetary value.

Non-Economic Damages

After taking a defective drug, you may also be entitled to non-economic damages. These can be more difficult to define than economic damages, as they are intangible and don’t have their own monetary value. Examples of non-economic damages you may have suffered due to defective drug injuries include:

  • Permanent disabilities
  • Physical pain
  • Emotional trauma
  • Mental anguish
  • Loss of affection
  • Reduced quality of life
  • Chronic injuries
  • Professional and/or educational goals you must give up

Unlike economic damages, there are no receipts or invoices you can collect to record non-economic damages. This is one area where a defective drug lawyer can be particularly helpful.

An attorney can analyze your situation and identify which non-economic damages you’ve suffered. Then, they can assign a monetary value to these damages and fight to recover them for you in Gainesville.

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How Our Lawyers Help Defective Drug Victims

Defective drug cases can be complicated. Working with a lawyer who specializes in product liability law can help you manage all the legal aspects of your case and build a strong claim for financial recovery. Our firm can provide the support you seek.

What Will a Defective Drug Lawyer Do?

As our team works with you through every stage of the legal process, we will:

  • Gather evidence of the drug’s defectiveness
  • Build an evidence file to support your damage claim
  • Manage and file all necessary paperwork
  • Negotiate with insurers and opposing counsel for an appropriate settlement
  • Argue your right to compensation in front of a judge and jury if necessary

Unfortunately, the giant companies that produce medications are not always invested in your best interest. In the event that one of their drugs is defective, these companies often attempt to avoid liability, which hurts the consumer.

As defective drug lawyers, it is our goal to serve and represent your best interests in Gainesville and elsewhere in Florida. We work to hold these companies and any other relevant third parties responsible so you don’t have to shoulder the financial consequences of their actions.

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Who Is Liable for Defective Drugs?

Depending on your specific situation, more than one party may be liable for the defective drug that you or your loved one took. These legal complications can be overwhelming, which is why many victims and surviving family members hire a defective drug lawyer to represent them.

Our legal team will analyze your case’s details and help you determine the best course of action for your potential financial recovery.

Understanding Product Liability Law

According to product liability law, drug manufacturers are obligated to provide consumers with goods that are considered reasonably safe. Prescription and over-the-counter drugs are subject to strict regulations and testing standards, which these companies must abide by. If a drug causes harm to a consumer, even when used as directed, the manufacturer can be liable for this harm.

Additionally, these companies are responsible for warning consumers of any known potential side effects and hazards associated with proper or improper use of the drug. If a drug causes harm to a consumer, and the manufacturer never warned them of those risks, the company is liable for this harm.

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If You’re a Defective Drug Victim, Pay Attention to Deadlines

If you’ve taken a defective drug and suffered harm as a result, you may wish to work with a defective drug lawyer in Gainesville to seek compensation from the responsible party. However, it is critical to pay attention to deadlines.

To file a product liability lawsuit in Gainesville, you must abide by the personal injury statute of limitations, as outlined in Florida Statutes § 95.11.

You only have two years to file a personal injury lawsuit if you were harmed by a defective product. If a loved one passed away from injuries related to a defective product, you still only have two years to file your lawsuit for compensation.

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