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If your loved one suffered abuse in their Gainesville nursing home, they could be entitled to monetary compensation. Nursing home abuse can come in many forms and is not always easy to identify. There is no doubt that this form of abuse can have a lasting impact on some of the most vulnerable people in our society.

Your loved one does not have to deal with the aftermath of nursing home abuse on their own.

Our Team Can Determine How Long You Have to File Your Case

Hopefully, after we notify the nursing home of your allegations, it will offer you a settlement to resolve your case. However, if it does not offer the money that you are owed, then we can file a lawsuit and seek a court-awarded sum through a trial.

For this reason, delaying legal action could ultimately work against you. As time passes, witnesses to the abuse could forget what happened, become incapacitated, or pass away. This could give your Gainesville nursing home abuse lawyer less evidence to work with.

There Is a Limit on How Long You Have to Take Action

There is another important factor that will determine the right time to pursue your case: the statute of limitations. The statute of limitations exists to prevent lengthy delays between incidents of nursing home abuse and the filing of an injury lawsuit.

In Gainesville, the statute of limitations for nursing home abuse lawsuits is two years. This period of time begins to expire on the date the abuse occurs. It could also start from the date that the abuse was discovered. Any lawsuit filed after the two-year period expires is likely to be dismissed by the courts.

A handful of exceptions might extend the statute of limitations. Before you assume you have plenty of time to file your case, consider working with a Gainesville nursing home abuse lawyer from our firm. Speak with Bogin, Munns & Munns to learn more about the timeline to pursue a lawsuit.

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Make the Most of Your Free Consultation

At Bogin, Munns & Munns, the initial consultation is always free. This consultation is your chance to ask questions without any financial cost or obligation. At the end of the consultation, you are under no obligation to choose our firm to represent you.

During your consultation, we will listen carefully to the facts of your loved one’s case. We can provide guidance on the strengths of the claim as well as highlight any challenges that might present themselves. More importantly, we can answer any questions you have about the case or your loved one’s chances of success.

We Welcome Any Questions You May Have

There are a few ways that you can prepare for our first conversation. By writing down any questions you have, you are unlikely to forget something important when the day comes. You can also gather as much evidence as possible and alter the authorities about the abuse your elderly loved one experienced.

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Understanding Nursing Home Abuse

When it comes to nursing home abuse, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) identify five different types. Each of these types of abuse differs from one another, but the impact of each of them is potentially severe.

Physical Abuse

One of the most common forms of abuse in a nursing home setting is physical abuse. Physical abuse can occur any time a nursing home resident suffers pain, injury, or illness due to the intentional exertion of physical force. Some examples of physical abuse include push, punching, kicking, biting, or burning.

Physical abuse can also refer to the use of unnecessary restraints. This refers to both chemical and physical restraints.

Emotional Abuse

An intentional act does not have to leave a physical mark to be abusive. Emotional—or psychological—abuse involves nonverbal or verbal behavior that places a resident in fear, isolates them, or puts them in a state of fear.

Emotional abuse could involve shouting or yelling at a resident or preventing them from engaging in social interaction with other residents.

Sexual Abuse

Any form of sexual contact without consent is a form of sexual abuse. This type of abuse includes not only sexual assault but also acts of exposure.

Financial Abuse

Financial abuse refers to the improper use or theft of a nursing home resident’s property. This type of abuse could involve larceny, including the stealing of property from their room. It could also involve complex fraudulent transactions like altered wills or fraudulent gifts.


Neglect is the failure to provide for the basic needs of the nursing home resident. Neglect could involve the lack of food, water, medical care, or hygiene.

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Your Loved One May Recover Compensation for Their Abuse

If you suspect your loved one has suffered abuse at the hands of a caretaker or nursing home staff, you should not delay considering your legal options. Any delay could put your loved one’s legal case at risk and put the abuser one step closer to avoiding accountability for their actions.

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