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After a caregiver at a nursing home commits an error or a purposeful act that leads to injuries for a loved one, you have the right to seek compensation on behalf of your loved one. Our team of nursing home abuse lawyers serving Saint Cloud knows exactly how frustrating this situation can be.

We are ready to stand by your side and help you receive the settlement you deserve for pain and suffering and medical bills. The team at Bogin, Munns & Munns will not let insurers bully us into accepting an unfair settlement.

Our Team Stands Up for Your Rights

When you or a loved one enters a nursing home facility, you expect safe treatment. You should receive the medical care you need to maintain your health while also receiving help with day-to-day personal care tasks, as needed.

If this is not happening, it could be because of understaffing issues. According to Kaiser Health News, nursing homes regularly have fewer nurses and caretakers on staff than they report to the federal government.

Your Loved One Should Have Been Kept Safe

Understaffing leads to safety issues at the nursing home. With too few caregivers on hand, residents do not receive the help they need. This could lead to a fall, as residents may try to undertake dangerous tasks on their own, becoming tired of waiting for help.

If understaffing played a role in your loved one’s injuries, it is a clear case of negligence. We will study the staffing and employment records of the nursing home related to your loved one’s injuries. We will use this information to help you receive the settlement you deserve.

How Much Money You Could Win in a Settlement

As a Saint Cloud law firm, we cannot guarantee that you will win a certain award in your nursing home abuse case. Each case is a little different, and the specific facts in your case determine potential settlement amounts.

Some cases can be worth several thousand dollars, while others can result in settlements of six or seven figures. It depends on the level of abuse the victim suffered, on the severity of the victim’s injuries, and on the level to which the victim’s life will change going forward.

Count on the fact that Bogin, Munns & Munns will work as hard as we can to win the fairest possible settlement for your case. Our past clients know that we treat our clients like we would treat our own family. We provide respectful representation for victims of nursing home abuse.

We will Investigate the Case Thoroughly

When an accident occurs at a nursing home, staff members might not call the police for a formal investigation. A lack of a police report can complicate things.

As soon as you choose to hire us, though, we will begin investigating the case. We will collect the facts in the case, perform interviews with any witnesses and parties involved. We work tirelessly to determine what happened. Sometimes, a fact that seems unimportant to most people could flip the case in our favor, so we are thorough in our investigation.

Signs of Physical Abuse

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), physical abuse is one of the most frequent abusive situations elderly people face. Some of the signs that may show physical abuse is occurring to your loved one at the nursing home include:

  • Unexplained bruises
  • Unexplained cuts
  • Unexplained broken bones and torn ligaments
  • Unexplained burns

The facility should protect residents from potential abuse from caregivers, fellow residents, and visitors. If the nursing home facility does not have procedures in place to provide guidance about potential abusive situations, this can become a negligent situation for which you could receive compensation.

Dangers of Emotional Abuse

An abusive situation at a nursing home does not have to involve physical abuse. Sometimes, your loved one may be the victim of emotional abuse, which can involve a number of actions on the part of caregivers, other residents, or visitors, including:

  • Embarrassing the victim
  • Yelling at the victim
  • Leaving the victim isolated
  • Refusing to respond to the victim’s calls for help
  • Threatening physical harm to the victim, either verbally or nonverbally
  • Taking purposeful actions that the abuser knows will frighten the victim

Emotional abuse can cause lingering problems for the victim, including an inability to sleep or a withdrawal from interactions with others. After suffering emotional abuse, the victim may develop depression.

We will Stand By Your Side Throughout the Case

After you or a loved one suffers injuries in a negligent situation at a nursing home, you can feel all alone. You may no longer trust the caregivers at the facility to provide proper care. You may feel distrustful of the insurance company that should help you pay medical bills, but that is balking at treating you fairly.

Your Saint Cloud lawyer will remain by your side throughout the nursing home abuse legal process. We will defend your rights and make sure you are receiving the medical care and day-to-day care you deserve to have.

We will Negotiate with the Insurer on Your Behalf

The insurer may want to try to negotiate a settlement with you while you are trying to recover. You may not feel comfortable having such in-depth conversations while dealing with your ongoing pain and suffering. It can be frustrating to have to deal with constant questions from the nursing home’s insurer.

Insurers try to settle personal injury cases like this before they reach the courts. You may also want to settle quickly. However, this may not be in your best interest, as you may not receive the fairest award by settling too quickly. If the insurer refuses to negotiate fairly, we will remain at your side, representing you during a court case.

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